Free Bet Live Blackjack in Australia 2023

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Thrill yourself to the exciting, sleek and fast Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. This is for you, Aussie casino players, who want to get a fair crack of the whip, plus a 250:1 blackjack payout.

Live Free Bet Blackjack is an advanced version of Infinite Blackjack, which was launched in the spring of 2019. We all know that Evolution Gaming only designs and creates exquisite games for live casinos. So, you can expect this game to keep you entertained with action and gameplay.

Their Latvia-based studio is stunning and the dealers are not only good looking but also stylish. You can communicate with the dealer, who is seated on a red table, via live chat. As more players join the table, you can leave comments for each other, creating a land based casino like effect.

The name ‘free bets’ came from the fact that as a player you will receive free bets whenever your hand qualifies. Another thing to love is that the game can be played by an unlimited number of players. The icing on the cake is the 4 side bets but we will discuss that later in the review.

Our Favourite $AUD Casinos That Offer Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack Game Facts

RTP 98.48%
Winning Potential 250 to 1
Side Bets Hot 3, 21+3, Any Paid, Bust It
Free Bets Doubles, Splits

How Live Free Bet Blackjack Works

If you have played blackjack before, the gameplay is quite similar. However, for beginners, have ya mug, using the following steps.

The game involves 8 decks of cards, randomly shuffled throughout the rounds.

Note; Just as in infinite blackjack, the Six Card Charlie rule applies. It states that you win as long as you have six-card hands 21 or under.

The dealer does not place the cards face down on the table. Instead, you will see a sliding pocket where the cards emerge and show up on your screen.

As the game starts, all players will receive a single hand after which, they will continue betting until the dealer or one player wins.

The Free Bets Are:


You are specifically allowed to double-down on your 2 card scores of 9, 10 or 11 at no extra cost. The house will cover your bet. If you get winning hands, you will be paid back your original stake. To make you happier, you also get winnings equal to double your original bet. For example, if your wager was $20, and you win, you will get back:

Your wager + (your wager x 2) In this case, you will have a total of $60 to take to the bank.


If you want to split a paired hand into two different hands, the extra bet will be free and of equal value to the wager.

Side Bets on Free Bet Blackjack Live

The side bets below are available in both online and live versions of Free Bet Blackjack.

Note: The bust It side bet is the most popular. It will be your insurance against the dealer busting with 22.

Live Free Bet Blackjack House Edge

Hands down, Free Bet blackjack comes with one of the most favourable house edge rates you will ever see at casinos in Australia online. With a house edge of 1.55%, you get to enjoy an RTP of 98.45%. Remember that the RTP might vary depending on the side bet as we have indicated above.

Does Live Free Bet Work on Mobile?

Of course, you can enjoy this sophisticated game via mobile, both iOS and Android. Thanks to the best mobile casinos, you can access this game anywhere and anytime with ease.

What Is the Main Difference Between Normal Blackjack and Free Bet?

The biggest difference and perhaps the most notable benefit is all winning hands are pushed when the dealer busts on 22.

You also have the option of Free Split Bet on Split Pairs. Then, there is the option of a Free double down bet if the first two cards are 9, 10 or 11.

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