Pokies Bonus Buy Feature Explained (With Top Online Pokies)

Pokies Bonus Buy Feature Explained (With Top Online Pokies)
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If you’re a fan of spinning the reels in online pokies, you’re in for a treat if you haven’t used the pokies bonus buy feature.

Waiting for video slots to launch their exciting bonus rounds can sometimes be a bore. Thankfully, some clever software providers created a feature that lets you fast-forward to the good bits. By paying a premium, you can enter the bonus round straight away. And enjoy all the game offers without spinning the reels in anticipation.

Our experts will explain all what a pokies bonus buy is and how it works, list our favourite games at Australian online casinos with bonus buys and help you work out if they’re worthwhile.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Pokies Bonus Buy?

A bonus buy pokies game (sometimes called a feature buy pokie) is a pokie machine that gives you immediate access to all the game’s features, like free spin bonus rounds.

All you need to do is be prepared to pay for it. The price is typically around 100 times your bet, but it can vary depending on which online pokie you’re playing.

Here’s how it works when playing pokies online.

Let’s say you bet $0.30 per spin, and the bonus buy is 100x your stake. The bonus buy to access the online slots bonus games would cost you $30 (30c x 100).

Our Top 5 Pokies with Feature Buy

A heap of pokies offer bonus buy options. But working out the ones that not only pack the best value punch but also bring the most excitement can be a challenge.

That’s where we come in. Instead of navigating through a sea of subpar slots and poor pokies, our team of experts have done the leg work for you, identifying some of the best pokies in the business.

Here are our favourite feature buy pokies where you can win real money – fast.

Money Train 2

money train pokie

Money Train 2 features a RTP of 96.4% with high volatility.Released by Relax Gaming in 2020, Money Train 2 follows on from the original Money Train game. While the original was set in the Wild West, the sequel is a surprising steampunk version. It’s a bold move that we think has paid off for the developer!

Like the original, the play area features a total of 20 symbols in a 5×4 area. The pay lines sit at 40, a little above average, with an enormous maximum payout of 50,000x of your original stake up for offer.

But it’s the features that will win you over, from respins to the fan-favourite bonus buys.

It caters to those of you who enjoy a little more risk and have a little more cash in your pocket.

Giza Infinity Reels

Giza Infinity Reels pokie

With a RTP of 96.45% with medium-high volatility, Giza Infinity Reels is a firm favourite.Released in 2021 by ReelPlay, Giza Infinity Reels is the second instalment of the popular online pokiesInfinity Reels range, taking the pokie world by storm.

The game’s theme is Ancient Egypt, so it’s not entirely original. But the team has done a fantastic job with the animations, mechanics and feel of the game overall. Based on our experience playing hundreds of pokies (and plenty set in the pyramids), it’s hard to fault.

The base game is played across a 4×3 play area with infinite ways to win, hence the game’s name!

There are tons of great features, including the popular bonus buy feature.

And you’ve got a chance to claim a win as large as 888x your original wager.

Punk Rocker xWays

punk rocker xways pokie

The Punk Rocker pokie is a high-risk, high-reward option for thrillseekers.Based on our experience, Punk Rocker xWays is one of the most exciting releases made by Nolimit City.

The unique punk rock theme is heavily influenced by London in the 1970s, featuring mohawks, brass knuckles and Dr Martens.

There are 243 different ways to win. This increases to 46,656 ways to win during those incredible bonus features, with the chance to claim a maximum win of 15,072x your original bet.

The RTP is 96.01% with high volatility, making the xWays pokie a great option if you’re seeking a high-risk, but high-reward game.

Millionaire Mystery Box

Millionaire Mystery Box pokie online

Millionaire Mystery Box is perfect for all players – with a RTP of 96.36% and medium volatility.Millionaire Mystery Box by Big Time Gaming is based on the well-known “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” game show. But thankfully, there’s no need to phone a friend for help!

There are no tricky questions to answer. Instead, you’ll find traditional playing card symbols mixed in with gems and title wilds when you spin the reels.

There are 243 pay lines, which is a large amount for the relatively small 5×3 play area.

But it’s the game’s features that really set it apart from other pokie games.

A maximum payout of 22,000x your original stake is offered if you’re lucky enough to hit the top combos.

Fat Santa

Fat Santa online pokies

Get into the Xmas spirit early with the Fat Santa pokie game.Fat Santa by Push Gaming is a Christmas game crammed with fun options including, but not limited to the bonus buy.

