How to Play Razz Poker Like an Expert

How to Play Razz Poker Like an Expert
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Have you ever wondered if there was a version of poker with a fun exciting twist? – that’s Razz poker for you.

It’s like the rebellious sibling of the poker family. In this game, you’re not chasing the flashy high hands; you’re aiming for the subtle lows, as the lowest hand wins the pot.

The Razz Poker game also isn’t a fresh face on the block. It’s got a history that dates back to the early 20th century when poker heads were looking for something fresh.

As it happens, Razz stepped up, offering a unique approach to the game that’s still turning heads today and drawing people in with its unconventional approach to poker rules, counting itself as one of the coolest card stud games.

So, what exactly makes Razz Poker different from the rest?

What Makes Razz Poker Rules Different

Razz poker, like all stud games, throws a curveball into the poker mix with these two main distinguishing factors.

  • Low Hands Rule: It’s a complete flip from regular poker. Instead of chasing straights and flushes, the lowest hand you can muster – like A-2-3-4-5 – is the one to beat.
  • Peek at the Cards: Razz isn’t just about your own cards; it’s about reading everyone’s exposed cards. That’s your peek into their strategies and hands. It’s like a game of poker and detective work rolled into one.

The Basics

So, knowing these differences that the Razz style brings to the table, what do the basics boil down to?

Objective of the Game

Razz poker completely flips the script on traditional poker objectives.

Instead of chasing the highest hands, your mission here is to craft the lowest possible five-card hand. Yep, you read that right – the lower your hand, the better your chances of scooping the pot.

Hand Rankings

Get ready to rethink everything you know about poker hand rankings.

In Razz, a straight or a flush doesn’t give you the upper hand. It’s all about the low cards. The absolute best hand you can have is A-2-3-4-5, known as the “wheel.” Pairs, straights, and flushes are your enemies in this game.

So, everything you’ve ever learnt about poker hand rankings, just put it in reverse and you’ll be good to go when the first round of betting comes around in Razz Poker.

Antes and Bring-In Bets

Let’s talk about getting the game started.

Before the cards hit the table, everyone tosses a small bet into the pot – that’s the ante. It’s like a ticket to the poker show. Then, the player showing the highest exposed card starts things off with a “bring-in” bet. This sets the stage for the first round of betting.

Playing Your First Razz Poker Game

Picture a poker table with 2 to 8 players gathered around, and that’s what you can normally expect to find at a standard Razz poker game.

Online live casino poker tables will generally have a variation of this number depending on the table.

Here’s how a game of Razz poker will proceed.


Before the poker magic happens, every player tosses a little something into the pot – that’s the ante.

It’s like the ante is saying, “Hey, I’m in this game!” This way, everyone’s invested from the get-go.

Bring-In Bet

Here’s where things get interesting.

After the dealer deals to determine the door card, the player showing the highest-ranking exposed card becomes the star of the show. They kick things off by making the “bring-in” bet.

It’s like they’re announcing, “I’m leading the way, and the betting action starts with me.”

Betting Rounds

Remember our last guide on seven-card stud? We talked in detail about the use of streets to drive the game and the plot forward. Here, in Razz poker, it’s much the same.

This is what a Razz poker journey through the streets looks like

  • Third Street.
  • Fourth Street
  • Fifth Street
  • Sixth Street
  • Seventh Street

These streets are like chapters in your Razz poker story, each one filled with betting action and strategy twists.

Just remember to stay calm, collected and keep your poker face and your wits about you. Now, let’s go into more detail about what to expect from each round of betting.

Gameplay and Betting Rounds

Now the betting begins along with the gameplay, so here’s what to expect from the first betting round until the final betting round.

Each betting round will occur in an interwoven fashion in between each street.

For example, between the third and fourth street, there will be a betting round, much like there will be one before the sixth.

Third Street: The curtain rises with Third Street. You’re dealt 3 cards – 2 of them are your secrets, tucked away, and 1’s exposed for all to see. This face-up card kicks off the action.

Fourth Street: The plot thickens on Fourth Street. A fourth card joins the party, and it’s dealt face up just like before. Now, you’ve got a pair of exposed cards to work with.

Fifth Street: Things heat up on Fifth Street. A fifth card (another face-up card) joins the play. At this point, you’ve got three exposed cards, revealing part of your strategy to the table.

