Live Dealer Baccarat in Australia 2024

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Live dealer baccarat is as large as it’s ever been right now and with countless providers, game choices and dealers to choose from, the industry is in a great place.

The majority of the games out there are perfectly capable of carrying the traditional game of baccarat, but when looking for the best live online casino games, the basic variations don’t always cut it.

Thankfully, with some of the top game producers such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech rewriting the rule book on live online gaming, there are now some fantastic choices available.

So what does the perfect live baccarat site look like, how are live baccarat tables different and what games should you look for when browsing the live casino section of your favourite site?

Our Favourite Live Baccarat Sites

What Does The Perfect Live Baccarat Site Look Like?

Although it may be one of the most simple casino games available to play, not all baccarat games are equal.

There’s a huge number of variables that alter the rankings of the best live baccarat site to the worst with everything from baccarat suppliers to different pay-tables, dealers and much more. In the big picture, there’s a huge amount to take in and consider – although we’ll try not to subject you to too much of the boring stuff!

Below you’ll find the core pillars that make up a great live baccarat site for Australian players as well as some of our top picks for the best live baccarat tables available to play today.

Variety of Live Baccarat Suppliers

Live Baccarat comes in a variety of different forms thanks to a wide range of different software providers all putting their best foot forward when looking to build a great platform.

Most seasoned baccarat fans have a favourite software provider that they look to when playing online and will stick to games from that specific brand (typically the king of live casino: Evolution Gaming).

Other options in the live dealer baccarat world include, but are not limited to Playtech, Vivo, VIG and Luckystreak.

Each provider of baccarat will typically offer a variety of different playing options too, whether that’s speed variations or any other gimmick or benefit to their service.

Once players have shopped around and given each provider a fair run, they too will quickly develop favourites in the live dealer world.

Fast Withdrawals

The withdrawal time at an online casino tends to be the biggest gripe among players with a number of days often required between the beginning and the finishing of the withdrawal sequence.

However, not all live dealer casinos are built from the same code and some sites offer faster withdrawal processing times than others.

The deposit/withdrawal solutions of choice do tend to have the biggest impact on the time required with cryptocurrencies and eWallets are often the faster option to go for.

However, you don’t want to be stuck waiting to withdraw a hefty sum with a cheque as the only method available for claiming your hard-earned cash. It’s always a good idea to check the banking options available and the withdrawal times associated.

Bonuses and Promotions for Live Baccarat

The quality, safety and amenities offered at any site are the most important factors when shopping around for a live casino, but that’s not all that players should consider.

When it comes to the best in the business, the best live casinos tend to be incredibly similar in terms of performance. So, to lure in and tempt new players, bonuses and promotions are introduced to make things a little more interesting. This works well for both parties, the casino gains interest from a player and the player gets a sign-up or regular bonus for their commitment.

The power is really in the hand of the player here and although some bonuses tend to just cover real money online pokies, players can sniff out a live baccarat bonus if they’re lucky. It’s important to find the best bonus for you as a player – there’s no point in finding a sports betting bonus when you’re looking for the casino and you should act accordingly.


It’s not something that every player looks for, but if you’re a player who likes to choose the seemingly magical digital currency, finding a site that’s Crypto-friendly is crucial.

Although not all of the top baccarat sites allow deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrencies, players can seek out casinos that accept Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and Ethereum when visiting the cashier.

It’s the modern way of doing things and, for added security, the blockchain technology that cryptocurrency is powered by keeps your money and your details nice and safe.

How Are Live Dealer Baccarat Tables Different?

With so many different software providers throwing together live baccarat games, it’s only natural that there are differences between each table available.

Not all live baccarat tables and games are created equally with everything from house edge and payouts to the dealers and the mobile playing experience varying from casino to casino and from game to game.

House Edge & Payouts

The house edge of Baccarat is typically low, around the 1% mark, but the values aren’t the same for every iteration of the game released.

When looking for the best live dealer baccarat, players should keep an eye on the house edge and the potential payouts available. Typically, the base game of baccarat will offer the same, or at the least similar, house edge and payout, but it’s the side bets that prove to be of the most interest to players.

The house edge featured on side bets can vary wildly with payouts offered as much as 200:1 in some side bets. Ultimately, it’s vital to check the pay-table to view what’s up for grabs and how difficult it may be to land it.

Playing Interface

The interface with which players interact can vary wildly between different software providers ranging from the sophisticated to the, well, not so sophisticated.

It’s almost instantly recognisable whether or not you’re going to get on with the controls when logging in to join a game of baccarat. Some games are quickly identified as clumsy and outdated with an interface that appears not to have been updated for 10 years whereas others are on the cutting edge of innovation.

Naturally, players will be drawn to certain games and software providers thanks to better user interfaces, but that’s not to say that some players will prefer the older style of onscreen graphics etc. Ultimately, it boils down to the player’s preference, although newer and intuitive interfaces tend to stand above the older and clumsy alternatives.

Stream Quality

The quality of the stream is another area that counts towards the user experience with each provider offering differing levels.

A high-quality stream is the most important feature for countless players around the world with seemingly nothing more frustrating than either a low-quality or glitchy video stream when playing online. True HD baccarat is only really available from Playtech and Evolution Gaming with other software providers struggling to compete with the top contenders.

