Apple Pay Casinos: Find the best Apple Pay Casino Australia Can Offer

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Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Apple and an exciting payment method that has birthed the Apple Pay Casino (I mean who hasn’t tapped at least once with their iPhone and felt cool?)

The cool thing about Apple Pay is that it allows users to make payments using their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Understandably, Apple Pay is wildly popular as a payment method among Apple device users, and it is accepted by many merchants worldwide, including online retailers and physical stores.

In recent years, many Apple Pay online casinos are now dotting the skyline of the online casino landscape, providing players with a convenient and secure way to make deposits and withdrawals. On this page, we will take a gander at how Apple Pay works as a payment method at online casinos, and why people choose to use it.

The Best Apple Pay Casinos in Australia

What is Apple Pay and What is an Apple Pay Casino?

Apple Pay has made its name in the business by being a convenient payment method that uses a combination of encryption, authentication, and tokenisation to protect users’ financial information.

So how do you use it?

To use Apple Pay, one must first add a credit or debit card to their Apple Wallet. When making a payment, users simply hover their device around the contactless reader or enter their card details on the apple pay casino sites or app they are using. To prove that it’s really you, you can use Face ID or enter a password.

Apple Pay is similar to other contactless payment heavyweights such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay. However, you’ll only find it on Apple devices and can only be used by participating merchants that accept Apple Pay.

How to Make a Deposit at Apple Pay Casinos

If you’ve had any contact (no pun intended) with Apple Pay, you’ll be relieved to know that Apple Pay deposits are just as easy as a few taps.

  1. Go to the casino’s banking section and put in Apple Pay as your deposit method.
  2. Enter your desired deposit amount.
  3. Authenticate the deposit using either Touch ID or Face ID.
  4. Confirm the transaction and sit tight for the funds to move from your apple pay account to your casino account.

Deposits made with Apple Pay are usually processed instantly, allowing you to start playing your favourite casino games right away.

How to Withdraw Money from Apple Pay Casinos

Unfortunately for Apple Pay users, unlike deposits, using Apple Pay for withdrawals is not possible. As a result, you’ll need to select another payment method other than apple pay, such as a bank account or crypto wallet.

  1. Go to the Apple Pay Online Casino and select an alternative payment as your withdrawal method.
  2. Put down the amount you wish to withdraw.
  3. Confirm, make sure it’s all in order and wait for the funds to be credited to your selected account.

You’ll usually get your funds in a few days, as that tends to be the processing time of online casinos that accept apple pay.

Is it Safe to Use Apple Pay at Online Casinos?

Apple Pay is reputed to be a safe and secure payment method, and it’s no coincidence that many of the new Australian online casinos have it. Apple Pay got heaps of tactics to ensure you’re in the clear, such as:

Secure Enclave to store and protect your payment information, which is a nifty little chip. This chip is designed to prevent unauthorised access to your payment information. As well as this, when you make a payment using Apple Pay, your credit card information is replaced with a unique token that is used to process the payment (this is called tokenisation)

This helps protect your actual credit card number from being stolen or intercepted.

Additionally, Apple Pay requires either Touch ID or Face ID authentication whenever you’re putting a payment through, so keep that beautiful face of yours at the ready.

As you can see, if you choose Apple Pay at the online casino, you’ll be in a secure spot.

Here is Apple Pay’s security and privacy overview.

Why Use Apple Pay at Online Casinos?

So you might be asking, why should I use Apple Pay for casino games like live dealer games? What does it have that other payment methods don’t?

As with any payment option, there are pros and cons to using Apple Pay.

Many would say the most obvious benefit is the convenience and rapid nature of payments, while others would say that not all merchants accepting Apple Pay would be one of the major downsides.

To help you make a more informed decision, here are the main pros and cons of using Apple Pay.

Pros & Cons of Apple Pay casinos

Here are some of the main pros and cons of an Apple Pay casino.


