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In the long list of wild bonuses available in the features of online pokies, it’s those new and innovative options that really excite players in modern games.

Stacked wilds, sticky wilds and typically static wilds are all fantastic features in recently released pokies, but it’s walking wilds that are proving to be one of the most exciting wild options in the game. If you’re not familiar with the term, walking wilds are similar to shifting wilds, appearing on the first (or last) reel during the bonus round before shuffling along the reels.

Typically, players are not required to pay for any spins offered when the walking wilds are active and instead, free spins are granted for the entirety of the wild bonus. The wilds remain on the reels for either a set number of spins or until they have moved across each reel, eventually disappearing once they reach the end.

Walking wilds allow for players to build huge combinations thanks to the prolonged time in which the wild symbols are available. For those games that include a multiplier on the walking wilds, there’s the benefit of larger payouts alongside the additional time spent with the wild on the reels.

So, let’s dive into the very best real money online pokies offering walking wilds today and talk about our favourite games on offer. These can be played free or for real money at the online casinos we have listed for Australian players.

Our Favourites

Despite the recent inception of the walking wilds bonus feature, there’s now a plethora of different online pokies including the option in their games.

However, as we’re sure that you’re well aware of at this time, navigating the world of online pokies can be a disappointing business. With more than a handful of poor quality games offering low RTP, boring bonuses and poor playing experience, it’s often best to reach out for a helping hand to find the best pokies without doing the leg work.

Luckily, with countless hours spinning the reels, we’ve built up a fantastic library of the very best online pokies, including those offering the walking wilds bonus feature. Below you’ll find our top pokie picks ranging from NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk to BTG’s White Rabbit!

Jack and The Beanstalk (NetEnt)

Launched back in 2013, NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the early adopters of the walking wilds bonus feature.

The theme of the game is as unsurprising as they come, following the age-old (1734, to be exact) fairytale of, well, Jack and the Beanstalk. Players will find everything from the story littered across the reels from the giants themselves to the humble watering can that caused Jack’s living nightmare.

The game is played over a typical 5×3 playing area and offers a total of 20 paylines for players to build their winning combinations. The bonus feature is where the game really excels with the free spins feature offering a treasure collection giving players the opportunity to boost their wilds, enjoy walking wilds and wild multipliers good for tripling wins.

The RTP sits around the industry average at 96.28% with high volatility offering a maximum win of 1,500x the original wager thanks to the variety of wilds offered. Overall, it’s a great pokie, although it is starting to feel it’s older age when pitched against the latest offerings.

San Quentin (Nolimit City)

Nolimit City is a fresh face in the world of online pokies, but that’s far from a bad thing as they prove in their 2021 release of San Quentin xWays.

The focus of the game is a theme that’s not often covered in any game, nevermind an online pokie as Nolimit City turn to the prison system for their release. Although it must have been a difficult game to produce, we can safely say that San Quentin xWays is one of the most interesting and captivating themes that we’ve had the pleasure of playing.

Players work with a typical 5×3 play area with a grand total of 243 paylines to create their symbol combinations with. It all sounds relatively standard, that is until you learn of the giant maximum win offering players the change to claim 150,000x their original bet – and that’s not a typo!

The RTP is one that covers a range between 94.11% and 96.03%, depending on the different parts of the game accessed. Volatility is, unsurprisingly, rated as very high and with such a large maximum payout, it’s more than warranted.

Ramses Revenge (Relax Gaming)

Relax Gaming released Ramses Revenge back in 2020 and was met with high praise from the industry.

The theme of the game is one that we’ve seen countless times before with a focus on ancient Egypt. The game looks and plays great with a subtler approach to the theme than what we’ve typically seen previously. Don’t worry though, hieroglyphs, mummies and of course, Anubis, are all found across the reels.

The game is played across a 6×4 playing area offering a huge 4096 different ways to win. Players will be pleased to see a giant maximum win of up to 49,996x their original wager, all thanks to those wonderful walking wilds (and a couple of other factors, of course).

We’ll struggle to complain about the RTP value of the pokie with the 96.15% value sitting bang on the industry average. Players will also note a high volatility feature in the pokie, giving players that love the riskier slots a little more incentive to trial the game.