Unsurprisingly, the game is centred on Fat Santa, who is met by presents, baubles and plenty of other festive treats across the reels.

There are 50 pay lines to create combinations across the 5×5 playing area, offering a total of 25 different symbol locations.

A maximum win of 10,223x the original wager is available to claim in the snowy slot with the sleigh feature, which offers the largest winning potential. You can access this feature with the bonus buy.

The RTP is 96.45% with medium to high volatility. It’s a great choice any time of the year, so don’t wait for Xmas to give it a try.

The Dog House Megaways

The Dog House Megaways online pokie

This pokie is perfect for dog-lovers with a RTP of 96.55%.Released in August 2020 by Pragmatic Play, The Dog House Megaways is a great modern pokie packed with impressive features.

The dog theme is played over a 6×7 sized kennel with traditional playing card symbols greeted with dogs, bones and collars across the reels.

If you’re looking to cash in on the bonus buy feature, click to the left of the reels to purchase your ticket to the bonus round. You can choose between 7 sticky wild free spins or 15 raining wild free spins.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit online pokie

White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming was the first pokie game to introduce the bonus buy feature in 2017. And it wasn’t long before other software developers followed suit.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it offers a dream-like approach, featuring traditional playing card symbols as well as the super creepy white rabbit. And equally creepy purple cat wilds.

When you make the top combinations, there’s a maximum payout of 13,000x the original wager. But it’s the bonus buy that we love!

It also boasts a high RTP of 97.72%, so it’s definitely one of our top picks if you’re looking for a feature buy in your next pokie game.

San Quentin xWays

san quentin x ways pokie

San Quentin xWays is a high-risk, high-reward pokie, offering big rewards if you’ve got cash to splash. San Quentin xWays by Nolimit City has a unique prison theme not often seen in the world of online pokies! But it’s popular with many punters, and our experts love it.

The maximum win is an outrageous 150,000x the original bet. And you can build combinations across a total of 243 pay lines.

The RTP ranges between 94.11% and 96.03%. Volatility is as high as they come, as you may expect, with such a high maximum win, and it’s a game for those with a big bankroll.

Types of Pokies Buy Offers Available

If you’re keen to play pokies that offer the bonus buy feature, there are a few different types to choose from in the online gambling world.

Standard Bonus Buy Pokie

This is one of the most commonly found bonus buy pokies. It lets you buy one bonus round. Taking you straight to the bonus action to help boost your chances of winning big.

Selection of Bonus Rounds

This bonus buy lets you choose from a selection of bonus rounds on offer, so it gives you a little more control over the game.

For example, you can choose between a round that gives you fewer spins with a high multiplier or a bonus round with a low multiplier where you get more free spins.

The choice is yours!

Gamble Feature Within the Bonus Round

extra chilli pokie online

Extra Chilli boasts a generous gamble feature within the bonus buy feature. Some games have a gamble feature built into your bonus round. This gives you even more chances to win, plus the thrill of a bonus gamble.

If you do win, more games are usually credited to your account. And you can also sometimes receive a higher multiplier.

If you lose, you generally get returned to the main game or your bonus is downgraded. Our favourite pick for this type of bonus is Big Time Gaming’s Extra Chilli, where you start with 8 extra spins, but can end up unlocking 24.

Different Price Points

hellcatraz online pokie

Check out Hellcatraz for an old school bonus buy feature.Some pokies will offer you different-priced bonus buys to choose from, with the more pricey ones usually offering higher returns (but remember – it’s never a guarantee!).

Relax Gaming’s Hellcatraz lets you choose different price points, and activating the bonus buy also increases the RTP to 96.88%.

So, too, does Deadwood by Nolimit City, where you can choose a bonus buy that’s 71 times your bet, or 750 times, depending on how much you’re willing to lose!

The higher bet gives you an extra boost by turning low-paying icons into wilds on the three middle reels.

deadwood online pokie nolimit

Deadwood pokies’ Wild West theme is sure to entertain!

Token accumulation

In our experience, this one is harder to find than other types of bonus buys. But that’s probably because it helps cut the cost.

It was first used in White Rabbit. Instead of charging you the full cost of your free spins, a special icon is incorporated into the game.

When this shows up, it reduces the price of the bonus buy. And if you wait long enough, your entry is free.

It can be a good option if you’re not willing to part with your cash to buy into the bonus. Just as long as you’re happy to wait it out.

Why Use An Australian Online Pokies Bonus Buy?

Whether or not you pay for a bonus buy when you’re playing online pokies comes down to how big your risk appetite is. And how impatient you are!

