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RTP: RTP, return to player, shows in percentages how much players can on average expect to win from a slot machine. Example: if RTP for a slot machine is 98%, player can expect to win back 98% of the amount they have wagered. Since RTP in an average percentage, players can win more or less. 99.07%

Volatility: Volatility indicates how often players can expect a payout from a slot machine. Slots with low volatility payout more often, however, the amount of the payout is generally smaller. With high volatility slot games, payouts happen less frequently but do tend to be bigger. Low

Type: Video Slot

Max Win: The max win is the highest possible win you can achieve when playing a slot. Usually, the win is expressed as a multiplier. Example: If you bet 1 € pr. spin and the max win is 5000x, you can win up to 5000 €. 1000x

Min bet: $0.10

Max bet: $50

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency tells how often a slotmachine stops on a winning combination. For instance a slotmachine with a hit frequency of 10% indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on a winning combination. N/A%

Paylines: A payline is a lineup of specific symbols on which a payout will be awarded. Paylines can line up in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzag patterns for a win. The exact patterns are dependent on the slot machine in question. 10

Release Date: 15/07/2006

Ugga Bugga: RTP, Paylines and Features

In the world of online slots, a unique gem awaits a niche group of players: Ugga Bugga. Launched in July 2006 by industry giant Playtech, Ugga Bugga is a simple yet interesting game with innovative features.

Unlike the flashy video slots, it stays true to its roots. It’s not a progressive jackpot monster but a simple slot with a few bonus features.

However, finding it at online casinos is not easy. So, buckle up as we delve into this Ugga Bugga slot review, where we will discuss game mechanics, paylines, and the winning combination features that make this a unique option in the repertoire of tribal slot games.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

Ugga Bugga is a unique slot game with three reels (two x three independent reels) and five rows.

Unlike many modern slots, it offers only ten paylines. The number of paylines is fixed, meaning players cannot change the number of paylines as they are set in place.

This setup creates a straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay experience. It’s easy to follow the potential wins when you play Ugga Bugga. Despite its simplicity, playing Ugga Bugga provides ample opportunities for players to look for exciting payouts.

Refer to the table below to understand the potential winnings for different symbol alignments on the reels.


Ugga Bugga features 14 symbols, divided into four distinct groups: masks, drums, huts, and food bowls. Each group includes three different variants, differentiated by colour: black, red, and yellow for Masks; black, red, and yellow for Drums; brown, yellow, and grey/green for Hats; and blue, brown, and orange for Food Bowls.

The mask icon represents the Wild symbol in Ugga Bugga. Despite other reviews stating no scatter symbol, there is a scatter in this Ugga Bugga slot, depicted by the Tribesmen/Warrior icon. When three scatters are present, players receive a 5x multiplier; with two scatters, a 2x multiplier; and with one scatter, a 1x multiplier.

The Masks are the highest-paying Ugga Bugga symbols. The black mask offers a 125x payout, the red mask a 100x payout, and the yellow mask a 75x payout. Any three masks on the reels at one time yield a 75x multiplier.

In the Drums category, the black drum offers a 50x payout, the red drum a 35x payout, and the yellow drum a 20x payout. Any three drums result in a 10x payout.

For the Huts, the brown hut offers a 30x payout, the yellow hut a 20x payout, and the grey/green hut a 10x payout. Any three huts yield a 5x payout.

The Food Bowls offer a 15x payout for the blue bowl, a 10x payout for the green coconut, and a 5x payout for the pink bowl. Any three food bowls provide a 2x payout. Additionally, any combination of Masks and Drums results in a 5x payout.

The symbols and their corresponding payouts offer a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. This keeps Ugga Bugga players on their toes as they try to hit winning combinations, albeit confusing.

ugga bugga slot paylines

Scatters and Bonus Features

Ugga Bugga does not offer bonus rounds, free spins, or a progressive jackpot feature, which might be offputting for some Aussie punters. Despite this, the Ugga Bugga slot has a high RTP that appeals to a specific type of player.

There are unique Ugga Bugga game symbols, including the bonus feature for holding symbols. This feature involves the wild symbol depicted by the tiki idol, which can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter.

Players can hold this wild symbol during the first spin, covering all paylines on the slot game grid and increasing the chances of big wins. When three wild symbols appear on the reels, a 1,000x multiplier is applied.

This holding feature, combined with the high RTP, compensates for the lack of traditional bonus features, making Ugga Bugga appealing to a niche slot game audience.

RTP and Volatility

This Ugga Bugga slot has an impressive RTP of 99.07%. This RTP is significantly higher than the average slot machine RTP of around 96%. This high RTP means players can expect higher returns for every spin they make.

However, the Ugga Bugga slot also features low volatility, meaning that while wins may occur less frequently than in medium or high-volatility slots, they tend to be smaller.

The maximum bet coin play pays 1000x the line bet, while betting 1 to 4 coins pays 250x the line bet. This combination of high RTP and low volatility makes Ugga Bugga a unique slot game that appeals to players looking for steady, albeit smaller, returns.

Stake Limits

The Ugga Bugga pokie allows players to wager a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $50 per spin. This slot game also offers an option to adjust the coin value (from 1 to 5), which allows players to alter the total bet amount more precisely, an in-demand gambling feature in many online casinos.

However, regarding responsible gambling, there is no autoplay function, so you’ll need to initiate each spin manually, and no loss limits are associated with this game.

This stifles the Ugga Bugga slot game experience, as players must be more attentive to the game dynamics rather than letting it play out on its own.