  • Convenience: Apple Pay allows one to make quick and easy payments without having to put in all your information.
  • Security: Apple Pay uses advanced security features such as Face ID, Touch ID, and encryption, keeping your touchy info safe.
  • Privacy: When you use Apple Pay, the merchant does not receive your actual credit card number, which means those digits are safe.
  • Bonuses: Some Apple Pay casinos (like the ones we’ve listed) offer some outstanding casino bonuses and promotions for Apple Pay punters.


  • Availability: Unfortunately, not all online casinos out there accept Apple Pay as a payment method.
  • Limits: You may come across limitations using Apple Pay as a payment option.
  • Fees: Some online casinos will have fees for punters that decide to use apple pay as their chosen method.
  • Addiction: It’s incredibly easy and convenient, so Apple Pay could potentially lead to increased gambling addiction and financial problems.

Limits, Fees and Costs Associated with Apple Pay

Being aware of the possible limits, fees and costs of your payment method is always essential, no matter if you’re at the local newsagent or playing online pokies.

We took a deeper dive into finding out exactly what to expect using Apple Pay.

Is There a Deposit Limit and What are the Fees?

Generally, there are no deposit limits or fees imposed by Apple Pay itself (which makes it quite popular with online casino players), but the casino may have its limits. Some casinos can set fees for payment methods, but because Apple Pay is deposit only, this is not common at all.

As a punter using an apple pay casino, it’s safe to assume you won’t pay any deposit fees (unless your card issuer has dictated otherwise)

In saying this, always check the terms and conditions to make sure the coast is clear.

Is There a Withdrawal Limit and What are the Fees?

As far as casino withdrawal methods go, Apple Pay is not one of them (at this point in time).

While things may change in the future, currently Apple Pay is only available for a casino deposit to allow you to enjoy the casino game that Apple Pay casinos offer.

If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update this section pronto.

Other Limits and Fees

Apple Pay does not charge a monthly subscription fee, nor does it have different types of accounts with varying fee structures or limits.

There is no maximum limit on how much cash a user can hold in their Apple Pay account, but there may be daily spending limits associated with the account.

You also won’t earn any interest from the cash in your Apple Pay account.

However, it’s important to take into account that your bank or credit card issuer may have their own fees or limits associated with using Apple Pay.

Features and Apps

Apple Pay wouldn’t be an enormously popular and widespread payment method without some cool features and a fantastic app to call its own.

Here’s what we found out after a bit of investigating.


As we’ve mentioned before, the coolest feature that Apple Pay has to offer is Tokenisation, which replaces the user’s actual credit or debit card number with a unique digital identifier, making it more secure.

Apple Pay unfortunately doesn’t give customers the ability to do chargebacks or a complaint service. Customers can go through their bank or financial institution for assistance if such matters arise.

Apple Pay’s website emphasises the security and convenience of its payment method, highlighting its world-class tokenisation feature and the ability to make payments with a simple touch or glance.

Mobile App

Every iPhone these days will come with Apple Pay built into iOS, so you don’t have to worry about downloading an app.

All one really needs to do if they have an iPhone is add their relevant bank-issued cards to their wallet on their phone, and then once verified and checked to be compatible, they will be able to start using apple pay instantly, whether that’s at the casino or the florist.

This a highly appealing option for those wanting to save time or not crowd their phone with apps.

How to Sign Up at Apple Pay

As we mentioned, Apple Pay is heavily integrated into most Apple devices (in the case of iPhones 6 and up).

Therefore to start using Apple Pay, you’ll need to have an Apple device with the Apple Pay feature enabled.

The good news is Apple Pay doesn’t require a separate account, as it is linked to your existing Apple ID and the credit or debit card linked to the account.

Just make sure that the device is compatible, the bank card is legit, and Face and/or Touch ID is enabled, and you’ll be good to go.


Apple Pay does not require a separate account or registration process, as it is already linked to the user’s existing Apple ID and associated payment cards, so it’s the same KYC as an Apple ID.

However, your bank is likely to ask you for KYC (know your customer) verification when linking the relevant cards to Apple Pay.

