🎰 Pokies With Multiplier Wilds

multiplier widzzzzThere are countless features available in online pokies these days and with the technology working in overdrive, it’s unlikely that we’re going to see the industry slowing any time soon.

There are sticky wilds, bonus buys, rotating reels and so, so much more that we get geeky about when chatting all things software. However, today we’re not talking about a feature that’s bending reality and changing the way we play, we’re going back to basics.

Sometimes it’s hard to beat the simplest of features and when talking about the best online slot features, it doesn’t get much simpler than the multiplier wild. If you’re not familiar, a multiplier wild is identified as a wild which will multiply any payout that it has helped create.

It’s really that simple, with multiplier wilds, players can expect to find their winnings by both small and large amounts when spinning the reels of their favourite slot. But which pokies are worth giving the time of day and which shouldn’t you touch with a barge pole?

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🎰 Our Favourites

There’s a huge number of online pokies out there that offer multiplier wilds and there’s a long list of those that are among the best available today.

However, there’s an equally long list of online pokies offering a subpar service that players should try to avoid wherever possible. Whether that’s a return to player (RTP) value that’s much lower than average, low volatility that offers minimal excitement or a clunky and untrustworthy pokie that’s slipped through the net, there’s always poor quality slots out there.

Luckily, in this day in age, there’s no reason to unknowingly play them whilst looking for an exciting, entertaining, reputable slot through trial and error. The worldwide web is full of great advice, product reviews and, in this case, a list of our favourite slots with multiplier wilds available at online Australian casinos.

From Big Time Gaming’s (BTG) Lil Devil to Pragmatic Play’s Star Bounty, below you’ll find our top pokies with those incredible multiplier wilds up for grabs.

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Lil Devil (BTG)

Lil Devil, released back in 2019 by Big Time Gaming (BTG) has quickly proven to be one of the typical pokie players favourite games.

There’s a heaven/hell theme offered in the game, hardly a shock considering the name of the game, giving players a design we’ve not seen before. The symbols on the reels range from the bog-standard playing cards to angels and devils and everything in between – it’s certainly an extravagant slot.

The area of play is impressive in the game with a total of 24 symbol locations in a 4×6 area good for a monumental 4,096 different ways to win. There are a plethora of bonus features available in the game too including sticky and multiplier wilds, helping players chase down that huge maximum win of 36,000x the original wager.

Players looking at the spec sheet won’t be disappointed either with a return to player (RTP) value a little above average at 96.43%. There is, however, a large amount of risk in this game with a high volatility rating – great for those that like their volatile slots, not so great for low-risk lovers.

Deadwood (Nolimit City)

The first of the Nolimit City games on our list of the best online pokies with multiplier wilds is Deadwood, released back in May 2020.

It’s a theme that we’ve seen countless times before utilised by the Nolimit City team with a Wild West influence that they have executed fantastically. Set in a typical cowboy town with the sign for Deadwood Saloon proudly displayed, the symbols including gold bars, shotguns and whiskey bottles only adds to the feel of this phenomenal pokie.

But Deadwood isn’t just a game that looks great, it plays it, too. There’s a total of 5 reels in the game offered in a 3-4-4-4-3 layout that transfers to the unique 576 different ways to win when playing. There’s more than enough features up for grabs when spinning those reels with the multiplier wilds offering the maximum win of 13,950x the original wager.

The RTP value is exactly what we’d expect for this type of pokie at the 96.03% mark, but it’s the volatility that adds the most excitement. It’s hard to find another pokie that’s quite as volatile as Deadwood which, if you’re looking for a high-risk, high-reward slot, is quite the accolade.

Punk Rocker (Nolimit City)

Nolimit City has been on a pokie-building roll in recent years and our next slot on the list, the 2020 release of Punk Rocker xWays, is one of their best yet.

The theme of the game is what immediately draws players into the game, taking inspiration from the iconic British punk movement of the 1970s. Players will find the game set in London and complemented with brass knuckles and Dr Marten’s acting as symbols when spinning the reels.

The game features the xWays technology and is one of the best features of the pokie, offering between 243 and an enormous 46,656 different ways to win. It’s a system that’s good for a whopping maximum win of 15,072x the original wager. Players have the bonus features to thank for such stunning winning potential with multiplier wilds leading the way to build phenomenal combinations.

Fans looking at the slot-supplied information will find an industry average RTP value sitting at 96.01%, more than fair for this type of pokie. Volatility is rated as high in the game meaning that those with larger bankroll sizes will find themselves more likely to get the most out of the game.