A bonus buy can offer you plenty of excitement, with the chance to win big.

Using the feature lets you get to the most profitable part of the pokie game faster.

In our experience, players that seek out the bonus buy feature, do so because they’re usually looking for a big payout. They’re not just spinning the reels for fun.

Ultimately, whether or not to use a bonus buy feature comes down to your playing style and whether you’re willing to wait it out or risk it all.

But reading up on all there is to know about bonus buys can help you decide if they’re right for you. So keep scrolling!

How Much Should You Pay for a Bonus Buy?

A bonus buy will typically cost you anywhere from 50 to 100 times your initial bet. Usually, the higher the cost means there’s a higher chance of winning. But we all know there are no certainties in life… besides death and taxes!

The cost depends on the bonus buy feature and the specific pokie you’re playing. For example, Dog House Megaways requires you to place a bet 100 times your original wager.

Sometimes, the price can also change depending on which online casino you’re playing at, and where you play. For example, we’ll be paying a different price here in Aus than someone in Europe.

Only you can work out whether it’s worth it for you to buy entry into the bonus round.

What To Look For In a Bonus Buy at Australian Online Pokies

Bonus buy features, like so many other pokie features, aren’t created equal. The feature can vary wildly across pokie games. And some are better value than others.

Make sure you take a look at the bonus buy carefully.

Check if it’s a good deal before you pay by seeing what you’re going to get for your money (and how much it’s going to cost you?)

Based on our experience using the feature, here are some things to look out for before you buy.

  • Total Bonuses: Check out the total number of bonuses tracked on the game to get an idea of how many bonuses are available playing naturally.
  • Average Bonus Win: This lets you see the average win players have won using bonuses to work out if it’s worth the risk.
  • Bonus Frequency: The number shows you how often players access the bonus rounds, to help you work out whether it’s worth holding off or buying in.
  • Overall RTP: How much is the overall RTP of the game, including the main game and the bonus games. And how much will the bonus game increase the RTP if you decide to buy in?

Pros and Cons of Using a Bonus Buy Feature

If you’re not sure whether using the bonus buy feature is for you, here are some things to consider. Our experts have put together their top pros and cons list based on years of playing online at many online casinos around the world.


  • Added excitement: Getting access to the bonus rounds generates lots of excitement! 
  • No time wastage: You can access the bonus round immediately.
  • Extra stuff: Many top online pokies will build in extra features in the bonus rounds, increasing payout sizes and hit frequency. 
  • Increased RTP: Most pokie games will increase the RTP when you use the bonus buy feature, boosting your chances of a win. 


  • Can be expensive: While some games will give you a few cheaper options, many real money online pokies that offer this feature charge a lot.
  • Highly addictive: Having the option to access the bonus rounds can be hard to say no to. Unless you’ve got a decent level of self-control, it’s easy to lose a lot of money quickly. 
  • Highly volatile: Many games that offer this feature are highly volatile, so while they produce big payouts, you can also lose big money.

How is the RTP Influenced by Buying a Bonus Round?

If you’re playing the best online pokies games in Australia, paying for a bonus round can help boost the RTP of the game.

RTP means Return to Player. It’s the percentage of the total amount you wagered, which will be returned to you in the long term. It includes the main game and any bonus levels of the game.

A higher RTP is another reason many players always hope to generate a bonus round.

Is The Bonus Buy Feature Legit?

Anytime you play pokies online at a safe casino you can be confident that you’re playing fair games.

That’s because pokies have a random number generator (RNG), which an independent gambling authority tests to ensure that it’s random and fair. It’s part of the online casinos’ licensing requirements to test their pokies to remain compliant.

The best software developers also get their games externally vetted by accredited testers, like eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

They also hold licenses with well-known and reputable regulatory bodies in the gambling industry, like the Malta Gambling Authority.

Conclusion – Pokies with Bonus Buy Feature

If you just can’t wait to access those tempting bonus rounds, paying for a bonus buy could be for you!

Armed with the info in this article, you’ll know what to look out for when you next log into your casino account – ready to play real money pokies.

And you’ll be able to spot which pokies offer you the best value. To give you a greater chance of spinning a win!

Remember that there’s no guarantee of winning when you play any online casino game. And if you’re worried about your gambling habits, there is plenty of help available from various resources nationwide and lots of responsible gambling tips and information available online.

Keep an eye out for bonus buy games whenever you’re playing Aussie online pokies next! Who knows what exciting surprises the next spin might unveil!


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