Lightning Dice Live in Australia 2024

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G ’day players, here is a game you should try out today – Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming. It is the perfect way to relax as you treat yourself to up to 1000x your stake or $250,000.

Live Lightning Dice is a very simple dice game, with an exciting twist of Lightning Multipliers. It being an EG product, you can look forward to impressive user experience, stunning visuals and smooth gameplay.

The dice game has been around for thousands of years, almost as old as dinosaurs. However, no one knows how or who started it or where it was first played. Oh, one more interesting fact – the smallest dice ever invented can fit at the edge of a pencil.

Now, back to Lightning Dice Live. Since its launch in June 2019, the love for this game has spread like wildfire, especially among fans of live casinos in Australia. After all, the game is excellently streamed from Hoc studios in Latvia, with close-ups that allow you to follow the dice as they fall down the maze. Moreover, it allows an unlimited number of players.

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Lightning Dice Game Facts

RTP 96.21%
Winning Potential 1000x

How Lightning Dice Works?

This is probably the only time in life when you wish to see lightning around you. The lighting effect is intensified by the fact that the entire game has a dark and stormy theme.

You start by placing a bet on the total of the three dice that will be thrown on the ‘Lightning Tower.’

There are 16 possible outcomes of the dice (from 3 to 18).

You can either bet on a selection of numbers or all of them. (You will see a BET ON ALL button on the screen).

The lightning process involves several numbers being selected. Multipliers will then be added to the selected numbers.

Remember that when the lightning strikes, the multiplier can go up to 1000x your stake.

You will then watch the dice roll out, with magical zooms to help you see the outcome.

Things to note:

You can only bet on the sum of the 3 dice.

Your chances of getting the 1000x multiplier increase if you land Triple 1s and Triple 6s i.e 3 and 18

You get a 50x multiplier to – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Only two numbers get the 250x and 500x multiplier.

The return to player for the numbers 3 and 18 is 96.21%

What Is the House Edge?

Lightning Dice comes with a 3.79% house edge. Now, this might seem big, especially for people who are used to playing Lightning Roulette. However, keep in mind that you have quite a higher chance of getting away with a huge winning at any point of the game. Especially when the multipliers come into play.

Does Lightning Dice Work on Mobile?

Of course, Lightning Dice works seamlessly on mobile. Just like other Evolution Gaming products, Lightning Dice is beautifully designed to give you a harmonious game flow.

Which mode do you usually prefer to play your mobile games? Whether it is a portrait or landscape, you can expect a great user experience.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning at Lightning Dice?

We hope that so far, you have gotten a hint on how Lightning Dice works. When and where the lightning strikes, the winning starts.

The biggest question is; how you can win as much as possible in the game?

One of the best strategies is pressing the BET ON ALL button. It is your way of betting on all possible outcomes and ensuring that you do not miss the 1000x multiplier, just in case it hits.

The 1000x might not appear on all rounds of your games so plan your bet sizes well to ensure a balance between your risk of breaking even and your chances of winning.

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