Established in 1995

Games in total: 110+

New games per month: 4+

Main focus: Slots

Employees: 300+

Location: Sydney, Australia

Ainsworth Pokies and Casinos in Australia

Founded in 1995, Ainsworth, also known as Ainsworth Game Technology (or AGT for short), is one of the longest-running video slot producers in the world, creating games not just for the online pokie market, but for brick-and-mortar casinos too.

The company, founded by billionaire Len Ainsworth, has been at the forefront of pokie development since it’s creation in the mid-nineties.

Although originally focused on the traditional land-based games, the company divided its attention to include online pokies with the focus on retaining the classic/vintage slot feel.

It’s this approach that typically places Ainsworth into the category of simplistic pokies, but with a game-feeling that’s hard to replicate, they’re been onto a winning formula for years.

Below you’ll find our favourite Ainsworth games for free play, but also recommendations on casinos that offer real money online pokies.

At the time of writing, AGT has over 110 different online video slots available for players to enjoy and wager real money on.

The games are available in over 250 different online casinos and thanks to the combination of heritage and accessibility, have created quite the following.

From top games including “Legends of New York” to “The Enforcer”, almost every online and in-person pokie player will have stumbled across the games at one time or another.

Every AGT player has their own favourite slot and with more than 100 to choose from, you can imagine that there’s quite the spread of results.

However, if we narrow down the library to the most popular pokies, players will see the slots below topping the list.

Mustang Money

Released in 2013, Mustang Money is one of the most popular Ainsworth Pokies, modelled after the traditional physical slot machine of the same name.

There’s a real traditional slot feeling offered with Mustang Money and the Wild West theme is instantly recognised from the fiery pony, soaring eagles and gold bar symbols. It’s a basic-looking game that’s packed full of fun.

Mustang Money is all about the free spins feature with players battling with 100 paylines to collect wins of up to 10,000x the original stake wagered. It’ll therefore come as no surprise that the slot has a variance rating of “high” and an RTP of 94.38%, a little lower than we’re used to seeing in the world of online pokies.

Regardless, Mustang Money is all about the experience and despite its clunky graphics, the vintage charm and reimagination of the physical slot are enough to keep AGT fans smiling from ear to ear.

Pussy Cat

Released in 2019, Pussy Cat is relatively new to Ainsworth’s arsenal of popular pokies, but it’s arrival on the scene did not go unnoticed.

There are no surprises when opening this pokie as the theme is centred directly around cats. A clockwork mouse, ball of wool and goldfish wild symbols are those found to land on the reels following a spin – great in you’re friendly with felines.

Moving on to the game itself and players will be looking to create combinations across a total of just 25 paylines with the maximum payout of 750x the original stake. There’s a lower than average RTP of 94.16% and with medium variance, it’s a game that appears to be aimed at cat lovers of all bankroll sizes.

Overall, Pussy Cat stands popular as one of the few cat-themed pokies available, but with a lower than average RTP, medium-low variance and middle-ground maximum payouts, it’s not going to be a game for everyone.

King of the Jungle

Another recent release from Ainsworth is King of the Jungle, hitting screens across the globe in mid-2019.

The theme follows a simple recipe with inspiration taken from the jungle to create a simple but effective video slot. Symbols include drums, gorillas and golden statues that make their way onto the 5×3 playing area.

There’s a total of just 25 paylines in the slot with players looking to cash-in with a maximum win of up to 1,000x the original stake. The RTP is lower than average, characteristic of the Ainsworth slots, at 94.09% and a high variance means restricts the target players to those with a bigger bankroll.

Despite its popularity, King of the Jungle can be a difficult choice for some players thanks to the low RTP. But with so many players choosing the slot as their favourite, it must be doing something right!

Kanga Cash

Released in 2019, Kanga Cash is the Kangaroo-themed slot that offers players a unique pokie experience.

The theme, quite clearly, is Australian and although we believe they’ve missed a golden opportunity to spell cash with a “k”, the slot looks great. Ainsworth’s typical traditional feel and simplistic approach really works well and transports the player to the Aussie outback.

