Best 60 Free Spins No Deposit Casino Bonuses 2024

Ready to hit the slots without spending a dime? Our ’60 free spins no deposit’ guide is your ultimate companion to finding the best casinos with this fantastic offer. We’ve done the legwork, compiling a list of top-notch casinos where snagging these spins is a breeze.

This generous welcome gesture from online casinos lets you explore their slot games on the house. Yes, there are a few things to keep in mind, like wagering requirements, but we’ll walk you through the details, making it easy to jump in and enjoy.

Getting started is simple with our curated list of reputable casinos. Our here to help you every step of the way to ensure you find a great casino that makes coming back for more an easy choice.

Let’s spin into the world of free fun and potential wins!

The Best 60 Free Spins No Deposit Casinos

What is a 60 Free Spin No Deposit Bonus?

The 60 free spins no deposit bonus is the casino’s warm handshake to both newcomers and loyal players, offering a chance to win on premium slots without any cost. Each spin, typically valued to match the slot’s minimum bet, invites you to explore the thrill of online slots, making it an ideal way to venture into gaming without risking your own funds.

What sets the 60 free spins apart is their perfect balance. They offer genuine opportunities to win, coupled with modest wagering requirements, striking a sweet spot that’s attractive to all players.

This balanced approach ensures the excitement of potentially large bonuses without the burden of tough conditions. Larger spin offers might seem tempting but often come with more restrictions, such as higher wagering requirements or limited game choices, making the 60 free spins offer a more appealing and accessible option for enjoying the casino experience.

Features Of The Best 60 Free Spin No Deposit Casinos

The internet is teeming with online casinos, but only a select few offer 60 free spins no deposit bonuses. These casinos have been thoroughly vetted to include player favourites with extensive slot collections from renowned game developers.

When choosing a casino, keep an eye out for favourable casino bonus terms, a strong reputation, and necessary licensing and regulation to ensure a secure gaming experience.

We have put together some features we think all savvy players should be looking out for first and foremost…

Feature Explanation
Trustworthy Licensing Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. 
Robust Security Measures Uses SSL encryption for data protection. Most casinos list this info in their Privacy Policy like Rollino Casino.
User-Friendly Experience Easy navigation with a clean interface and mobile compatibility.
Fair Wagering Requirements Low wagering requirements, around 20x is considered low for 60 free spins and no deposit, but some can be up to 99x!
Transparent Terms Clear terms on bonus usage and limits.
Diverse Banking Options Offers e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfers. Example: PayID casinos or Neosurf casinos.
Efficient Withdrawals Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.
Positive Reviews High ratings and positive testimonials. Look for casinos with a 4.8/5 rating on casino review sites.

Why Do Casinos Offer 60 Free Spins without a Deposit?

Curious about why online casinos dish out awesome bonuses like 60 real money free spins no deposit? It’s pretty clever, actually. These bonuses are like a friendly wave from the casino, saying, “Hey, come check us out!” It’s a win-win: you get to have a blast with free spins, and the casino gets to welcome more players into the fold with a generous welcome bonus.

Plus, it’s a bit like a sneak peek at a new movie. Casinos use these freebies to spotlight certain games, nudging you to give them a whirl. And who knows? You might find your new favourite game and stick around for more fun. It’s all about making sure both you and the casino have a good time from the get-go.

Benefits for Players Benefits for Casinos
Risk-Free Exploration:  Players test casino games for free, without risk. Attracts New Players: Draws new customers, boosting market presence.
Discover New Games: Lets players try different games risk-free. Promotes Specific Games: increases visibility and engagement for certain games they are looking to promote.
Win Real Money: Offers a chance to win real cash without initial costs. Encourages Deposits: Once players use their free spins, they might be more inclined to make a deposit and continue playing, especially if they enjoyed their initial experience.
Learn Game Mechanics: Free spins give players a chance to understand the mechanics of various slot games, which can enhance their overall gaming strategy. Builds Brand Loyalty: By providing a positive initial experience, casinos lay the foundation for player loyalty, hoping players will return and play regularly.
No Financial Commitment: Players can enjoy the thrill of gambling without the worry of losing money, making the gaming experience stress-free and enjoyable. Long-Term Relationship Building: Offering no deposit bonuses like free spins is part of a broader strategy to build long-term relationships with players, fostering a sense of loyalty and community.

Pros and Cons of 60 Free Spins No Deposit Casinos


  • Risk-Free Exploration: Enjoy new games without using your own money, offering a safe introduction to the casino's offerings.
  • Discover the Platform: Get a feel for the casino's user interface and overall experience without making an initial deposit.
  • Win Real Money: There's a chance to win actual cash, even without any financial investment on your part.