Visuals and Audio

Ugga Bugga has a modern design with captivating 2D elements that plunge deep into an African tribal jungle adventure. The name, Ugga Bugga, playfully hints at the rhythmic chants or sounds that might remind players of the sound they might hear from the tribespeople inhabiting this vibrant world.

Step into the heart of a pulsating tiki hut where the reels are adorned with a captivating mix of tribal masks, overflowing fruit bowls, mysterious elixir drinks, refreshing coconuts, tiki totems, pulsating drums, fierce warriors, and symbols that evoke the energy of primitive dances.

These Ugga Bugga slot symbols transport players right into the heart of the action. As for the soundscape experience, Ugga Bugga allows players to listen to some tribal rhythms while they spin.

The soundtrack seamlessly blends upbeat tropical jungle music with a fun, infectious rhythm, transporting players back to the vibrant party deep within the jungle that the visuals perfectly depict.

Relaxing rainfall, jungle sounds, and faint bird calls create a sense of tranquillity, while the distant hustle and bustle of the jungle party add a touch of excitement. Spinning the reels triggers a unique soundscape—a blend of playful woodpecker calls that perfectly complement the nostalgic classic sound effects synonymous with online slot machines.

ugga bugga slot

Mobile vs. Desktop

Ugga Bugga has cross-platform compatibility, allowing Aussie players to play via mobile devices or from the comfort of their desktops. While the online pokie offers a dedicated Google Play app with over 1,000 downloads, user reviews paint a less-than-ideal picture.

Common complaints regarding usability and speed issues are valid—we experienced lag and slowness. Given the slot app’s current performance, we recommend playing it through a reputable mobile casino instead.

Unfortunately, Windows phone users won’t be able to join the fun through dedicated apps now.

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About Playtech – The Creator of Ugga Bugga Slot

Founded in 1999 by Teddy Sagi, Playtech has established itself as a leading force in the online casino industry. Initially launched in Tartu, Estonia, the company has expanded its global presence with headquarters in the Isle of Man (Douglas) and offices across 19 countries, employing over 7,300 individuals.

Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange since its inception under the symbol “Playtech PLC,” the company boasts a current stock price of around 478.50 GBX (as of this writing).

Financial performance remains strong, with Playtech reporting annual revenue of 429.8 million euros and a net profit of 51 million euros as of June 2023.

Playtech’s core focus lies in developing high-quality software solutions for online casinos. Their diverse portfolio encompasses various games, including online poker, bingo, sports betting, scratch cards, mobile browser games, live games, and arcade titles.

This comprehensive suite of offerings caters to various player preferences, solidifying Playtech’s position as a dominant player in the online gambling space with its tagline “source of success”.

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Pros & Cons of Ugga Bugga Slot Machine

Here are some of the pros and cons we've noticed from having a slap on the Ugga Bugga pokie ourselves.


  • High RTP (99.07%)
  • Unique hold feature
  • Simple gaming experience
  • Autospin feature


  • Lacks typical bonus rounds
  • Confusing payout table
  • Niche audience
  • Poor online casino app

Ugga Bugga Compared to Others

“Ugga Bugga” stands out significantly in this list with an exceptionally high RTP of 99.07%, offering the best return to player among the slots compared. This unique slot also features many symbols and a combination of wilds and scatters, enhancing the gameplay. The betting range is also attractive, catering to low- and moderate-budget punters.

Slot Title Game Type Demo Version Symbols Wilds Scatters RTP Min Bet Max Bet
Ugga Bugga Video Slot Yes 14 Yes Yes 99.07% $0.10 $50
Eastern Emeralds Megaways Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 94.05% $0.40 $20
Sun of Egypt 2 Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 94.73% $0.25 $40
Queen of the Nile 2 Video Slot Yes 13 Yes Yes 95.86% $0.10 $2.00
Hit The Gold Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 95.59% $0.25 $25


Ugga Bugga steps away from the standard slot format, offering a distinctive experience for online slot players. Instead of the usual reels, players will encounter ten individual reels set up in a 3×1 row formation.

While the game lacks features like free spins, it makes up for it with a Hold function. This lets you lock winning symbols, including wilds and scatters, in place for a re-spin, potentially increasing your payout.

Ugga Bugga embraces a classic tiki jungle theme with familiar symbols like tribal masks, drums, and food bowls. With a Wild symbol substitutes and Scatter symbol awards payouts even if it lands only once, it boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) of 99.07%.

However, the maximum win amount is capped at 1,000 times a player’s wager, so high rollers might find it less appealing. Ugga Bugga offers a unique twist on slot gameplay with its 10-reel layout and Hold feature. Check out the pros and cons table above for a quick rundown of this Ugga Bugga slot review.

Ugga Bugga Slot FAQ

What's the maximum I can bet on Ugga Bugga?

Ugga Bugga offers a max line bet of $50.00, translating to a potential top prize of $5,000!

Can I play Ugga Bugga on mobile?

Ugga Bugga is optimized for mobile play, letting you enjoy the winning combinations wherever you are.

Does Ugga Bugga have free spins or bonus rounds?

Ugga Bugga keeps it classic. There are no free spins or usual bonus rounds, but the hold feature and wild/warrior symbols offer exciting gameplay.

What symbols should I watch for?

Ugga Bugga features classic slot symbols like masks, drums, and food bowls. Look out for the wild idol (wild symbol) and tribal warrior symbol (scatter symbol) for big wins! The hold feature lets you lock these and other symbols for a re-spin.

How often does Ugga Bugga pay out?

Ugga Bugga boasts a high RTP (Return to Player) rating, ranging from 98.74% to 99.07%. This means a high chance of seeing returns on your bets when you play Ugga Bugga!

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