The quality difference between these two and some of the lesser-known live dealer software companies is noteworthy and if stream quality is on your list of priorities it’s best to stick to Playtech or Evolution Gaming.

The Dealers

One of the main pulls of a live dealer game is the dealers themselves – otherwise, players might as well turn to traditional casino games.

Players are able to enjoy the real casino experience from the comfort of their own homes when choosing live dealer baccarat, down to chat with the dealers – if the game permits. This means the individual on the camera can be just as important as all other factors in the game with a good dealer transforming the experience for utmost entertainment.

Alternatively, if players aren’t so keen on the choice of dealers available from one software provider, they may choose to avoid those tables and seek alternatives. The player is in charge of the situation and is able to choose the best dealer to suit their game or personality.

Mobile Playing Experience

Not all live dealer casinos are created equally, something that’s only amplified when taking the game to a smaller screen.

Mobile playing experience can be make-or-break for those players who spend more time on their phones than they do on their laptops or desktop computers. If that sounds familiar, chances are that you’re going to want to search for a live dealer experience that has put time and effort into the mobile experience on offer.

Every site, software provider and game offers something different when it comes to mobile casinos, but the majority of the time, it boils down to the playing interface more than ever. With a smaller screen comes a smaller margin for error and if fat fingers can’t distinguish betting, it’s only going to lead to frustration.


Sidebets, although not recommended in the majority of baccarat strategy guides, can prove to be a fun and exciting addition to the traditional casino game.

Although new players to baccarat may only expect one or two side bet options, seasoned players will understand there to be a huge number available, if they look in the right places. From the progressive and banker side bets to the small/big and sum bonuses available – there’s plenty to wrap your head around.

Typically, no casino and no software provider offers all possible side bets under one roof, but players can play the top games or complete their research to find which has the most available.

However, the side bet should simply be treated as just an additional bit of fun with less than favourable odds for most bets. We’d recommend choosing the highest quality game available from the casino chosen and experimenting with the side bets available before moving on to the next baccarat option if interested.

Our Favourite Live Baccarat Tables

Playing traditional baccarat is all well and good, but if you’re looking to wager on the online live dealer games, you might as well go for the best available.

These tables stand out by offering a little bit more than a generic live baccarat playing experience.

Lightning Baccarat

Top of the pile is Lightning Baccarat, forming one of the pillars that make up Evolution Gaming’s award-winning “Lightning” game series.

In the Lightning version of the game, each round played features between 1 and 5 Lighting Cards. These cards are randomly drawn from a standard virtual 52-card deck. If a player is lucky enough to win a hand that contains at least one of the matching Lightning Cards, their winnings are multiplied respectively anywhere between 2x and 8x the original payout.

However, lucky players will find that 8x the payout is far from the maximum and if three Lightning Cards and held in the player’s hand, their winning payout could be subject to a whopping 512x multiplier. Additionally, players that find a winning bet on a Tie with a total of six matching Lightning Cards can result in a mind-bending multiplier of 262,144x!

But it’s important not to get too excited, winnings are capped at just $500,000 plus the player’s original bet…

Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze is another great entry from Evolutions gaming, dedicated to those that love the squeeze.

There’s a huge 15+ cameras active during the game, ensuring that every angle is captured during play for those eagle-eyed players. The squeeze itself is performed by the dealer and is bound to please with a series of incredible close-ups shown during the game.

Speed is a priority during Baccarat Squeeze with the dealer working to keep the action moving without compromising suspense and, more importantly, authenticity. Cards are quickly revealed for the hand associated with the lower total wager and will squeeze cards dealt to the hand with the largest total wager.

Live Control Squeeze Baccarat

Taking Squeeze Baccarat to another level Live Control Squeeze Baccarat puts the control in the hands of the players, allowing them to control the squeeze themselves.

The cards are dealt face-down with cameras embedded in the glass table able to relay live images to the player’s screen. Thanks to a top user interface, the faces of the cards are obscured on the first deal with optical filters with players required to tap the card to peel the mask and discover the value of the card.

The experience takes players from the comfort of their own home to a true Macau-like VIP experience with the unique squeeze control. Thanks to player interaction, top-quality interface and a sophisticated final product, the game is as close to the real deal physical casino as you can get online.

Speed Baccarat (EVO)

Evolution Gaming’s Speed Baccarat is the quickest playing Baccarat game online with play lasting just 27 seconds per round.

The super-speedy alternative to the traditional game cuts the average round time by almost 50% (48 seconds down to 27) making it the perfect candidate for fast-paced players. This is achieved by the dealer dishing out the cards in a face-up fashion, minimising the time and maximising the excitement.

If you’re looking to get through as many hands as possible in as short a time as possible, it’s Speed Baccarat that’s going to be your best friend.

Evolution No Commission Baccarat

The last game on our list comes in the form of Evolution Gaming’s “No Commission Baccarat”, offering exactly what it says on the tin.

In contrast to the majority of baccarat games, when the Banker wins, players won’t find a 5% commission with the exception of when a banker may score a 6 in which players will receive half of the original bet (0.5:1)

Players will also find an additional side bet option in the Super 6 insurance in which players can receive a huge 15:1 payout when the banker lands a 6.

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