Online Roulette: The Best Real Money Roulette Sites

Emily Turner

Have you ever considered playing online roulette in Australia? If so, there are plenty of great online casino options available for Australian online roulette players.

Our easy-to-follow guide based on our years of experience gives you all the information you need to get started.

We’ll provide tips for playing roulette online and explain the different variations available, including American roulette, European roulette and French roulette.

We’ll also explain what makes a good roulette casino site based on our industry expert research and criteria, so you can play with confidence.

But first, let’s start with what online roulette is…

Best Online Roulette Sites for Aussie Players 2024

How Does Online Roulette Work?

Diving into online roulette is like bringing the vibrant casino atmosphere to your own space, minus the crowd. Picture this: the iconic roulette wheel spins on your screen, and you’re placing bets with a simple click. It’s the classic game, reimagined for the digital age.

Here’s the gist: the wheel’s marked with numbers 0 (and 00 in American roulette) through 36, alternating in red and black. Your mission? Guess where the ball lands. Bet on a single number, red or black, odd or even, or a range of numbers for higher chances.

Betting’s straightforward – choose your chips, click to place your bets, and hit ‘spin’. The digital ball whirls and settles, revealing if luck’s on your side. Online roulette maintains the game’s essence, offering the thrill of guessing and winning from anywhere, anytime.

It’s a seamless blend of tradition and technology, inviting both seasoned players and newcomers to experience the excitement of online roulette, no casino visit required. Ready to try your luck?

Rules of Online Roulette Australia

Roulette, a game of chance and anticipation, is a casino classic that’s easy to get into but rich with depth. Here’s a breakdown of the fundamental rules that apply across all variations:

Remember, each spin is a new chance. Whether you’re aiming for a specific number or playing it safe with colors, roulette offers a thrilling mix of luck and strategy. Ready to place your bets?

How to Play Online Roulette

Fancy a spin from the comfort of your couch? Online roulette at our top-recommended casinos is as thrilling as it gets, and getting started is dead easy. Here’s how to roll into the game in just five simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Casino: Start by picking one of our top-recommended online roulette casinos, where the roulette wheels never stop spinning, and the excitement never fades. We’ve vetted these spots for their fair play, smashing graphics, and top-notch bonuses, so you’re in for a treat.
  2. Sign Up & Deposit: Quick as a flash, sign up and make your first deposit. Don’t stress, our recommended online roulette casinos make this process as smooth as silk. Plus, keep an eye out for a juicy casino bonus to boost your bankroll.
  3. Find Your Roulette Table: Navigate to the casino’s roulette section and pick your poison – European, American, or maybe French roulette? Each has its charm, so why not give them all a whirl?
  4. Place Your Bets: Got a lucky number? Place your chips on the virtual table – whether it’s a straight bet on a single number, red or black, odd or even, or a cheeky corner bet. The layout’s a breeze to use, so you’ll feel like a pro in no time.
  5. Spin & Win: Hit the spin button and watch the wheel whirl. As the ball lands, if luck’s on your side, you could be in for some tidy wins. Win or lose, each spin’s a chance to experience the thrill of the game.

Remember, online roulette is all about having a good time. So, take a spin at our recommended online roulette casinos and let the good times roll!

Features of an Online Roulette Site for Australians

Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly, searching for that perfect online roulette experience? Well, mate, your search ends here. Imagine a place where the thrill of the roulette wheel is just a click away, and you’re always greeted with a good chance to win. That’s what a top Australian online casino offers. But what makes it stand out from the rest? Let’s dive into the features that transform a good online roulette site into a great one, especially for Aussies like us.

Feature Description
Safety & Security Details on encryption and licensing
Range of Games Variety of roulette games available. Many of our casinos offer more than 100+ roulette variations, both live roulette and traditional.
Bonuses Types of bonuses and their benefits, checkout out the most current bonus offers before you start playing.
Live Roulette Availability and features of live dealer casino options


Variations of Roulette

Whether you’re drawn to the lower house edge of European Roulette, the thrill of the extra zeros in American Roulette, or the strategic advantages offered by French Roulette’s rules, knowing the differences can significantly impact your gaming experience. It’s all about you finding the right fit, ensuring that each bet you make is not just a chance taken, but a calculated step towards your potential victory.