  • High Wagering Requirements: Wagering terms vary widely; some casinos require high playthroughs, making it challenging to cash out winnings.
  • Limited Game Selection: Free spins are often restricted to specific slots, which may not include your preferred games or those with higher RTPs.
  • Winning Caps: The amount you can win from free spins is capped at different levels by different casinos, potentially limiting big wins.
  • Short Expiry Times: The validity period for using free spins can be brief, with some casinos offering more generous time frames than others.
  • Eligibility Restrictions: Not all players may be eligible for these no deposit free spins bonuses, with restrictions varying significantly between casinos.
  • Bet Size Limits: Free spins are typically set at the minimum bet amount, limiting the potential for larger wins from each spin.

How to Claim 60 Free Spins

The process of claiming your 60 free spins without deposit is the same as any other no deposit bonus. Follow these steps and you’ll be spinning away in no time!

  1. Select Your Casino: At Auscasino, we’ve curated a list of top-notch casinos offering 60 free spins no deposit bonuses. Choose one that resonates with you, ensuring it’s known for fairness and top-tier entertainment.
  2. Easy Registration: Navigate to your chosen casino’s website via our list. Signing up is a breeze—just fill in the basics like your name and email to get started on your gaming adventure.
  3. Verify to Secure: Quickly verify your account to ensure your gaming journey is secure. This step is crucial for your safety and complies with gaming regulations, keeping your experience smooth and enjoyable.
  4. Bonus Code Insight: If your chosen offer requires a bonus code, we’ve got you covered. Find it listed with our casino selections and enter it as directed to unlock your 60 free spins.
  5. Claim Your Spins: Once registered, your free spins are typically ready to go. If needed, visit the promotions section to claim them manually, then head straight to the slots and enjoy.
  6. Know the Rules: We emphasise the importance of understanding wagering requirements. Familiarise yourself with these to convert your spins into withdrawable wins, enhancing your gaming experience.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering requirements are conditions that most online casinos apply to no deposit free spins bonuses, such as 60 free spins no deposit offers. They’re designed to prevent immediate withdrawals and ensure fair play. Essentially, these requirements compel players to wager their bonus a specific number of times before they can withdraw any associated winnings.

So, now you understand why a bonus can’t be claimed and cashed out instantly!

Calculating Wagering Requirements

Although calculating wagering requirements might appear intimidating, it’s actually simpler than it seems. You simply use the formula: (Bonus Amount) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total Bet. So, if you win $10 from your 60 free spins and the wagering requirement is 30x, you’d need to make bets totaling $300 before you can cash out your winnings.

Keep in mind that each casino will have its own unique wagering requirements, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions before playing. So, always read the terms and conditions before claiming a no deposit free spins bonus. That way, you can decide whether the bonus is worth it.

Tips for Meeting Wagering Requirements

Diving into the world of casino bonuses with an eye on those pesky wagering requirements can be a game-changer. Here are 10 expert tips to navigate through them without draining your wallet:

Understanding Terms and Conditions

Maximum Cashout (Winning Cap):

The maximum amount you can withdraw from winnings earned through a bonus. Even if you win more, you can't withdraw beyond this limit.

Eligible Games

Specifies the games you can play using the casino bonus. Some bonuses are restricted to certain slots or game types.

Expiry Date

The time limit within which you must use the deposit free spins and meet the wagering requirements. Failing to do so can result in the bonus and any winnings being forfeited.

Bet Size Limit

The maximum bet allowed when playing with no deposit free spins funds. Exceeding this limit can lead to the forfeiture of the bonus and winnings.

Contribution Percentages

Different games contribute differently towards meeting wagering requirements. For example, slots might contribute 100%, while table games contribute less.

Best Pokies To Play With 60 Free Spins

Even though your 60 free spins no deposit can be used on a wide range of slot games, certain games enjoy more popularity. Some of the player favourites include:

Game Title RTP Developer
Gates of Olympus 96.50% Pragmatic Play
Sweet Bonanza 96.51% Pragmatic Play
Mustang Money 94.38% Ainsworth

These games offer unique rewards, exciting themes, and engaging gameplay, making them a perfect choice for your free spins!

Top Game Providers

Behind every exciting slot game lies a talented game developers. Providers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil have reputations based on more than just being the brains behind your favourite pokies. These big players are setting the pace for compelling, secure, and fair gaming experiences worldwide.

