Ethereum Casinos: Find the Best Ethereum Casino in Australia

Nathan Reynolds

Looking for an Ethereum casino to play in Australia?

Our experts have done the hard work for you to create a list of the best Ethereum casinos for Aussies.

Ethereum, a blockchain-based platform, offers a decentralised and deregulated digital currency you can use at the majority of Australian online casinos.

Offering secure, anonymous, and fast transactions, it’s proven popular with players. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Ethereum as a payment method at online casino sites, including how to make deposits and withdrawals.

Let’s start with the newest, followed by the best Ethereum casino sites you can play in Australia.

The Best Ethereum Casinos 2024


What is Ethereum and What are Ethereum Casinos?

Ethereum is a decentralised, blockchain-based platform famous for its Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency.

It facilitates transactions through smart contracts, setting it apart from traditional payment methods. This system might remind you of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but Ethereum’s unique smart contract functionality offers additional layers of security for players.

Vitalik Buterin designed Ethereum in 2013. He wanted a more innovative cryptocurrency with a more diverse application on online channels.

An Ethereum casino is an online casino that accepts Ether as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. For more detailed information about Ethereum, visit the official website.

How to Make a Deposit at Ethereum Casinos

Depositing at casinos with Ethereum is straightforward.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Ethereum wallet from your app store (keep reading to find out more) and use it to convert funds in other cryptocurrencies to Ethers or buy directly from select exchanges.

When you’re ready, follow these steps at your favourite Ethereum casino to get started:

  1. Choose an Ethereum casino: Select a reputable casino that accepts Ethereum as a payment method. If you already have an account log in, or create a new account to get started.
  2. Select Ethereum as your deposit method: Navigate to the casino’s deposit page and choose Ethereum.
  3. Enter your deposit amount: Specify how much Ether you want to deposit.
  4. Transfer Ethereum: Follow the casino’s instructions to send Ethereum from your wallet to the casino’s wallet address.
  5. Start playing: Your deposit should be processed within minutes, so you can start playing your favourite Ethereum casino games!

How to Withdraw Money from an Ethereum Casino

Withdrawing your winnings from a casino using Ethereum is as seamless as making a deposit, offering the same security and speed.

Here’s a quick guide to cashing out with Ethereum:

  1. Log into your online casino account: Like deposits, make sure you’re logged into the online casino as the first step.
  2. Access the withdrawal section: Go to the casino’s cashier or banking page and select the withdrawal option.
  3. Choose Ethereum: Select Ethereum as your withdrawal method and type in how much you wish to withdraw from your casino account.
  4. Provide your Ethereum wallet address: Enter your Ethereum wallet address carefully to avoid mistakes, and follow the online casino instructions to confirm your withdrawal request.
  5. Receive your funds: Ethereum withdrawals are typically processed quickly – often within 24 hours. So you can start playing online pokies, live dealer games, and more fast!

Is it Safe to Use Ethereum at Online Casinos?

Ethereum’s safety features make it a secure option for online casino transactions.

It uses advanced cryptographic techniques, so all transactions are encrypted and can’t be changed once they’re recorded on the blockchain.

The decentralised nature of the blockchain significantly enhances security, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorised access.

It offers smart contracts, making it one of the most secure cryptocurrencies. This string of code makes any actions on the Ethereum blockchain depend on each other, removing any undue advantage in one party over another.

While Ethereum itself isn’t licensed or regulated, its open-source protocol is constantly scrutinised by a global community of developers, enhancing its security. Customer support options may vary depending on your Ethereum wallet provider, with many offering comprehensive help resources.

But Ethereum transactions are irreversible, so there’s limited recourse for chargebacks or disputes. So it’s important to ensure you play at reputable Ethereum online casinos.

Why Use Ethereum at Online Casinos?

Using Ethereum at online casinos offers lots of advantages for players.

It’s safe, secure and transparent, so you get a layer of privacy not available with other payment methods.

The speed of transactions is also a big plus, with deposits and withdrawals often processed much faster than traditional payment methods.