That’s where we come in, ready to help you discover the roulette variant that aligns with your playstyle and preferences.

house edge roulette

European Roulette

Picture this: a wheel with 37 pockets, numbers 1 to 36, and a single 0. That's your European Roulette. It's a fan favourite for a reason – with a house edge of just 2.7%Britannica - House odds #
, your chances of winning are looking pretty good. Imagine sitting back on your deck, cold one in hand, placing your bets with the sunset in the background. That's the European Roulette vibe, right from the comfort of your home.

American Roulette

Now, add an extra pocket with a double zero (00) to that wheel, and you've got yourself American Roulette. It's a bit of a wild ride with a higher house edge of 5.26%, making it a thrilling choice for those who love a challenge. Think of it as the difference between surfing at Bondi versus Shark Bay – both are exhilarating, but one's definitely got a bit more bite.

French Roulette

This one's for the sophisticates. French Roulette is similar to European Roulette but with a twist – the "La Partage" and "En Prison" rules. These rules give you a chance to recover your bets if the ball lands on zero, reducing the house edge to a mere 1.35% on even-money bets. It's like having a safety net while walking a tightrope; the thrill is there, but so is a little peace of mind.

Types of Roulette Bets and Payouts

There are a few different types of roulette bets to understand. Once you know these, it makes placing a bet easier and helps you to work out the right roulette strategy for your game!

Bet Type Description Payout
Red/Black Bet on the ball landing on a red or black pocket 1:1
Odd/Even Bet on all odd or even numbers 1:1
High/Low Bet on low (1-18) or high (19-36) numbers 1:1
Columns Bet on one of the three columns on the roulette table 2:1
Dozens Bet on one of the three dozens on the board 2:1
Straight-up Bet on a single number 35:1
Split Bet on two adjacent numbers 17:1
Street Bet on three consecutive numbers 11:1
Corner Bet on a block of four numbers 8:1
Six Line Bet on two adjacent rows of numbers 5:1

Outside bets

Outside bets are broad bets because they cover an entire category of numbers, such as red or black pockets or odd or even numbers. Examples of outside bets include:
Red/black: When you bet on the ball to land on either red or black.

Odd/even: This bet covers all the odds or even numbers on the wheel – so either 18 odd or 18 even numbers.

High/low: You can bet on either high or low numbers on the wheel. Low numbers are between 1 and 18, while highs are between 19 and 36.

Column: A roulette table is split into three columns, with this wager covering one entire column. You can choose to play one, two, or three columns per round. The numbers in each column are:

Dozens: Like a high/low bet, you can also bet on a dozen, with the numbers on a roulette table divided into dozens. The first dozen includes numbers 1-12, the second 13-24, and the third dozen covers 25-36.


Inside bets

Inside bets are found in the centre of the roulette table’s layout. This is when you place a wager on individual or specific number combinations.
Because they’re harder to predict, there is a lower chance of winning but a larger payout than outside bets. The different types of inside bets include:

Straight-up: When you place a bet on a single number.

Split: Refers to betting on two adjacent numbers on the roulette layout.

Street: Street bets, also known as row bets, cover three numbers in a row. The numbers are all consecutive, such as 1, 2, 3 or 4, 5, 6.

Corner: Corner bets, also known as square bets, are when you place a bet on four numbers on the roulette layout on the corner where the four numbers meet.

Six Line: This bet covers cover six consecutive numbers. For example, all the numbers on two adjacent rows of the table, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, or 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Basket: Also known as a five-number bet, this type of bet is only available if you’re playing American roulette. It involves betting on the two zero pockets (0 and 00) and 1, 2, and 3.


Live Roulette

Live roulette at live  casinos is the perfect blend of home comfort and the electrifying casino atmosphere. It’s designed for players who yearn for the authenticity of a real roulette table, complete with a live croupier, without stepping outside their door. This immersive experience is streamed directly to players, combining the convenience of playing online roulette with the transparency and social interaction of a land-based casino.

The game’s pace, while slightly slower due to real-time interactions, adds to its authenticity, making players feel like they’re right there by the roulette wheel. The odds in live roulette mirror those of traditional casinos, ensuring a fair and transparent gaming experience. Whether it’s the more favourable European roulette with a single zero or the challenging American version with an additional double zero, the house edge and gameplay remain consistent with their real-world counterparts.

Live roulette appeals to a broad audience, from those who relish the social aspect of gaming to players who appreciate the integrity of a live, visible game mechanism. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for an engaging, trustworthy, and authentic roulette experience online, offering a unique way to enjoy this classic game from the comfort of home.

