Eastern Emeralds Megaways
Eastern Emeralds Megaways

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eastern emeralds megaways
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RTP: RTP, return to player, shows in percentages how much players can on average expect to win from a slot machine. Example: if RTP for a slot machine is 98%, player can expect to win back 98% of the amount they have wagered. Since RTP in an average percentage, players can win more or less. 94.05%

Volatility: Volatility indicates how often players can expect a payout from a slot machine. Slots with low volatility payout more often, however, the amount of the payout is generally smaller. With high volatility slot games, payouts happen less frequently but do tend to be bigger. High

Type: Video Slot

Max Win: The max win is the highest possible win you can achieve when playing a slot. Usually, the win is expressed as a multiplier. Example: If you bet 1 € pr. spin and the max win is 5000x, you can win up to 5000 €. 17800x

Min bet: $0.40

Max bet: $20

Hit Frequency: The hit frequency tells how often a slotmachine stops on a winning combination. For instance a slotmachine with a hit frequency of 10% indicates that it stops roughly 10% of the time on a winning combination. N/A%

Paylines: A payline is a lineup of specific symbols on which a payout will be awarded. Paylines can line up in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzag patterns for a win. The exact patterns are dependent on the slot machine in question. 16807

Release Date: 11/10/2022

Eastern Emeralds Megaways: RTP, Paylines and Features

Eastern Emeralds Megaways, developed by Quickspin, is an engaging slot game that takes you on an adventure through an oriental theme. Launched in October 2022, this video slot stands out with its dynamic Megaways mechanic, offering up to 16,807 ways to win.

The game’s visuals and audio immerse players in a serene environment filled with dragons, phoenixes, and golden accents.

Unlike traditional slots, Eastern Emeralds Megaways offers a high volatility experience, making it a thrilling option for those seeking big wins. Available at various online casinos, this slot’s unique features and gameplay make it a popular choice among players.

Reels, Rows and Paylines

Eastern Emeralds Megaways is an exciting slot game featuring a dynamic layout of five reels and seven rows.

Including the Megaways mechanic, it boasts an impressive 16,807 paylines, providing numerous opportunities for winning combinations. Players cannot adjust the number of paylines since they are fixed. Every spin utilises the full potential of the game’s format.

eastern emeralds paylines


Eastern Emeralds Megaways features 12 symbols, each with its unique payout. The special symbols include the multiplier wilds and scatter symbols. The Multiplier Wilds can appear on reels 2-5 and substitute for other symbols except the scatter.

These wild symbols are depicted by a green and gold emblem with a corresponding multiplier number (x2-x5). The Scatter symbol, represented by a red fire dragon icon, can appear anywhere on the reels in the base game. Landing three or more scatters triggers the free spins bonus.

The medium-value symbols include the golden dragon, golden fish, golden turtle, golden cup, and golden medals. These symbols offer varying payouts depending on whether 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol appear on the reels. The golden dragon provides the highest payouts among these medium symbols. Landing five golden dragon symbols yields a $60 value, four symbols is $40, and 3 being $20.

The low-value symbols comprise the traditional playing card icons: 10, J, Q, K, and A. While these symbols offer smaller payouts, they frequently appear on the reels, contributing to more frequent, albeit smaller, wins.

These Eastern Emeralds slot symbols create a rich and varied gameplay experience. All high-value and low-value symbols are crucial in scoring the winning combinations.

eastern emeralds megaways symbols

Scatters and Bonus Features

Eastern Emeralds Megaways is packed with thrilling bonus features to enhance your gaming experience.

First up, we’ve got the Megaways mechanic. This bonus round has a potential maximum of seven symbols on each of the five reels. This slot game offers up to 16,807 ways to win on every spin.

Next up are the multiplier wilds. These multiplier wild symbols can appear on reels 2-5 and substitute for all other symbols except the scatter. They have the same multiplier value on each reel. If multiple multiplier wilds are part of the same winning combination, their values are multiplied, boosting your potential winnings. The multiplier wilds have values corresponding to the reel they land on, ranging from x2 to x5.

To score the free spins options, you’ve got to trigger the scatter symbols. Triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, the free spins feature offers a screen with four options.

eastern emeralds scatters

You can win up to 60 free spins depending on the number of scatters. The scatter symbol, represented by the red fire dragon, can significantly enhance your winning potential. During the free spins bonus game, the scatter symbols do not appear, but the multiplier wilds can significantly boost your winnings.

In the base game, landing three or more scatter symbols triggers the free spins feature. There’s a 50/50 chance to upgrade to four scatters when you have three and another chance to upgrade to five when you have four.

Those eager to jump straight into the action when they play Eastern Emeralds Megaways can buy free spins. By paying 90x your bet in the base game, you can purchase entry into the free spins feature by buying three scatters. The number of scatters bought is awarded randomly during a base game spin.

RTP and Volatility

Eastern Emeralds Megaways has an RTP (Return to Player) of 94.05%, which is relatively low compared to the average slot machine RTP of around 96%. For every $100 bet, players can expect to get back $94.05 on average.

Eastern Emeralds Megaways is classified as high-volatility. High-volatility slots have a lower payout frequency but offer the potential for larger wins when they do hit.

This means you might experience longer dry spells without significant wins, but when a win occurs, it can be substantial. For players who enjoy the thrill of high stakes and the possibility of big payouts, Eastern Emeralds Megaways offers an exciting and rewarding experience.

Stake Limits

Eastern Emeralds Megaways offers various betting options that are suitable for different player preferences.

The minimum bet per spin is $0.40, while the maximum bet goes up to $20. This high max bet can yield a bonus of up to $1800. Unlike some slot games, players cannot adjust the coin value, making managing the betting process straightforward.

The Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot machine has an autospin feature. This gamble feature allows players to set the number of plays, total session loss limits, and a single win limit. These settings ensure that the autospin stops when these limits are exceeded, providing a controlled and enjoyable gaming experience.

Visuals and Audio

Eastern Emeralds Megaways boasts a modern design with primarily 2D graphics. What’s cool is the 3D-rendered animation effects on the gleaming green gems that catch your eye. Eastern Emeralds Megaways has a theme that is distinctly oriental in the Asian wilderness.

The theme features Chinese dragons, lions, and other culturally rich symbols like the Phoenix, turtles, and golden accents. Subtle mist animations in the background elevate the visual experience, creating a relaxing ambience as you play. The intricate details in the symbols and backgrounds add depth, making each spin visually rewarding on this Eastern Emeralds slot.

eastern emeralds megaways

The audio perfectly complements the theme with relaxing woodwinds, flutes, and calming, peaceful tones. It feels like being in an upper-class oriental massage parlour, setting the right mood for a serene gaming session.

The high-pitched harps add a delightful tingle to your spins, keeping you engaged and immersed in the experience. The sound effects for winning combinations on this Eastern Emeralds slot are satisfying, enhancing the game’s overall enjoyment.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Eastern Emeralds Megaways performs seamlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms. It’s available on Android and iOS, maintaining the same features, sounds, and usability as the desktop version. The mobile version is impressive, offering quick load times and intuitive navigation.

While the mobile version of Eastern Emeralds Megaways’s layout is slightly different—with buttons rearranged for easier access—the overall experience remains consistent. For the best mobile experience, access the game through the mobile sites of online casino platforms. The mobile game also includes a home button for easy navigation back to the game lobby.

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About Quickspin – The Creator of Eastern Emeralds Megaways

Quickspin, founded in October 2011 by Joachim Timmermans, Daniel Lindberg, and Mats Westerlund, is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

As of June 2023, Quickspin employs 94 people across five continents and generates an estimated annual revenue of $20 million. The company focuses on developing high-RTP slot games for online casinos, boasting a portfolio of 72 slots and aiming to release two new slots every month.

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Pros & Cons of Eastern Emeralds Megaways

Just like any online pokie worth playing, there are downsides and advantages to Eastern Emeralds.


  • High win potential
  • Engaging oriental theme
  • Free spins round
  • Wild multipliers bonus round
  • Autospin feature


  • Lower RTP (94.05%)
  • High volatility
  • No jackpot

Eastern Emeralds Megaways Compared to Others

“Eastern Emeralds Megaways” introduces a unique twist with its Megaways feature, expanding the potential ways to win, though it comes with a slightly lower RTP of 94.05%.

This game offers a range of betting options suited for moderate budgets and incorporates both wilds and scatters to enrich the gameplay experience.

Slot Title Game Type Demo Version Symbols Wilds Scatters RTP Min Bet Max Bet
Eastern Emeralds Megaways Video Slot Yes 12 Yes Yes 94.05% $0.40 $20
Sun of Egypt 2 Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 94.73% $0.25 $40
Queen of the Nile 2 Video Slot Yes 13 Yes Yes 95.86% $0.10 $2.00
Hit The Gold Video Slot Yes 10 Yes Yes 95.59% $0.25 $25
Cash Bandits 3 Video Slot Yes 13 Yes Yes 96.50% $0.25 $6.25


Eastern Emeralds Megaways offers an engaging oriental theme with up to 16,807 ways to win, thanks to the Megaways mechanic. The slot features free spins with multiplier wilds, though it has a lower-than-average RTP of 94.05% and high volatility. This means that while you might not win as often, the potential for substantial payouts is significant when you hit a winning combination.

Players can enjoy the game on mobile and desktop, with an autospin feature that includes customisable limits. This flexibility makes it convenient for users who prefer playing on the go or want to set their gaming preferences for extended play sessions.

The graphics are visually stunning, with 3D-rendered elements that add a modern touch to the predominantly 2D design. The intricate details in the symbols and background animations create a visually captivating experience that draws players into the game’s oriental theme.

Despite lacking a jackpot, its immersive visuals and relaxing audio make it a popular choice among slot enthusiasts. The audio design, featuring relaxing woodwinds, flutes, and high-pitched harps, enhances the gaming experience, providing a serene ambience reminiscent of an upper-class oriental massage parlour.

Whether you are a casual player or a seasoned slot enthusiast, Eastern Emeralds Megaways offers a balanced mix of features and aesthetics, making it a standout choice in online slots.

Eastern Emeralds Megaways FAQ

How can I trigger the free spins in Eastern Emeralds Megaways?

You must land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the free spins on the Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot game. Once triggered, you will have various bonus round options, with up to 60 free spins.

What makes Eastern Emeralds Megaways different from other Quickspin slots?

The Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot stands out due to its high volatility and Megaways mechanic, offering up to 16,807 ways to win. Its unique destiny bonus feature and beautiful backdrop also contribute to the popularity of the Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot.

Can I play Eastern Emeralds Megaways on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play the Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot on Android and iOS devices. The mobile version maintains the same win potential and immersive experience as the desktop version.

Are there any similar games to Eastern Emeralds Megaways?

Suppose you enjoy the Eastern Emeralds Megaways slot. In that case, you might also like other popular Quickspin slots, such as Big Bad Wolf Megaways and Wild Chase Tokyo Go, which feature engaging gameplay and high win potential.

Does the game offer any progressive jackpot?

Eastern Emeralds Megaways does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, its high volatility and multiplier wilds provide significant winning opportunities.

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