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RTP: RTP, return to player, shows in percentages how much players can on average expect to win from a slot machine. Example: if RTP for a slot machine is 98%, player can expect to win back 98% of the amount they have wagered. Since RTP in an average percentage, players can win more or less. 97.04%

Volatility: Volatility indicates how often players can expect a payout from a slot machine. Slots with low volatility payout more often, however, the amount of the payout is generally smaller. With high volatility slot games, payouts happen less frequently but do tend to be bigger. Medium

Type: Video Slot

Max Win: The max win is the highest possible win you can achieve when playing a slot. Usually, the win is expressed as a multiplier. Example: If you bet 1 € pr. spin and the max win is 5000x, you can win up to 5000 €. 1250x

Min bet: $1.00

Max bet: $100

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency tells how often a slotmachine stops on a winning combination. For instance a slotmachine with a hit frequency of 10% indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on a winning combination. N/A%

Paylines: A payline is a lineup of specific symbols on which a payout will be awarded. Paylines can line up in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzag patterns for a win. The exact patterns are dependent on the slot machine in question. 5

Release Date: 21/07/2014

Big Red Pokie: Paylines, Symbols, RTP & Free Play

Are you looking for a slot as Aussie as they come? Big Red Pokie was unveiled in 2014 by Aristocrat and will whisk you away to the Australian outback.

This Aristocrat game can take a fair bit of digging to find in online casinos, but it stands proud as a video slot, boasting animated icons and the whole shebang of bonus hoopla. If you’re dreaming of those sky-high progressive jackpots, you might want to keep looking, as this pokie sticks to fixed payouts.

What sets Big Red apart from the mob is its outback heartbeat. It’s not just about spinning reels; it’s a dose of Australian ruggedness with every spin. And with a generous RTP of 97.04%, it’s like a boomerang keen to come back with a bit more than you threw it with.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

If you’ve heard the term big red online pokies thrown around, it’s the online version of the slot game as Aussie as a meat pie. It is a five-reel, five paylines, three-row configuration that will make you feel like you’re staring out at the red horizon of the bush itself.

You’ve got five chances to win on the winning line every spin—no mucking about changing them. This is old-school spinning, where what you see is what you get, and what you get is fair dinkum fun.

So, if you’re ready to try a slot as straight-up as a dingo’s dinner, Big Red is your game. These Aristocrat online pokies don’t use fancy tricks, just good, honest reel spinning, and you could be as lucky as a gold miner on payday.


Big Red Pokie features eight standard symbols, each resonating with the vibrant life of the Aussie Outback. The higher echelon of the Big Red Pokie symbols is ruled by the native wildlife—Crocodiles, Wild Boars, Eagles, and Dingos—each offering respectable payouts when they grace your paylines.

Big Red Pokie includes a Wild symbol, represented by none other than the kangaroo, standing in for other symbols to form winning combos, barring the scatter. Speaking of scatters, watch for the tree symbol; it’s your ticket to the bonus rounds of play.

Crocodiles top the charts, dishing out up to 1,250 coins for five on a line. The Wild Boar isn’t far behind, offering up to 1,000 coins—the Eagle soars with the potential of 600 coins for five reels in a full match. Dingos on Big Red Pokie can bring up to 400 coins to your tally.

big red symbols

And those playing card symbols? They’re not just making up numbers; Kings and Queens can pack your purse with up to 300 coins, while Jacks, Tens, and Nines are more modest but still quite handy.

The Kangaroo Wild is here to jumpstart your winnings on this Big Red pokie machine, but it won’t replace the scatter. As for the payout specifics, the Crocodile is your best bet, but all creatures, great and small, have something to offer.

Scatters and Bonus Features

Big Red Pokie doesn’t just have a bonus free play feature; it’s a whole bush bash!

Here, it’s not the usual scatter symbols that get the party started during the free spins feature. Instead, the Kangaroo Wild symbol kicks off the bonus games with free spins. That’s right, there’s no need to wait for those elusive scatters; this kangaroo’s your ticket to trigger free spin rounds.

When this wild marsupial bounds onto your reels and forms a winning combo, he doesn’t just hop away. He stays for the fun, granting you five free spins during the free spins round. And there’s more – the scatter isn’t entirely out of the picture.

Represented by a shady tree, it pops up during the free spins bonus round to award you additional spins and repeats the payout that initially triggered the spins. It’s like an echo from the wild – wins that keep resonating with these five free spins.

big red slot

The Big Red Pokie machine jackpot is a biggie, too—not the ever-increasing kind, but a fixed jackpot with a top payout as grand as the Australian outback. Check the big red slot machine paytable to see the pot of gold this kangaroo’s hiding.

Now, about buying those free spins—some modern online pokies let you bypass the chase and purchase direct entry to the bonus round and free mode, but not Big Red Pokie. Here, you earn your free spins through gritty play, just as the rugged Australian wilderness would demand.

RTP and Volatility

With an RTP of 97.04%, the Big Red Pokie offers potentially big wins.

In slot-speak, you’ll likely pocket around $97.04 for every hundred you punt. That’s a smidge above the norm, and it means you’re getting a decent bang for your buck compared to other free pokies.

Now, let’s tackle volatility. Big Red Pokie has medium volatility.

So, what’s the squawk? It’s like fishing in the Outback; there’ll be a bit of a wait between bites, but you’re likely to snag a decent-sized catch when you do.