Less Common Roulette Wheel Variations

Step into the less trodden paths of roulette with some insights into the less common, yet equally thrilling, variations of online roulette.

Mini roulette

This version is designed specifically for players who prefer to play on mobile. Mini roulette is a scaled-down version of online roulette with only 13 slots (0-12), significantly altering the odds and house edge. With fewer numbers, the chances of hitting your bet increase, but payouts are adjusted accordingly, often resulting in a higher house edge compared to European Roulette.

While it’s an excellent game for quick sessions or beginners due to its simplicity, the increased house edge makes it less attractive for serious players focused on maximizing their winning potential. In comparison, it’s more of a fun diversion than a go-to roulette variant for strategic play.

Double ball roulette

This type of online roulette doubles the excitement with two balls in play, offering unique betting opportunities and potentially higher payouts. The odds of hitting any single number increase, but so does the complexity of the game. With a house edge similar to European Roulette, it’s an intriguing option for those seeking a twist on the classic.

However, the increased difficulty might not suit everyone. It’s a thrilling choice for adventurous players, but traditionalists might prefer sticking to the single-ball versions for simplicity’s sake.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-Wheel Roulette cranks up the excitement, letting you spin not just one but up to eight wheels at once! It’s a bit of a rare gem in the online roulette world, offering the thrill of multiple chances to win with each bet.

Sticking to the friendly odds of European Roulette, there aren’t any tricky new rules to learn – just more spins, more fun, and more opportunities to win. Perfect for those who love the classic game but are itching for a bit more action.

Roulette Guides

Why Play Online Casino Roulette?

Why settle for the ordinary when online casino roulette offers a world of excitement right at your fingertips? It’s not just about spinning the wheel; it’s about spinning it your way, anytime, anywhere. Here’s why you should dive into the online roulette scene:

Convenience is king in the online world. Fancy a game in your PJs at 3 AM? No problem. Online roulette is ready when you are, no dress code or travel required.

Access to All The Variations means you’re never stuck for choice. From the classic European and American roulette to the thrilling Multi-Wheel and Double Ball variations, there’s always something new to explore.

Small bets welcome everyone to the table. Whether you’re watching your wallet or just starting out, you can join the fun without breaking the bank. It’s all about enjoying the game, not stressing the stakes. Plus the slightly better odds of an online casino work its magic in your favour.

Access to Bonuses and Promotions can give your game an extra edge. Many online casinos offer enticing bonuses, from welcome offers to loyalty rewards, giving you more bang for your buck.

Online Features, like live dealer games, bring the casino to life in your living room. Plus, with features like autoplay and favourite bets, online roulette offers a personalised gaming experience.

Stats in Real Time arm you with knowledge. Track hot and cold numbers, and see where the ball’s been landing. It’s like having a croupier’s memory at your disposal, helping you make informed bets.

Online Roulette FAQ

Can I play roulette online for real money?

Yes, you can play roulette online for real money at numerous reputable online casinos. These platforms offer various versions of roulette, from classic European and American to innovative variations like Multi-Wheel Roulette. Before you start, ensure the casino is licensed and regulated to guarantee a safe and fair gaming experience. Remember to gamble responsibly and within your budget.

Can you win on online roulette?

Definitely! Winning in online roulette is entirely possible, just like in a physical casino. The outcomes are determined by random number generators (RNGs) to ensure fairness. While there's no guaranteed strategy to win, understanding the game's rules, odds, and betting strategies can improve your chances. However, always remember that roulette is a game of chance, and it's important to play for fun rather than solely for winning.

How to play roulette without money?

Playing roulette without money is a great way to learn the game or just have fun without financial risk. Many online casinos offer free versions of roulette where you can play with "play money" or virtual chips. This option allows you to familiarise yourself with different roulette variations and practice strategies without any cost. Just look for options labelled as "demo," "practice mode," or "for fun" on your chosen casino site.

Can you play free roulette on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play free roulette on mobile devices. Most online casinos have mobile-friendly websites or apps that allow you to play free online roulette games directly from your smartphone or tablet. These mobile platforms often include both free and real money roulette games, giving you the flexibility to play on the go. Whether you're using an Android or iOS device, you'll find that playing roulette on your mobile is convenient and just as exciting as playing on a desktop.

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