Mastering Roulette Odds: Understanding Odds and Payouts to Improve Your Game

Mastering Roulette Odds: Understanding Odds and Payouts to Improve Your Game
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Looking to learn more about roulette odds and payouts? Understanding roulette odds and how those odds impact how much you can win can give you the edge the next time you place a bet at a roulette table.

Our team of experts are here to help. We’ll explain how roulette bets and payout odds work. So you can make more informed bets and discover the best betting system for you.

We’ll outline the different odds for different types of bets, like inside and outside bets. And give you all the info you need to understand the odds for playing European, French or American roulette.

Let’s get started.

Understanding Roulette Odds

Odds refer to the statistical possibility of getting a certain outcome over many roulette wheel spins.

In roulette, every wheel spin is independent of the last spin. And roulette payout odds are determined by the number of potential outcomes and the specific bets you make.

While predicting where the ball will land comes down to a lot of luck, strategy does play a part. By analysing roulette odds, watching for patterns, and using the right betting strategies, you can maximise the odds and payouts the next time you play.

Basics of Roulette Odds

If you’re looking to improve your odds of winning roulette, our experts at AusCasinos are here to help.

With the right know-how, you can use roulette wheel odds to form the basis of your whole roulette strategy.

That’s because roulette odds are tied to your bet type.

Odds are typically displayed as a percentage indicating how likely it is you’ll win your bet.

For example, placing a bet on a single number in European roulette gives you odds of only 2.70%. But if you bet on red, which makes up half the roulette table, your odds significantly increase (48.6%). That’s because the likelihood of the ball landing in a red pocket is much higher than landing on one specific number.

While odds are shown as a percentage, your roulette payout is expressed as a ratio to your bet, like 2:1. The higher the ratio, the bigger the payout. For example, if you’re playing American roulette, the payout of getting a single number with a straight-up bet is 35:1. So if you bet $100, you’d get your $100 back plus your payout of $3,500.

In comparison, the payout for betting on black is only 1:1.

Having some basic knowledge of roulette odds and payouts means you can easily compare odds for different bets. And make smarter and more strategic bets.

Roulette Odds and Payouts

Use this table to compare the bets available on a roulette wheel and the payout and roulette odds when you’re playing European, French or American roulette.

Bet Type European Odds American Odds French Odds Payout Ratio
Single Number 2.70% 2.60% 2.70% 35 to 1
Two Number Split 5.40% 5.30% 5.40% 17 to 1
Three Number Street 8.10% 7.90% 8.10% 11 to 1
Four Number Square 10.80% 10.50% 10.80% 8 to 1
Five Number Bet (Top Line) N/A 13.16% N/A 6 to 1
Six Number Line 16.20% 15.80% 16.20% 5 to 1
Column Bet 32.40% 31.60% 32.40% 2 to 1
Dozen Bet 32.40% 31.60% 32.40% 2 to 1
Odd/Even 48.60% 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1
Red/Black 48.60% 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1
Low (1-18)/High (19-36) 48.60% 47.40% 48.60% 1 to 1

Note: Odds are presented as probabilities of winning.

What The Odds Mean For You

Let’s break down what the above table means for the next time you hit the roulette table.

  • Higher Payouts, Lower Odds: Notice those bets with high payouts, like 35 to 1 for a single number? They’re the long shots, but they pay well if you hit!
  • Lower Payouts, Higher Odds: Then you have the even money bets (1 to 1) like Red/Black or Odd/Even. They might not make you rich overnight, but they’re more likely to happen, keeping you in the game longer.
  • Balance is Key: In roulette, it’s all about balancing risk and reward. Do you go for the big win with lower odds, or play it safe with smaller, more frequent wins? That’s the heart-racing decision that makes roulette so exhilarating.

Types of Bets

When you’re playing at a physical or online casino, odds in roulette fall into two main categories – inside and outside bets.

It’s all about the table layout and where you place your chips.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are when you make a straight bet on a specific number or combination of numbers on the inner part of the roulette betting table.

Inside bets are less likely to win than outside bets because they’re more specific. But they do give you a bigger payout.

Outside Bets

Outside bets give you a better chance of a payout. That’s because they cover a larger group of numbers, so there’s a higher chance of winning. For example, betting on odds or evens, or red or black.

But because you cover almost half the wheel with outside bets, the odds are lower. The payout is also only 1:1.

How Different Roulette Versions Impact Your Odds

There are a few different roulette versions to consider when it comes to roulette odds and payouts. The main three are European, American and French roulette.

Each version comes with slightly different odds and potential payouts, so knowing which type of roulette you’re playing helps you evaluate the odds.

The major difference between European (and French) roulette and American roulette is the number of pockets on the roulette wheel.

European and French roulette has 37 pockets with a single zero. While American roulette features 38 pockets because it has both a single zero (0), and a double zero (00).

The additional double zero pocket significantly impacts the odds and house edge when playing the American version of roulette.

That’s because the double zero increases the number of potential outcomes, which impacts the probability of different bets. This gives you slightly less favourable odds than playing European or French roulette.

That’s why the house edge in American roulette is 5.26% compared to 2.7% when you play European roulette.

For French Roulette, it can be as low as 1.35%, depending on the casino. That’s because French Roulette also features the ‘La Partage’ rule.

This rule means you get half your bet back on even money bets if the ball lands on zero, unlike in American or European roulette, where you automatically lose if the ball lands on zero.

Practical Tips for Mastering the Odds

If you’re looking to master roulette odds, here are a few of our top tips to help you.

Consider the Type of Roulette

Not only do you need to consider which type of roulette is best for your style of play and the odds and payouts you’re chasing, but when you play online, there are a heap of different online roulette wheels to choose from, such as Lightning Roulette.

Make sure you look at and understand the odds for the game you choose before you start to play.

Check Minimum and Maximum Bets

Before you play at a roulette betting table, check out the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet at the table. Your bet size will affect roulette payouts, and you need to ensure they fit your budget and betting preferences.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Out Different Bets

Assuming you have the bankroll, in our experience, we recommend trying out different types of bets to see how the odds and payouts work at a real table, whether that’s online or at a physical casino.

If you don’t have the cash, play some online roulette games for free so you can test out different betting combinations and discover the impact of placing bets on both inside and outside bets.

Consider Your Risk Appetite

The best players understand the importance of balancing high-risk, high-reward play with safer alternatives. And use the odds in their favour.

In our experience, it’s always worth considering how much risk tolerance you have before playing.

How much excitement can you handle compared to the risk of losing it all?

While high-risk bets, like straight-up bets, offer the potential for big payouts, they also come with lower odds of winning. And while your safer bets like odds/evens won’t give you the same rush of adrenaline, they can provide a steadier stream of wins.


Mastering roulette odds lets you make more informed betting decisions at the roulette table.

That’s because when you understand the probabilities of different types of bets – you can better manage risks and potentially improve your overall roulette strategy.

In our experience, outside bets are a great option if you’re looking to win small amounts regularly and pay the long game.

But if you’re ready to risk it all (and have the bankroll!), inside bets can help you maximise roulette payout odds.

Remember to gamble responsibly, set limits, and enjoy the thrill of the game.


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