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RTP: RTP, return to player, shows in percentages how much players can on average expect to win from a slot machine. Example: if RTP for a slot machine is 98%, player can expect to win back 98% of the amount they have wagered. Since RTP in an average percentage, players can win more or less. 94.94%

Volatility: Volatility indicates how often players can expect a payout from a slot machine. Slots with low volatility payout more often, however, the amount of the payout is generally smaller. With high volatility slot games, payouts happen less frequently but do tend to be bigger. Medium

Type: Video Slot

Max Win: The max win is the highest possible win you can achieve when playing a slot. Usually, the win is expressed as a multiplier. Example: If you bet 1 € pr. spin and the max win is 5000x, you can win up to 5000 €. 10000x

Min bet: $0.01

Max bet: $2

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency tells how often a slotmachine stops on a winning combination. For instance a slotmachine with a hit frequency of 10% indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on a winning combination. N/A%

Paylines: A payline is a lineup of specific symbols on which a payout will be awarded. Paylines can line up in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzag patterns for a win. The exact patterns are dependent on the slot machine in question. 50

Release Date: 22/01/2016

Pelican Pete Slot: Paylines, Symbols & RTP

Pelican Pete is an enchanting video slot from Aristocrat Gaming.

It whisks players off to a sun-drenched beachscape. The delightful seaside theme encompasses pelicans, treasure chests, and shimmering sunsets, setting a laid-back gaming environment. Launched in the gaming world at an undisclosed date, this slot retains a traditional 5-reel setup but modernises gameplay with its 50 fixed paylines.

This game is distinctive for its Sticky Wild Free Games Feature, significantly enhancing gameplay. During this feature, any Pelican Pete wild symbols that land become sticky, remaining in position throughout the free spins, potentially racking up substantial wins.

It’s not a progressive slot, but it maintains consistent popularity among various online casinos. Finding it might require some searching in Australian online casinos.

The slot’s RTP is 94.94%, slightly below the industry average.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

We’ve spent some quality time with Pelican Pete and his slot, and it’s as sturdy and reliable as a seasoned fisherman’s vessel. With five vertical reels, the game’s got enough space to reel in a decent catch.

And here’s something a bit different – Pete’s game breaks from the norm with four rows, giving us a little extra vertical space to snag those winning combos.

Now, onto the paylines—Pelican Pete has 50 of them. That’s many ways to win, and it reminds us of casting a wide net in the hopes of a big haul. But unlike some slots, where you can choose fewer paylines to lower your bet, this game keeps it simple—all 50 paylines are fixed, so there’s no fussing about.

So, there’s no need to fiddle with the paylines gamble feature; just set your bet, spin, and let the Pelican Pete slot game do the rest.


With its quirky seabird and nautical theme, Pelican Pete’s slot is a trove of symbols, 12 to be exact. You’ve got your classic card ranks from 9 through Ace, making up half of it. Then, there’s the starfish, the anchor, a sunken treasure chest brimming with loot, a fish that looks friendlier than a dolphin, and the sunset that’s as stunning as the one at Darwin’s Mindil Beach.

But the star of the show?

Pelican Pete, sporting a beak full of gold, acts as the Wild symbol. Pete’s not just there for decoration; he can considerably boost your winnings.

pelican pete symbols

While he doesn’t give you anything for just two, land three Petes, and you’re looking at a payout of 10 times your line bet. Four Petes? That’s 20 times the line bet. But if you’re lucky enough to spot Pete five times on a pay line, you’ll laugh to the bank with 50 times the line bet.

So, while Pete’s payout might not be as flashy as Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, he makes those spins a bit more interesting, even with the lower-end symbols. It’s a game that mixes the charm of the seaside with the thrill of the chase for those gold-laden wilds.

Scatters and Bonus Features

Pelican Pete’s slot might not have the razzle-dazzle of a modern arcade, but it packs a punch with its Sticky Wild Free Rounds Feature. It is like finding an unexpected treasure trove on a casual beach stroll.

This gamble feature bonanza is set off when you land three Lighthouse Scatter symbols—your beacons to bounty. And what a sight they are, lighting up the reels like the Sydney Opera House at Vivid.

Once triggered, we’re talking ten free spins where our mate Pete sticks around.

Any Wild Pelican Pete symbol that lands becomes as sticky as a toffee apple at the Easter Show, hanging about for the rest of your free spins and ramping up your chances of a win.

While there’s no turbo-charged multiplier or a big shiny progressive jackpot, you can still pocket up to 8,000 coins if you catch five golden sunsets.

Not too shabby, right?

And while some newfangled online casino slots let you purchase a shortcut to the bonus, Pete keeps it old school – no buying your way here. You’ve got to earn it, and isn’t that half the fun?

RTP and Volatility

Pelican Pete’s RTP in online casino slots is 94.94%, a smidge below the usual benchmark.

While most slots hover around a 95% RTP, Pete’s payout isn’t far off the mark but might not sparkle as brightly as newer machines. It’s less generous, but don’t write it off just yet.

Regarding volatility, the Pelican Pete slot machine rides the waves with a medium setting. While you’re not going to catch massive wins as frequently as you might with a high volatility slot, you’re also not stuck in the calm waters of low payouts either. It’s like a steady day at the beach where the waves are just right—not too rough, but enough to keep things interesting.

