Online Blackjack: The Best Real Money Online Blackjack Sites in Australia 2023

Emily Turner

As you might know, it can sometimes be a bit of a process to find the right place to gamble online.

With so many online casinos offering blackjack online, it’s hard to know for sure which ones are legit and which ones are pulling your leg.

That’s why we decided to list the best places you can access in Australia to play blackjack online, so you don’t have to carry out the arduous slog of surfing the web for the best online blackjack or the best Australian online blackjack site.

Which means you’ve got more time to focus on beating the dealer.

So, sit back, give us a read, and let us explain everything you need to know to make the most of this classic game at Australian online casinos. Easy!

Best Online Blackjack Sites for Aussie Players 2023

What Does a Great Online Blackjack Casino Need to Offer Aussie Players?

These key criteria we’re about to outline will help you pick out a truly fantastic site to play online blackjack – while dropping the rest at the roadside.

Safe Site with Fast Payouts

At the end of the day, playing blackjack online is a casino game, and most people would like to win money playing it.

So, if an online casino is a bit sketchy, unsafe or super-unreliable with their pay-outs then what’s the point?

The tension of the game is based on real money wins and losses, so you need a reliable and safe casino that can get you your winnings quickly and efficiently when the time comes to pull out.

All of our recommended sites aim to process withdrawals in 24 hours or less. We’ll make sure to inform you when anyone breaks this golden rule!

Good Range of Blackjack Games

If you’re looking to play blackjack, you don’t just want one solitary blackjack table.

It might not be a lucky table for you, or you might not appreciate the style or the music.

Then there are all the different blackjack variants out there too.

These can include bonus games with jackpots or crazy side bets that could mean massive prizes if their unlikely results come in!

The best online blackjack sites available to Australians will have several dozen virtual blackjack games and live blackjack titles too. It’s just the standard really.

Blackjack Applicable Bonuses

Good news for you – you’re much more likely to make small consistent wins playing blackjack than online pokies.

That’s not just for Aussies either, that’s a fact of gambling.

Because of that, you won’t see too many blackjack-oriented bonuses at online casinos.

However, when you do get them they can be a good way to maximise your chances of making a profit from bonus funds.

A great casino will roll out blackjack offers and bonuses a few times a month, or even (just possibly) as a standard welcome offer.

Multiple Blackjack Suppliers

Just a few of the best virtual blackjack developers out there today include:

Sadly, for Aussie players, some of the developers on this list no longer provide games to sites that run servers in the Australian region. That’s just how it is and there’s not a lot your average player can do about it.

Still, with dozens of developers available – there’s no excuse for sites that run with just one or two tables from the same provider.

Playing online blackjack means as a punter you should have plenty of blackjack games to choose from.

Different Kinds of Blackjack

Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years.

That means people had heaps of time to experiment with the basic rules, especially as the game spread to the USA from Europe in the late 1700s.

Australia may not have legalised Australian casino blackjack gaming until 1973, but don’t think for a second that European and American immigrants hadn’t bought the game of blackjack to Aussie shores long before that!

Today there are two core variants of the game – European and American. However, many games will have their own small twists on the classic rule set.

These can sometimes change the expected Return to Player (or RTP) by a significant amount.

Then there are side bets too, which can offer you the potential for unbelievable returns. However, they may be far less likely to come in than even a blackjack.

European vs American

American Blackjack tables let the dealer (or the computer) “peek” for blackjack on if their first card is Ace.

European Blackjack tables only give one card to the dealer in the first round, so there’s no hole card to peek.

At American tables, you can also double down your hand at any time. This is when you’re confident you have a better hand than the dealers, so you double up on your bet. In European blackjack, you can only do that if you have a hand score of 9 to 11.

American Blackjack saves you time, in case of a dealer blackjack, and adds to your expected returns because you can double down whenever you want.

Side Bets

Side bets let you place a wager on something other than getting a blackjack or beating the dealer to 21.

These are usually far less common to occur, but they pay out more than the standard 3:2 for a blackjack round win.

Some common side bets include:

  • 21+3, betting on poker hands forming.
  • Bust It, which is a bet on the dealer to go over 21. The more cards they go over the bigger the payout!
  • Hot 7s, which is a bet on two or more 7s appearing. The top payouts for this bet can be ridiculously high if you and the dealer get three sevens each.
  • Perfect Pairs which, as you would expect, is a bet on any pairs forming from yours and the dealer’s hand.

There are more side bets out there from various smaller developers too, but these are the ones you’ll see most often.

House Rules

There are other rules you may see at virtual online blackjack tables, such as:

  • Surrender in blackjack, which means you can get half your bet back if you think you’re on a losing hand.
  • Blackjack insurance, which is only offered on American tables after the dealer has peeked at their hole card. You can pick this to end the round for yourself and you only lose 50% if the dealer does in fact have a blackjack.
  • Hit or Stand on a Soft 17: Soft hands are one of the given values that includes an Ace. If the dealer has to hit on a soft 17, they may still get a blackjack – although they could also go bust. If they have to stand on a soft 17, you’re more likely to win from that point – so you gain quite a sizable chunk on your RTP.

Live Dealer Blackjack

For the ultimate blackjack experience online in Australia, we’re bound by our duty to recommend live casino play.

Virtual tables are all well and good. In fact, they can be an absolute blast!

But, if you’re looking to play blackjack as it was intended, you won’t beat live dealer blackjack with real cards and real dealers.

For a comprehensive guide to this great game and all its variants, visit our Live Blackjack page today!

Live Blackjack vs RNG

If you’re looking for an experience that closely mirrors the land-based one, live blackjack should be your first port of call.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to play virtual casino blackjack.

For example, at a virtual table, you’re the only player and you can play at your own pace. Need a few minutes to take in a big win or decide your overall strategy?

No problem.

In virtual blackjack you’ll also never have to wait for a seat. At land-based casinos in Australia, you might have to look around for a free table at peak hours.

With the release of Infinite or Common Draw Live Blackjack games, waiting for a seat isn’t as common for online casinos’ live dealer collections – but not all sites available to Australians will have the latest titles like these.

Online Blackjack FAQ

Can I Win Real Money playing free blackjack games?

Unfortunately, this isn’t really possible, as casino promotions for free blackjack (and blackjack in general) are limited or non-existent, so you’ll have to play real-money blackjack to earn winnings.

Is Online Blackjack Legal in Australia?

Australians are free to play blackjack online, provided that the online casino is headquartered outside the shores of Australia. However, we always recommended online casinos catering to Australian punters.

How Do I Win At Blackjack?

While there’s not one way of how to play blackjack to beat the dealer and win, there are tons of strategies and methods you can use to make sure that your chances of winning increase.

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

The odds of walking away victorious in blackjack games is 1.37/1 and the odds for a payout are 3/2.

If you play online blackjack or real-life blackjack games, these numbers won’t change.

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