Stake Limits

When you’re ready to spin the reels on Big Red Pokie, your pockets don’t need to be too deep.

With just $0.20, you can join the fray, perfect for those who want to enjoy the thrills of online pokies without the spills. But if you’re feeling a bit more like a high roller, you can up the ante to a solid $20 per spin.

Fancy fiddling with your coin value? You’re in luck. If you’re betting a buck per spin and feel like living twice as large, you can adjust the value and bet more without needing a calculator. It’s smooth sailing.

An autospin feature is as handy as a pocket on a shirt for those who prefer to let the machine do the heavy lifting. Just set it, forget it, and watch the reels do their dance. The only snag?

There’s no loss limit for autospin, which is a bit of a bummer.

Visuals and Audio

Dive into Big Red, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Aussie outback without worrying about the mozzies. The graphics? They’re as straightforward and old-school with 2D graphics. With a rustic charm that’ll have you thinking of the wide-open red plains, each symbol—from the proud roo to the grinning croc—tells a tale of the bush.

You won’t find any fancy 3D effects here, just a good old-fashioned reel spinning with a view of the outback that could make a cockatoo squawk with joy. The whole game is drenched in the colours of a desert sunset, which stands out in the library of many online casinos.

big red slot

The sounds are like a chill arvo in the bush, with a relaxed vibe that’ll have you feeling like you’re lounging in the sun with the kookaburras laughing overhead. Every spin brings a symphony of the bush, with jumping kangaroos adding a ‘boing’ that’s more soothing than a didgeridoo at dusk.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Whether you’re a roving gamer or a desktop devotee, Big Red’s got you covered.

The slot runs smoothly on both mobile devices and desktops with no dramas. Optimized with HTML5 tech, it’s like a kangaroo—equally at home in the vast expanse of a desktop screen or hopping about in the compact bushland of your smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

And while it’s true that the desktop might give you a bit more of that outback expanse, the mobile experience is still brilliant.

So strap in and look forward to scoring your free spins bonus!

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About Aristocrat – The Creator of Big Red Pokie

Aristocrat is the mastermind behind the quintessentially Aussie slot Big Red.

Founded in 1953, this Sydney-based giant has been churning out top-notch gaming gear since some of us were in short pants. They are not just big fish in the local pond, either—with over 7,500 staff in more than 20 countries, Aristocrat free online pokies is a global gaming boomerang for innovative games.

With their paws in a piece of every pie, Aristocrat pokies offer winning combinations for all players. They don’t hesitate to offer a fair go at live games and comprehensive casino systems. With annual revenue of $4.05 billion, they’re the top ‘roo in the Aussie gambling landscape!

Pros and Cons of Big Red

When playing a pokie like Big Red, it's always handy to have the advantages and disadvantages in mind.


  • Higher-than-average RTP (97.04%)
  • Easy to play
  • Autospin feature


  • No loss limit on autospin
  • Dated 2D graphics
  • Less popular compared to other slot machines

Big Red Compared to Others

How does the Australian classic face up to the competition?

Let’s crunch the numbers a bit and find out.

Slot Title Game Type Demo Version Symbols Wilds Scatters RTP Min Bet Max Bet
Big Red Classic Slot Yes 8 Yes Yes 97.04% $0.20 $20
Wolf Treasure Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 96.0% $0.25 $125
Floating Dragon Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 96.71% $0.10 $250
Madame Destiny Megaways Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 96.56% $0.20 $125
Dog House Megaways Megaways Yes 13 Yes Yes 96.55% $0.20 $100


Taking a squiz at Big Red, you’re looking at a true-blue Aussie online pokie that’s kept it real since day dot.

This slot machine is a classic hit, offering a laid-back gambling experience with a sprinkle of Down Under charm. With a higher-than-average RTP of 97.04%, punters have a decent shot at getting a fair dinkum return on their bets. It’s a medium volatility game, which means it’s not too wild or tame – just like a dingo in the bush.

For those keen to give it a burl, there’s a free version to take for a spin, complete with free spin rounds that can come from that hopping mad Kangaroo wild symbol. And for the high rollers looking to win big, this online slot doesn’t shy away from a gamble feature with huge jackpots up for grabs.

Just a heads up, though, it’s a bit old school in the visuals and lacks some of the more modern slot machine bells and whistles.

Big Red FAQ

Can I play Big Red Slot to trigger free spins?

Many online casinos offer Big Red as one of their free games, where you can enjoy a free spin round. During the free pokies mode, you can trigger a free spins round if you land the right combination of symbols.

What's the maximum bet, and can I play Big Red in real money mode?

Big Red Pokie allows players to place a maximum bet, usually in the casino software. Switch to real money mode at your chosen online casino to potentially win cash prizes and enjoy the thrill of the gamble feature on these online pokies.

Does Big Red slot offer a progressive jackpot, and what are the game mechanics?

No, Big Red doesn’t have a progressive jackpot; instead, it offers a fixed jackpot that can be won through its unique game mechanics. Players can devise a strategic play to enhance their winning odds on these Big Red free pokies.

Are there additional bonuses or features in Big Red slot games at online casinos?

Certainly! Big Red offers various bonus features in modern games, such as free spins, rounds, and gaming bonuses across the Big Red real money games. Enjoy five free spins on Big Red now!

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