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There could be several reasons why BPAY has become quite popular in Australian online casinos. The fact that it is quite reliable and convenient and has been in operation for a long time makes it one of the best.

You can be sure that BPAY payment is very reliable and convenient. It does not impose transfer limits which means that you can add large amounts into your casino account should you want to.

It is also a very secure and safe platform, so users can sleep easy knowing that BPAY protects users’ personal information.

Currently, we have no Bpay Casinos that fit our criteria, so here are some competitive alternatives.

The Best Alternatives to BPay Casinos

How BPay Works

BPAY has been defined by various individuals in different ways, but BPAY themselves claim that BPAY is a stress-free way to pay all sorts of bills and payments.

The company is registered under the trade name BPAY Pty Ltd, and is owned by Cardlink Services Limited.

The ownership of Cardlink is distributed equally amongst four banks in Australia. These banks include Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Where it comes from is the main reason behind BPAY becoming the most popular payment method. The payment method is the leading bill-payment service used by most Australians. This is attributed to the fact that it is a quick and convenient payment method.

The safety and convenience that this type of payment provides its customers with is the reason behind many people choosing it as their go-to payment provider. The payments that are covered by this system cover 95% of the customer banking market.

By now, you have probably understood that this payment method can be used for both personal and professional use. For you to use this type of payment, you must ensure that you register to its website as a biller. This is also applicable to different organisations and businesses that choose the BPAY system as one of their accepted payment methods.

You will then get a biller number from the operating system. Once billers have registered, they receive an indication of their reference number which is very important when making payments.

It doesn’t matter if you are making or receiving payments online, on the telephone or even via the mobile banking facility, you will need your biller code, its reference number as well as the payment amount for you to make payments. There are no fees associated with transactions. However, there may be additional charges you may need to pay your own bank or credit card company.

You can also use this payment method for depositing funds in your online casino. This is quite simple because all you need to do is connect to your online banking. You can use your savings account, check account or even credit card when making payments. If you are using POLi instant bank transfer, you can be sure that this can also be a good option.

Why pay using BPay?

Most Australian banks allow money transfers to go through overnight with BPAY. This includes transactions made through the telephone or the Internet. This is particularly beneficial to clients because this is one of the fastest payment processing times around. Because of the speed of deposits and fast payout times, be sure that there are quite a few online casinos that accept this payment method.

Will You Qualify For Casino Deposit Bonuses?

There are generous casino bonus offers for users who have BPAY as their payment method.

Making a decision to use this type of payment method when depositing into your account guarantees you generous bonuses based on the type of games you play and the frequency you play.

This is quite appealing to different potential customers that want to use this payment.

Is BPay Safe?

All payments made through BPAY system are made through a very secure environment and BPAY is the obvious choice for payments on websites and online casino.

Moreover, its functionality across different platforms, as well as its safety features prove BPAY is a worthwhile payment method.

The only person who can access personal or account details are customers and during the payment process, BPAY does not receive any personal information or account details.

You’ll definitely want to consider this type of payment if you are looking for a secure method of payment.

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