So, if you’re looking for a slot that won’t rock your boat too harshly but still keeps the thrill alive with reasonable wins, Pelican Pete could be just the mate you’re after. It’s the kind of game that offers a balanced experience for casual play without the heart-stopping drops and climbs of more volatile slots.

Stake Limits

Your betting range is as broad as the Australian coastline in this Pelican Pete slot.

Here’s what you need to know about the stakes: You can set your bet per line from as low as $0.01 up to a hefty $3. Multiply this by the 50 fixed paylines; your bet range spans from $0.50 to $150 per spin. The least you can wager is $0.50. It’s affordable enough for a casual flutter without digging deep into your wallet.

This slot keeps it simple; there’s no separate coin value adjustment. Your bet per line is what you’re playing is straightforward and fuss-free. No autospin in this Pelican Pete slot. Each spin requires a manual push, making every round a hands-on experience.

Since there’s no autospin feature, there’s no need to worry about setting loss limits here.

Visuals and Audio

The Pelican Pete slot machine might not dazzle you with flashy, modern graphics—it’s all about that laid-back, 2D simplicity here.

The visuals follow a sunny beach theme, quite uncomplicated but charming. Symbols like lighthouses, fish, starfish, and anchors dot the reels. Picture a quiet beach at sunset, the scene set for treasure hunting with good ol’ Pete.

While it might not knock your socks off visually, the vivid colours do their bit to keep your eyes on the prize. The backdrop paints a tranquil sunset beach scene, setting a perfect stage for a relaxed slot session.

pelican pete slot

It’s straightforward, not trying to be something it’s not, which has its own charm.

Now, the audio does pick up some of the slack. Imagine you’re at the beach: seagulls squawking, waves crashing—a soundscape that pulls you into Pete’s coastal world. It’s notably more engaging than the visuals, with playful sound effects that pop up when you score a win or interact with the game.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Pelican Pete sails smoothly across desktop and mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

While there’s no standalone mobile app, you can play the Pelican Pete slot on casino apps like Casinonic’s mobile version. We found that the gameplay transitions well to smaller screens, though there are a few quirks with interface sizing on mobile devices.

We recommend sticking to the desktop for the best experience. On the Pelican Pete slot game, you won’t miss any beachy antics or cheeky seagull calls. Everything’s right there, from the layout to the ease of use.

So, grab your device of choice and join Pete on the shores anytime, anywhere!

Pelican Pete Slot is Available at the Following Casinos

About Aristocrat Gaming – The Creator of Pelican Pete

Aristocrat Gaming, synonymous with quality gaming experiences, opened its doors in 1953. Len Ainsworth founded the company in Sydney, Australia, and it has since grown into a powerhouse in the gaming industry.

Today, Aristocrat is the second-largest gaming machine company globally and is proudly listed on Forbes. With a bustling workforce of over 7,500 employees across 20 locations worldwide, Aristocrat’s global presence is undeniable. The company reported a striking revenue of $4.05 billion in 2023, showcasing significant growth from $3.63 billion in 2022.

Aristocrat’s main focus is video slots and online real money jackpots, which have captivated gamers worldwide.

However, their expertise isn’t limited there; the company operates through three business units: land-based gaming machines, mobile game publishing, and regulated online real-money games.

This diversified approach strengthens their portfolio and underscores their commitment to innovation and quality across the gambling market’s broad spectrum.

Pros and Cons of Pelican Pete

Not all pelicans come without their pros and cons, and certainly not pelicans with their own pokie game.

Let's take a look at the main ones we've noticed.


  • Medium volatility
  • Sticky wilds in bonus rounds
  • Simplistic design


  • Lower RTP
  • No autospin features
  • Limited betting options
  • Dated visuals and sounds

Pelican Pete Compared to Others

How does Pete the Pelican face up to his competitors?

Let’s crunch the numbers and take a look.

Slot Title Game Type Demo Version Symbols Wilds Scatters RTP Min Bet Max Bet
Pelican Pete Video Slot No 12 Yes Yes 94.94% $0.50 $150
Big Red Classic Slot Yes 8 Yes Yes 97.04% $0.20 $20
Wolf Treasure Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 96.0% $0.25 $125
Floating Dragon Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 96.71% $0.10 $250
Madame Destiny Megaways Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 96.56% $0.20 $125


Pelican Pete offers a serene beach theme with unique features like the Sticky Wild Free Games.

Its RTP is slightly below average at 94.94% and possesses medium volatility, striking a balance in gameplay. Widely available at online casinos, it appeals for its simplicity and engaging bonuses.

However, its lack of progressive jackpots and autoplay features might detract some. Overall, Pelican Pete stands out with its captivating theme and rewarding bonus structure.

Pelican Pete FAQ

How can I activate the ten free spins in Pelican Pete?

Land three Lighthouse scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the ten free spins or free rounds. During these spins, look for the Pelican Pete wilds, which become sticky and can significantly increase scatter wins.

What should I guess be for the total bet per single round?

Decide your total bet based on your comfort with real money wagering. Use the play button to start your game. Adjust your wager using the playing card symbols to increase or decrease the bet amount. Remember, each spin in real-money play can multiply your initial wager based on the combinations you hit.

Can I win real money without hitting the free rounds or scatter wins?

Absolutely! Each played round offers a chance to win based on standard gambling symbol combinations. While the free rounds offer added benefits with sticky wilds, regular play still provides ample opportunities to guess right and win through combinations of playing cards and other themed symbols.

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