Sixth Street: Sixth Street rolls in, and it’s like unwrapping another layer of strategy. You guessed it – another face-up card for you. With four exposed cards now, your opponents are getting a better glimpse of your hand’s potential.

Seventh Street: The final chapter unfolds on Seventh Street. You’re dealt the final card, but this time it’s face down. This hidden card adds the mystery factor, keeping your opponents guessing until the end of the seven cards.

Betting Rounds

After each street, it’s time to make your move:

  • Check: If no one’s raised, you can pass the action along.
  • Bet: Toss some of your chips into the pot to get the ball rolling.
  • Call: Match the current bet to stay in the game.
  • Raise: Raise the stakes by increasing the current bet.
  • Fold: If your hand’s not looking good, gracefully bow out.

Betting Limits

When it comes to betting limits, Razz poker comes in different flavours:

  • Fixed Limit Betting Game: Set limits on bets and raises, making it a structured affair.
  • Pot Limit: Your bets can’t exceed what’s in the pot. It’s like controlled chaos.
  • Spread Limit: You’ve got a range to work with for bets – not too tight, not too loose.

Hand Strategy and Selection

Now that you’re familiar with the order of the game, it’s time to get started with how to navigate the flow of the game with some tried and tested strategies.

Think of strategy as having an extra edge to help you make better decisions and also deepen your knowledge of how the Razz poker rules fit in with gameplay.

As a beginner, these are a few things you must consider when getting your feet wet:

Starting Hand Selection:

Think of your starting hand as the seeds of your Razz poker garden.

You want to plant the right ones to reap a low hand later. Look for low cards – especially those below 8 – to start strong. A-2-3 is a golden trio to begin with.

Selecting Starting Hands

Now, let’s read the table.

Peek at your opponents’ face-up cards. If they’re showing high cards, that’s your cue to go low. If they’re flaunting low cards, consider playing a bit more cautiously.

Remember, you’re not just looking at your hand; you’re playing the Sherlock Holmes of poker.

Adjusting Strategy as Cards are Dealt:

As the dealer deals and more cards hit the felt, your hand evolves like a character in a story.

If your starting hand was promising, stick with it and watch for low draws. If your hand wasn’t stellar, to begin with, don’t be afraid to fold and save your chips for a better round. Be adaptable – your hand’s like clay, moulding itself with each new card.

The less stale and rigid you are with your judgement, the more likely you’re going to successfully adapt.

So, starting strong, reading the table, and adjusting on the fly – that’s the key to a winning hand strategy in Razz poker.

Managing Pot Odds and Odds Calculations

Think of pot odds as your navigation system when you play poker, assisting with your decision-making all the way until the final round.

They guide you through the tricky decisions of calling, raising, or folding. Pot odds show you whether the potential payout is worth the risk you’re taking.

Calculating Pot Odds

This is the part that requires a bit of maths (not too much don’t fear), compare the current size of the entire pot to the cost of your potential call. If the pot odds are better than the odds of completing your hand, it might be a good move to call.

If not, well, consider folding like a pro.

Combining with Hand Odds

Now, let’s mash up those pot odds with your hand odds – the chance of completing your hand. If your odds of completing your low hand are better than the pot odds, it’s a green light to keep going. If not, it might be time to bow out and wait for a better opportunity.

Making the Best Decisions

The sweet spot is where your hand odds and pot odds form harmony together.

When the numbers align, you’ve got a recipe for solid decision-making. It’s like balancing a chequebook – when the costs and benefits add up, you’re on the right track.

So, get comfy with those pot odds, get friendly with your hand odds, and let them tag team to help you make the most innovative moves at the Razz poker table.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any skill, practice is the secret sauce. Get those cards in your hands and experience the ebb and flow of Razz poker. Learn from each round, from your wins and losses, and build your expertise over time.

So, grab a seat at the Razz table in person or at an online casino, embrace the challenge, and let your low-hand skills shine. With patience, practice, and a touch of strategy, you could be the next Razz poker master.


From flipping poker rankings to chasing the lowest hand, Razz poker is a whole new adventure. We’ve covered the basics: aiming for low hands, reading exposed cards, and navigating betting rounds.

Remember, it’s not about the flashiest cards but the most humble ones.

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