There are just 10 paylines in this pokie, somewhat on the low side for such a modern game, combined with a maximum payout of 200x the original wager. RTP is refreshingly higher in this AGT pokie and sits art 95.33% with a high variance.

The slot is great for those that want a modern slot with a traditional Aussie-themed feel but beware of the high volatility. If you’re looking to protect a smaller bankroll, this isn’t the pokie for you.

Electric Nights

Released in 2017, Ainsworth’s Electric Nights is a jackpot-focused pokie giving players the chance to win one of four sizeable

The theme is very much disco with players able to spot rainbows, glitter and disco balls throughout the game. It’s vibrant and exciting whilst capturing that traditional feel.

There’s a total of 30 paylines for players to build winning combinations across the 5-reel slot with a major jackpot available of up to 333x the original stake. The RTP, like many others from the provider, is on the lower side of the spectrum at just 94.13% with medium volatility.

The game is great for all players thanks to its inclusive volatility featured, although, with a lower than average RTP, the fun may be a little short-lived.

Glitter Gems

On to another glittery slot now with Ainsworth’s Glitter Gems, released in 2017 with a focus on all things shiny.

The theme is exactly what it says on the tin and if it’s glittery, it’s included. Symbols include the blue diamond, red seven and purple seven, both of which are made of gems to keep in the sparkly theme.

There’s a total of 30 paylines across the 5×3 play area with a maximum payout of 100x the original stake. The RTP is around the average for an online pokie at 95.74% which, when combined with high variance, can lead to some sizeable wins from some lucky players.

The game is simple but effective and offers those with a larger bankroll a great option when looking to play for the long run to cash in on big jackpots.

Stormin 7s

Stormin 7s, released in 2015 by Ainsworth offers players a classic physical-slot-feel from the comfort of their own home.

The theme of the pokie is seemingly gambling with players finding symbols such as Dollar signs, stacks of cash and chips landing on the reels when spinning.

The 5-reel online pokie comes with a total of 100 paylines and a maxim payout of 10,000x the original stake. The RTP is low at just 93.38% in the classical slot, but a medium variance allows players with all bankroll sizes to try their luck at the game.

It may be a popular slot, but with one of the lowest RTP values, players shouldn’t expect to get or stay in the green.

Winning Wolf

Released in 2012, Winning Wolf is one of the better-known pokies released by Ainsworth.

The game follows the theme of animals with the winning wolf as the protagonist in the slot. Players will find eagles, owls, buffalo and more land across the reels in the game with great graphics despite its near-decade of age.

There are 100 paylines in the 5-reel slot, but a low RTP of just 93.85%. The variance is high and, as a result, limits fans of the game to those with a little more pocket change in the bankroll to generate a jackpot.

Overall, the game looks and feels great – but that low RTP combined with high variance is sure to scare off a number of potential players.

The Best Casinos with Ainsworth  Games

How Does Ainsworth Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

One of the main differences between Ainsworth games compared to others in the industry is that the pokies look to capture the land-based feel.

The graphics and the animations of the online games are not quite as sharp as those from the likes of NetEnt or Big Time Gaming, however, this is an intentional move. An entire industry of players looking for those traditional-feeling slots have made their way online and there are no prizes for guessing the top provider of traditional-feeling slots.

With the live brick-and-mortar experience offered online, players that like the charm of the traditional casino will love Ainsworth online pokies. Similarly, other online-only slots providers would not be able to offer a similar experience offered by Ainsworth should they decide to move to the land-based platforms.

The average RTP of the Ainsworth slots is another area that the provider is distinctive with the majority of the most popular slots offering lower than average RTP values. We tend to look for a minimum of around 95% when playing online slots, but the physical pokie influence of the Ainsworth games is clear with most ranging between 93% and 94%.

Ultimately, Ainsworth prides itself in fitting into a niche audience that adores the traditional video slot feel when playing either at an online casino or in a land based casino.

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