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Evolution Gaming
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Games in total: 1150+

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Evolution Casinos in Australia: All about Evolution Gaming Live Casinos

Evolution is the number one game developer for live casinos in the world. And for us Aussies, the story is exactly the same.

No-one else has as many quality tables, as many innovative and thrilling games or as many worldwide studios with great live dealers speaking dozens of languages, as Evolution.

In the live casino arena, they really do have it all. And luckily for you, Aussie players can experience their world-beating online live casino games today. Easy!

As the undisputed top provider of live casino titles, online casinos from Australia to Iceland look to host Evolution’s games. That means, almost of all the casinos on our top list of sites for Aussie players should have EVO games. If they don’t, the next one on the list certainly will!

What Games Evolution Has to Offer

Evolution has developed far too many games over the years for us talk about absolutely all of them without boring you something silly.

So, here’s a short rundown of their most popular casino games, and what tables they offer for each.

Live Blackjack

  • Over a hundred tables
  • Variants from super serious high rolling to budget party mode
  • Brilliant HD cameras and excellent live dealers

No-one has more blackjack tables than Evolution. Whatever your budget, from AU$ 1 or less on Party Blackjack tables, all the way up to AU$ 1,000 at Salon Prive and other posho tables – there will be a live blackjack table from EVO that suits your playing style.

And there’ll be lots of them. EVO literally hosts a hundred or more blackjack tables, so you’ll never be waiting for a seat.

Literally never, with EVO’s set of Infinite Blackjack games including Free Bet Blackjack and Power Blackjack. They let a practically infinite number of players play at once on the same set of cards.

On top of that they give you free bets, double downs and much more. There’s never been a better way to play the classic game of blackjack online, than with Evolution!

Live Roulette

  • Top class tables with HD cameras over multiple angles
  • Dozens of wheels with professional friendly croupiers
  • The amazing and often-copied but never-beaten, Lightning Roulette

Although there aren’t as many tables or variants as they host for blackjack, Evolution still provides lots of roulette wheels.

Again, there’s high-rolling VIP wheels but also lower-budget wheels with upbeat music and chatty hosts.

Then – there’s Evolution’s phenomenal Lightning Roulette!

This jackpot multiplier live roulette variant was a gamechanger in the industry when it came out – showing just what live casino technology could do. It may have ushered in a whole new era of high-production value game-show type games, but Lightning Roulette still holds up on its own terms today.

Live Baccarat

  • The classy classic of casino card games
  • Popular in Asia, EVO’s baccarat table décor reflects that
  • A slow-paced game, also available in a speed format

Live Baccarat is the classy card game of choice for Brit super spy James Bond in Ian Fleming’s original novels – so can you see from that what it’s all about.

The game isn’t as popular among Western markets as it once was, so you won’t find a hundred plus tables like in blackjack. However, EVO still offers six different versions of this classic player vs banker game – including speed versions and a Chinese-influenced variant called Dragon Tiger.

Other Games

  • Evolution has more unique live casino titles than anyone else
  • Massive licences like Deal or No Deal or Monopoly LIVE
  • Crazy jackpot prize potential in games like Crazy Time or Mega Ball

Evolution started the market for live casino games outside of the classics, and they continue to lead it to this day. Aus players can enjoy high-production value titles with potential for truly huge prizes, in cinematic games like Crazy Time or Lightning Dice.

Each game is a fantastically unique experience, and you can try most of them out today at our top Aus-facing online casinos!

Our Thoughts On The Overall Playing Experience

Simply put, Evolution has the best studios, cameras, hosts and budget of all live casino developers.

Crisp streaming. Intuitive controls. Friendly but professional live dealers – Evolution really is the top dog in nearly all aspects.

In case you needed any more evidence before you go and try them out, we’ve broken down a few key points for you below in a digestible format too.

Game Variety

Literally, several hundred games to choose from in Evo’s collection. Not all casinos will offer all the games in the repertoire, but any Evolution selection is guaranteed to have at least a few dozen tables on offer.

From basic blackjack and roulette all the way to their unique creations – Evo offers Aussie online casinos and players more game variety than anyone else.

There’s a solitary few in this massive collection that miss the mark a little bit in terms of being fun (Lightning Dice and Deal or No Deal we’re looking at you) but they all offer something different. And, they look very good doing it!

Stream Quality

Evolution has full 4K HD cameras for all of their games. If you’ve got a good enough connection and screen, the stream quality can be unreal here.

Even if you don’t, 1080p HD is still the industry standard and looks excellent too.

The stream quality also automatically scales up and down depending on your connection. So instead of disconnecting during a vital betting moment, you might only see the stream quality dip instead. Lovely!

Mobile User Interface

As if you’d expect anything else by now, Evolution’s mobile gameplay is also top tier.

All of their game’s interfaces are scaled nicely to a smaller screen. Everything you need is easily accessible, and the lobby where you choose you Evolution game is often one of the best-designed bits of any mobile casino they’re hosted on.

However, on the big game-show game side of things – some of them have a lot of betting options. This can mean things get a little tricky on the very smallest screens. But, Evo have clearly worked hard to make sure most players will be fine!

The Croupiers

Evolution has the biggest budget and the most studios, in locations all over the world. They include North American and European locations, and as an Aussie player you might get to see both – depending on your casino of choice.

So, naturally they attract most of the best live dealers, croupiers and hosts in the game too!

99% of the time Evolution hosts will be professional, friendly and smartly presented. You should see some of the outfits and uniforms in the game show titles in particular – super swag!

To put it plainly, you don’t get much better than Evolution’s live dealers.

The Best Casinos with Evolution Gaming

How Does Evolution Gaming Compare to Other Live Casino Suppliers?

  • The best live casino provider
  • Industry standard or better cameras, studios and hosts in all games
  • Hundreds of tables across dozens of casino games and variants – with only one or two that miss the mark.

If we haven’t made it clear already, or if you just skipped ahead to this section, Evolution is the best live casino provider out there right now.

Everything they do, is better than their competition. Yes, other developers have their charms and unique games that make them worth checking out too – but only Evolution is this consistent across the board. Simple really!

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