Fat Rabbit (Push Gaming)

Released by Push Gaming in 2018, Fat Rabbit is another “fat” slot from the Push Gaming guys offering a taste of wildlife in the reel-based game.

The theme is, of course, related to the Fat Rabbit protagonist and his home on the farm. Symbols range from traditional playing cards with the theme-based twist alongside everything else you’d expect on the farm including hay bales, buckets of water and, of course, carrots.

The play area of Fat Rabbit sits at 5×5 with a total of 50 paylines offering a maximum payout of 1,000x the original wager. The bonuses available are great and the pokie offers expanding symbols, scatter symbols and those tasty walking wilds.

The RTP value of the pokie sits around the average of 96.45%, something that we can’t really complain about. Variance sits at the medium volatility marker, offering a game that’s available for a wide range of players.

Fat Santa (Push Gaming)

Has December rolled around already or has Christmas come early? That’s right, next up on our list is Push Gaming’s 2018 release of Fat Santa.

The festive-themed slot focuses on the overweight fella in red himself as he’s joined with reindeer, gifts and baubles across the reels. We’ll be the first to say that this isn’t the slot to play outside of the big winter month, but for those 12 days of Christmas, it’s a great option!

The play area is nice and large sitting at 5×5 with 25 different symbol locations offering a grand total of 50 paylines. The maximum win is impressive too with a huge maximum of 10,223x the original wager. There’s plenty of bonuses available too in the game, featuring those tantalising walking wilds alongside feature buy options and plenty more!

Looking towards the RTP value of the game, players can find a smile-inducing 96.45%, a value slightly larger than the industry average. Variance won’t turn too many players off either with medium to high volatility offered, catering to as many festive fans as possible.

Jellyfish Flow (Habanero)

Habanero released Jellyfish Flow in late 2020 and instantly offered one of the most impressive spec sheets we’ve ever seen in an online pokie.

The Jellyfish Flow pokie comes with a jellyfish theme, who’d have thought it? A blue/purple background offers a tranquil feeling to the game and symbols showcase different types of jellyfish across the reels.

The number of paylines is perhaps the most impressive spec of the slots between 27 and a whopping 823,543 different ways to win. This is thanks to a combination of the variable play area, increasing from 3×3 (9 symbols) up to a huge 7×7 (49 symbols) and the bonus features including the walking wilds. All this translates to a huge maximum payout available of 32,416x, not at all bad!

The RTP value of the pokie is a little higher than the average we’d expect at 96.69%. Variance is high, as you may expect with such high maximum payouts and different ways to win.

White Rabbit (BTG)

White Rabbit, released back in 2017, is one of Big Time Gaming’s most popular online pokies, featuring those walking wilds that we know and love.

The theme of the game is very much inspired by the famous Alice in Wonderland novels and movie with a plethora of creepy characters and enchanting symbols to match. Players should expect a haunting white rabbit, overly smiley kitten and traditional playing card symbols with that Lewis Carroll/Tim Burton influence.

The game is played across a 5 reel slot with a varying number of rows ranging from 2-7, depending on the bonus features and symbols landed. The number of paylines varies too, from just 32 to a whopping 16,807 different ways to win. Aside from the specs, the game is littered with bonus features, forming one of the most exciting online pokies available today.

The RTP value, the most important figure we’ll find in the online pokie spec sheet, sits at a huge 97.72%, much higher than the typical average for this type of slot. High volatility is also offered in White Rabbit, giving a good helping of risk to those players brave enough to enter the dreamland.

Power of Gods Egypt (Wazdan)

The last pokie on our list is Wazdan’s 2020 release and second launch in the Power of Gods series, Power of Gods Egypt.

The theme of the game is one of the classics that we expect to see in the world of online pokies, ancient Egypt. Players will find Ancient Egyptian gods plastered across the reels when hitting the spin button.

The maximum win offered when playing stands at the huge value of 8,000x the original wager made possible with the 243 different ways to win. The pokie is packed full of features including free spins, buy feature, gamble feature and of course, those walking wilds.

The RTP of the game is around the industry average at 96.19%, although it’s the volatility that’s the most interesting part of the specs. Players are able to select between low, standard and high volatility levels, ensuring that all players are taken care of in their preferences.

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