But Ethereum casino sites might not suit every player. Cryptocurrencies’ volatility means the value of your deposits and winnings can fluctuate – a lot.

The learning curve of setting up and managing a cryptocurrency wallet may also put you off if you’re not familiar with digital currencies. Traditional payment methods might be more appealing if you prioritise stability and simplicity.

Pros & Cons of Ethereum Casinos

Like any other casino site, Ethereum casinos offer players specific advantages and disadvantages. And it's important to consider these before signing up for that welcome bonus!

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of playing Ethereum casino sites.


  • Enhanced security: Thanks to blockchain technology, an Ethereum casino offers transactions that are highly secure, with advanced encryption and a decentralised system that helps reduce hacking risks.
  • Fast transactions: Ethereum transactions are typically faster than traditional banking methods, ensuring quick deposits and withdrawals, often completed within minutes.
  • Anonymity: Players can enjoy more privacy since Ethereum transactions don't require disclosing personal information, unlike credit card or bank transfers.
  • Smart contracts: Smart contracts automate and verify transactions, reducing the likelihood of fraud and errors to give you a fair gaming experience.
  • Global accessibility: Ethereum provides a universal payment method, not subject to the same restrictions and regulations as fiat currencies, making it accessible to players worldwide.


  • Volatility: The value of Ethereum can be highly volatile, meaning the worth of your deposits and winnings can fluctuate significantly in a short period.
  • Learning curve: Setting up and managing an Ethereum wallet involves a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.
  • Limited acceptance: While growing, the number of Ethereum online casinos is still smaller compared to those accepting traditional payment methods.
  • No chargebacks: Once a transaction has been made with Ethereum, it can't be reversed. So even if you make an honest mistake, there's no way to get your money back.

Limits, Fees, and Costs Associated with Ethereum

Our team has researched the various fees, limitations and costs to play at Ethereum casino sites. So you can play confidently and know what to expect financially when visiting Ethereum gambling sites.

Deposit Limits and Fees

The deposit limits at Ethereum gambling sites can vary widely. It’s set by the Ethereum casino rather than the payment method.

While Ethereum might not impose strict deposit limits, casinos typically set their own, with figures ranging from as low as $10 equivalent in ETH.

As for fees, transactions on the Ethereum network incur gas fees. These are payments made to compensate for the computing energy needed to process and validate transactions.

These fees fluctuate based on network demand. Most Ethereum casinos don’t charge extra fees for depositing with Ethereum. But you will have to pay the network’s gas fees. These are usually small but can increase during periods of high network demand.

Withdrawal Limits and Fees

Like deposits, the casino sets withdrawal limits at an Ethereum casino rather than the Ethereum network itself.

Ethereum Casinos can set limits on how much you can withdraw per transaction. And they usually suggest multiple transactions for larger amounts. These limits can vary significantly between casinos, so take a look at the T&Cs at your preferred casino site before playing.

Fees work similarly to deposits. You’ll need to cover the network gas fees, which depend on the network’s congestion.

Most casinos don’t charge additional fees for withdrawals in Ethereum. So it can be a cost-effective option.

Other Limits and Fees

Ethereum doesn’t have a monthly subscription fee or offer different types of accounts with varying fee structures or limits.

Being a digital currency, Ethereum operates outside the conventional banking system, so there’s no maximum limit on how much ETH you can hold in your wallet.

Unlike traditional bank accounts, Ethereum wallets don’t pay interest on holdings, because their function is storing and transacting in ETH.

Features and Apps

We’ve checked out all the features and apps associated with Ethereum to give you a decent overview before you start playing at Ethereum online casinos.

Let’s take a look.


Ethereum stands out from other cryptocurrencies because of its smart contracts, which automate and secure transactions without intermediaries.

Unlike traditional payment methods, Ethereum doesn’t offer chargebacks once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. So it’s really important to ensure your transactions are accurate before you hit confirm!

There’s also no direct complaint service from a dedicated customer support team.