Desperados Wild Megaways (Inspired Gaming)

Released in 2019, Desperados Wild Megaways is one of the top games from the brand with an exciting nature and fun theme.

Just like Nolimit City’s Deadwood, there’s a Wild West theme available in the game with a focus on the town jail as the reel location. Symbols include dual pistols, the sheriff’s badge and various cowboy characters offering wild bonuses as the game is played.

Thanks to its clever design, players will find a total of 6 reels that are able to change between 2 and 7 rows, ultimately leading to the incredible Megaways paylines of 117,649 different ways to win. There’s plenty of features up for grabs too, including those precious multiplier wilds, giving maximum wins up to the cap of $250,000.

The RTP value is, unfortunately, a little disappointing compared to the industry average at 95.21% for the base game, although this does increase to a tastier 96.49% depending on the bonus feature. Volatility is medium, offering great excitement for players with both small and large bankroll sizes, ultimately showcasing a great video slot.

Chaos Crew (Hacksaw Gaming)

Released in September 2020 by Hacksaw Gaming, Chaos Crew offers one of the most unique experiences in an online pokie today.

The theme is hinted at in the title and is quite frankly chaos. There’s an anti-establishment, graffiti, acid-house thing going on with symbols ranging from the acid house smiley to neon 8-balls and purple tentacles – it’s one that has to been to be fully appreciated.

Despite its crazy appearance, the pokie itself appears almost boring on the spec sheet with a 5×5 play area offering just 15 paylines up for grabs. However, the features available in the game is where the pokie really earns its stripes with multiplier wilds working to give players the chance to claim up to 10,000x their original wager in a single spin.

The RTP value is around the average that we would expect from a pokie of this type at 96.3% and in a typically chaotic fashion, the volatility is very high. It’s the perfect game for those looking for a high-risk slot with a fresh (and slightly scary) theme.

Griffins Quest (Kalamba Games)

Kalamba Games released Griffins Quest in 2020 before updating the pokie to add a spot in festive cheer around the month of December.

The theme of the game isn’t altered by its Christmas makeover anymore and instead, players will find mythical Medusa, fierce Manticores, pixies and unicorns in the mythical-themed slot. An epic approach is definitely what Kalamba Games have opted for and it’s worked spectacularly.

The layout highlights a peculiar 4-5-6-5-4 reel structure, translating to a massive 2,400 different paylines to work with whilst playing. There’s a number of great features available at the pokie including multiplier wilds, progressive free spins, the magic wheel and countless others, ultimately working together to offer a maximum win of 26,032x the original wager.

The RTP value presented in the game is an impressive 97.52%, much higher than the average that we may expect from a game of this calibre. Volatility, high rollers will be pleased to hear, is very high, giving the chance for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that plenty of players flock to the game to experience.

Gustav Minebuster (Red Rake)

Released by Red Rake in early 2020, Gustav Minebuster is the gem-themed pokie that we never knew that we needed.

The theme and layout are a little distracting when first opening the game, but once you’re desensitised to the bright colours and dazzling symbols, the scale of the slot begins to sink in. The first thing that players are drawn to when opening Gustav Minebuster for the first time is the sheer size of the pokie thanks to an 8×8 play area offering 64 different symbol locations.

There’s a huge number of features ranging from cascading reels and wild symbols to re-spins and of course, wild multipliers working to offer maximum payouts of up to 20,000x the original wager.

The RTP is a little lower than we might expect from a slot of this type and sits in the 95.50% region. Volatility, however, is rated incredibly high, no surprises there when looking at the max payouts – it’s a great choice for risk-loving slot fans.

Star Bounty (Pragmatic Play)

Last up on the list of our favourite pokies offering multiplier wilds is the first entry from Pragmatic Play with their late 2020 release of Star Bounty.

The theme of the game is very much from the future with influences from futuristic warfare video games and out-there TV shows. Players should expect to meet futuristic characters and space-age icons as the symbols with flying ships littering the background.

The game itself is nothing short of incredibly impressive when looking at the numbers with a 6-reel grid offering a whopping 4,096 different ways to win. Players will also find countless features, including multiplier wilds and a buy feature available to give the best possible odds to claim that maximum win valued at 25,920x the original wager.

The return to player (RTP) is a little above the average that we would expect to see with a 96.61% value. Volatility is very high in this slot, meaning that it’s best suited to those with larger bankroll sizes.