The top game providers are known for their cutting-edge technology, innovative game mechanics, and impressive graphics. They’re continuously pushing the boundaries of online gaming, offering players an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

Calculating the Expected Value of a 60 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

scenario: playing on the popular slot game, Book of Dead. Imagine you’ve just snagged this fantastic offer, and you’re ready to see what it’s really worth.

Real-Life Scenario: Playing Book of Dead

  1. Value of Each Spin: Assume each of your 60 free spins is worth $0.10. So, all your spins together are worth $6.00 in total.
  2. Book of Dead’s RTP: Let’s say Book of Dead has an RTP (Return to Player) of 96%. This means, on average, the game pays back $96 for every $100 wagered over time.
  3. Wagering Requirements: The casino requires you to wager any winnings 30 times before you can withdraw.

Simple Calculation:

  1. Start with Your Free Spins: You’ve got $6.00 worth of spins.
  2. Apply the RTP: If you play through your $6.00, you can expect to win about 96% back, which is roughly $5.76.
  3. Factor in the Wagering: To meet the wagering requirements, you’d theoretically need to bet $5.76 winnings 30 times, equaling $172.80 in total bets.
  4. Calculate Expected Loss from Wagering: Betting $172.80 with an RTP of 96% means you’d expect to lose about 4% of that, which is around $6.91.

What Does This Mean?

In this scenario, even though you started with $6.00 worth of free spins, the wagering requirements mean you might end up with a slight loss overall. However, since you’re not using your own money to play, you’re essentially enjoying the game risk-free with a chance to win real money, despite the slim chance of losing some value when trying to meet the wagering requirements.

How We Rate 60 Free Spins No Deposit Online Casinos

When evaluating online casinos that offer 60 free spins with no deposit required, we use a comprehensive set of criteria to ensure you get the best gaming experience. Here’s is what we are looking at before slapping casino on one of our lists.

Bonus Value

First off, we dive right in by setting up real accounts and making those initial deposits to see what bang we get for our buck. It's all about figuring out if the bonus really gives you that extra edge, considering how easy (or tough) it is to play through those wagering requirements and other sneaky conditions.

Multiplier Magic

We don’t just stop there. We put those 60 free spins through their paces to see what winnings come out on the other side. It's like checking if the magic multiplier is all it's cracked up to be and making sure the fine print doesn’t hide any surprises about getting your hands on those multiplied wins.

Minimum Deposit Checks

Some deals tease us with a minimum deposit, so we play along, trying different payment methods to see how smoothly things go. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt, seeing if that deposit unlocks the chest full of bonus gold as promised.

Max Cashout Reality Check

After playing the game and jumping through the hoops, we hit the cashout button to see what treasure we can actually take home. We're all about the details – how much, how fast, and how hassle-free the process is.

Wagering Woes or Wins?

And here’s the clincher – those wagering requirements. We get down to brass tacks, figuring out if the betting limits are fair and if you’ve got a fighting chance to meet them before time runs out. Plus, we check if the games you can play are more likely to make you a winner or just leave you wishing.


In conclusion, 60 free spins no deposit bonuses offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the thrilling world of online slots without any financial commitment. While these bonuses have their pros and cons, they provide an excellent way to try out new games, test the waters of online casinos, and potentially win real money.

However, it’s vital to gamble responsibly, setting limits, and knowing when to seek help if necessary. Remember, the goal is to have fun!

60 Free Spins No Deposit FAQ

What is a 60 free spin no deposit bonus?

A 60 free spin no deposit bonus is a promotional offer that gives players 60 opportunities to play slot games without having to deposit any money. Enjoy some extra spins on the house!

Why do online casinos offer 60 free spins no deposit?

Casinos offer 60 free spins no deposit to attract new players, promote specific games, and encourage long-term engagement. This helps them to grow their customer base and keep players coming back for more.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are conditions set on bonuses to prevent immediate withdrawals and promote fair gaming. Keep this in mind when claiming bonuses.

How can I claim 60 free spins no deposit?

You can claim 60 free spins with no deposit by registering at a trusted online casino and using a bonus code if necessary. Good luck!

How can I gamble responsibly with 60 free spins no deposit offers?

To gamble responsibly with 60 free spins no deposit offers, make sure to set limits on your spending and time, take regular breaks, and seek help if you feel it's necessary. Remember, responsible gambling is key to having fun and staying safe. » Casino-bonuses » Free-spins » Best 60 Free Spins No Deposit Casino Bonuses 2024
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