Mobile App

Ethereum doesn’t have an official mobile app.

However, there are various third-party mobile apps available that let you manage your Ethereum wallet. So you can easily transact and interact with decentralised applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network.

For example, MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet are user-friendly and let you send, receive and store ETH. They also let you access the broader Ethereum ecosystem. These work by creating a secure wallet that you control with a private key, so you can easily manage your Ethereum assets from your mobile.

How to Sign Up at Ethereum

To get started with Ethereum, you need to set up a digital wallet that can store Ethereum (ETH).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Choose a wallet: Research and select an Ethereum wallet that suits your needs. There’s a useful guide available from Ethereum that can helpEthereum - How to create an account #
  2. Download and install: Download and install the app from the official website or app store.
  3. Create your wallet: Follow the app’s instructions to create a new wallet. This usually involves generating a new private key (a secure digital code known only to you) and setting up a password. During setup, you’ll be given a private key or a seed phrase (a series of words). It’s crucial to write this down and keep it somewhere safe—losing it means losing access to your Ethereum.
  4. Add Ethereum to your wallet: You can buy Ethereum through an exchange and transfer it to your wallet’s address. With your wallet set up and funded, you can now send, receive, and manage your ETH to play at the best Ethereum casinos in Australia!

KYC and Ethereum Casino Sites

Ethereum, like other cryptocurrencies doesn’t require a Know Your Customer (KYC) process for creating a wallet or conducting transactions.

Because the platform is all about anonymity, it doesn’t mandate users to verify their identity.

But, when you play at an Ethereum casino, you may be required to follow KYC processes set by the casino site.

Most regulated casinos require players to undergo KYC verification to prevent fraud and money laundering. This process typically involves submitting documents such as your driver’s license or passport, proof of address, and sometimes proof of funds. The specific KYC requirements vary between Ethereum casino sites.

How We Rate the Best Ethereum Casinos

Our process for rating the best Ethereum casinos is thorough.

We use specific review criteria to rate each casino to find you the best Ethereum casinos Australia has to offer.

Here’s what we look for:

Payment method verification

The first thing we check is that the Ethereum casinos offer Ethereum as a payment method! For deposits and withdrawals.

Ease of transactions

We check how easy it is to make deposits and withdrawals using Ethereum, including the speed of transactions.

Customer support

We contact the casino's customer service team to see how well they understand and support Ethereum transactions.

Payment method limitations

We look for any limitations at the Ethereum casino with using this payment method, like restrictions on deposit and withdrawal limits.

Ethereum Casino Bonus Promotions

Based on our experience playing at some of the best Australian online casinos, there’s nothing better than an enticing casino bonus to kickstart your gameplay!

We’ve checked out all the best Ethereum casino bonuses available and tested them all. We’ve activated welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and reload bonuses to give you our top picks. We’ve also scrutinised the wagering requirements to make sure they’re fair for all players.

Here are our top three picks for the best Ethereum casino bonuses.

My Empire

4.45 / 5


  • Great customer support
  • More than 4000 games
  • Easy payment solutions
  • Amazing bonuses like a generous welcome bonus package or crypto bonus


  • Not accessible everywhere
  • Difficult wagering requirements

My Empire Casino

Offers a dedicated crypto deposit bonus spread across your four deposit bonuses.

Cash bonus with 1st deposit $1750
Free spins with 1st deposit 0
Wagering requirements 35x / 0x
Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions apply. Play responsibly | 18+

Slots Palace

4.40 / 5


  • 5000+ games to play
  • Casino and sportsbook
  • Excellent bonuses
  • Great user interface
  • Top live dealer titles


  • No Slots Palace app
  • Limited withdrawal options
  • No bingo

Slots Palace

If you use cryptocurrency for your first three deposits, you’re eligible for the exclusive Slots Palace crypto welcome bonus.

Cash bonus with 1st deposit $1750
Free spins with 1st deposit 0
Wagering requirements 35x / 0x
Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions apply. Play responsibly | 18+

Lucky Dreams

4.00 / 5


  • Exciting casino experience.
  • Over 2500 casino games.
  • Low minimum deposit.