As for the KYC process when using Apple Pay at an online casino, it depends on the policy of the casino. There are many Apple Pay casinos that require KYC verification before allowing a player to make a deposit or withdraw funds using Apple Pay.

The verification process usually will involve providing a government-issued ID and proof of address, such as a passport or utility bill. The process may be similar to the standard KYC process for other payment methods accepted by the casino.

How Do We Rate the Best Apple Pay Casinos?

When we rate the Apple Pay casinos, we follow a process that involves several quality checks and factors to make sure that we are only recommending the best of the bunch.

By considering these factors, we evaluate heaps of potential Apple Pay casinos for our readers and pick only the top tier.

About Apple Pay as a Company

Apple Pay was introduced in October 2014 and has since become one of the titans of mobile payments.

The service is available in more than 50 countries and can be found working with heaps and heaps of financial institutions and banks all around the globe.

Apple itself needs little introduction, with the company founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It has since grown to be one of the world’s largest technology companies.

The company’s mission statement is to “design the best products and services in the world, and enrich people’s lives through technology”.

Some of the key events in Apple’s history can be counted as catalysts of seismic shifts in the tech industry. For example, the launch of the Macintosh computer in 1984, the introduction of the iPod in 2001, the release of the iPhone in 2007, and the unveiling of the Apple Watch in 2014.

Not too shabby at all!

Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Online gambling is heavily regulated in Australia, however, Apple Pay is a legal form of payment and there are no restrictions on Aussies using Apple Pay.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 regulates online gambling in Australia and prohibits organisations with headquarters in Australia from offering real money online casinos.

However, Australian players can still access online casinos that are licensed and regulated in other countries with foreign licenses (such as those issued by Malta Gaming Authority).

All of the casinos that accept Apple Pay listed here comply with the regulations, licensing and laws of their respective jurisdictions.

Does Apple Pay Disclose Information to the Tax Authorities?

Apple Pay does not disclose user information to tax authorities unless there is a suspicion of foul play (fraud or money laundering) and a court order to do so.

Online casinos, on the other hand, are much more obligated to report to local crime authorities in case of suspicious activities related to tax evasion or money laundering occurring within the pages of their casino.

In Australia, gambling winnings are not taxed (unless you’re a professional), so the only reporting would take place for more serious crimes.

Responsible Gambling

If you choose to sign up for a casino with Apple Pay or any other online payment method, always remember to gamble responsibly.

Gambling in an irresponsible manner can be addictive and may lead to destructive consequences, including financial losses and emotional distress. It’s important to set limits on your gambling activities, such as a budget for how much money and time you will spend, and to never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

By being responsible and informed, you can get the best of both worlds, enjoying the fun an Apple Pay casino has to offer while avoiding financial burden or stress.


To conclude, Apple Pay is an extraordinarily convenient and easy way to pay for things online, which of course includes online casinos.

For customers who use an iPhone, the introduction of Apple Pay has been both a game changer and a time saver, with speed, security and availability coming with every transaction.

The only downside we would say there is to Apple Pay is that you can’t make a withdrawal to Apple Pay from an online casino, however, this is a small inconvenience to an otherwise brilliant payment method.

If you have an iPhone, using it to deposit at an Apple Pay casino is a no-brainer.

Apple Pay Casinos FAQ

Is it Safe to Play at Apple Pay Casinos?

Absolutely! All the casinos we’ve listed are safe and regulated.

In addition, Apple Pay has a ton of security features like tokenisation to keep you covered.

Is it Common to Find Casinos that Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, and it’s becoming more common as the payment method continues to grow. However, there are many places that still don’t accept apple pay.

Can I Withdraw Using Apple Pay?

Unfortunately not, you can only use apple pay as a deposit method at this point in time. You will need to withdraw using other withdrawal methods.

Where are the Best Apple Pay Casinos?

We’ve got them all listed right here!

All the casinos here have passed our rigorous quality checks to make sure that they offer a world-class online casino experience.


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