  • Limited popular payment options vs traditional casinos.
  • Complaints over withdrawal speed.
  • Niche appeal to crypto players.

Lucky Dreams

With their Crazy Crypto Tuesday bonus, you can enjoy a 100% Bonus of up to 300 €/$ on every cryptocurrency deposit.

Cash bonus with 1st deposit $500
Free spins with 1st deposit 100
Wagering requirements 40x / 40x
Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions apply. Play responsibly | 18+

About Ethereum as a Company

Ethereum was founded in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin and a team of other co-founders.

It supports the Ether cryptocurrency and a vast range of decentralised applications (dApps).

It’s driven by a global community of developers and contributors and doesn’t have a traditional corporate structure like other payment methods.

Ethereum’s vision is to create a more accessible, more democratic internet – the Web3, powered by blockchain technology.

Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency available at online casinos.

Yes, Ethereum is legal to use, including for online gambling.

Australia recognises cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions can be conducted within our legal and regulatory frameworks.

The Australian government regulates digital currencies under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). While Ethereum isn’t specifically regulated, its use in online gambling is allowed.

Does Ethereum Disclose Information to the Tax Authorities?

Ethereum doesn’t usually disclose your information to Australian tax authorities. But they will have to if they’re asked to do so, for example, when there’s a court order involved or suspicion of money laundering or tax evasion.

Ethereum casinos also don’t usually report players’ activities to tax authorities, but they may choose to do so if they’re suspicious of any activities. In Australia, gambling winnings are generally not taxed, as they result from luckAustralian Tax Office - Crypto asset prizes and gambling winnings #

Responsible Gambling

When you play at an Ethereum online casino, it’s important to gamble responsibly.

Online gambling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be addictive and lead to financial consequences for you and your family.

Based on our experience, we recommend setting limits, understanding the odds, and knowing when to stop.

Check out our Responsible Gambling page for more information on maintaining control and accessing support.


Playing at an Ethereum online casino offers enhanced security, fast transactions, and anonymity, making it a great choice for those who want privacy when visiting gambling sites.

The integration of smart contracts helps to ensure fairness and transparency. Still, the volatility of Ethereum’s value and the technical knowledge you need to manage cryptocurrency wallets could put some people off.

If you’re looking for a simple payment method with lots of stability, it may be worth looking elsewhere. But if you’re a tech-savvy gambler seeking a modern, secure, and fast way to fund your gaming experiences, check out our list of the best Ethereum casino sites above!

Ethereum Casino FAQ

Is it safe to use Ethereum for online gambling?

Yes, using Ethereum for online gambling is considered safe due to its secure blockchain technology, which ensures anonymity and protects transactions from fraud and interference.

Can I withdraw my winnings in Ethereum?

Most casinos that accept Ethereum for deposits also allow withdrawals in Ethereum. However, it's essential to check the specific casino's policies, as withdrawal options can vary.

Are there any fees associated with using Ethereum at online casinos?

While online casinos typically don't charge extra fees for using Ethereum, users are subject to network transaction fees (gas fees) when making deposits or withdrawals. These fees fluctuate based on the Ethereum network's congestion.

How fast are transactions with Ethereum at online casinos?

Ethereum transactions are generally faster than traditional banking methods, with deposits often credited within minutes. Withdrawal times can vary but are usually processed quickly, depending on the casino's processing time and network congestion.

Can I get casino bonuses when using Ethereum?

Yes, many online casinos offer bonuses for deposits made with Ethereum, including welcome bonuses, free spins, and reload bonuses. Always check the specific terms and conditions for bonuses at Ethereum casinos.

How do I start gambling with Ethereum?

To start gambling with Ethereum, you need to set up an Ethereum wallet. You can purchase Ethereum from a cryptocurrency exchange and then choose an Ethereum casino to get started! Check out our list above for the best Ethereum casino sites.

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