Monopoly Live – Live in Australia 2023

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Gear up for some good time punters, Monopoly live from Evolution is gradually becoming a favourite in Australian online casinos and we will tell you why.

Designed by Evolution Gaming, Monopoly Live is the perfect combo of the classic wheel game and the ever-popular Hasbro board game. The game is hosted in Latvia studios meaning you get a lively gaming atmosphere and charming dealers to make things even more interesting.

Many interesting facts and myths surround Monopoly. You might have heard that the longest Monopoly game went for 70 days straight. Well, that is pure facts. There is even a cheaters edition for the mischievous ones out there.

Indeed, Monopoly Live is a finely built game, launched in April 2019 and most Aussie players love it. To top up on its greatness, the game bagged the Game of The Year award at the EGR Operator Awards.

Note that the Monopoly name, Logo and unique design of the board are trademarks of the Hasbro Company. If you have played Monopoly before, you will be familiar with the characters on the board. However, if it is your first time, no wuckers player – by the end of this guide you will know more about the game.

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Monopoly Live Game Facts

RTP 96.58%
Winning Potential $500,000 Cap
Regular Segments 1, 2, 5, 10
Special Segments 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, Chance

How Does Monopoly Live Work?

First of all, you will see a virtual Mr Monopoly on the side of the screen going about his business – drinking tea, reading a newspaper or observing the game. As the excitement of the game builds, you will see him jump into action as he embarks on adventures.

The live dealers are there to spin the wheel and of course, keep you entertained through the game. As you know, Australian casino players can be quite hilarious. So, do not be surprised when you see the dealer laughing or replying to some of the most interesting comments via live chat.

So, how do you play this game?

Regular bets include staking on simple numbers like 1, 2, 5 and 10. For winning these, you get multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x.

Note that the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 appear 48 times on the wheel.

You could also win with the three special segments;  2 Rolls, 4 Rolls and Chance.

Chance –  appears 2 times

If the wheel stops at Chance, and you have placed a bet on it, you will get cash and a multiplier bonus. As for the multiplier bonus, your bets will remain in position and the wheel will be spun again. If the wheel lands on the multiplier again, the multiplier you landed on earlier will be multiplied by the specific number. Ching ching! That’s how you get paid.

Note: 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls – appear 3 times and 1 time respectively

To trigger the bonus, the wheel must stop on the 2roll/4 roll segment. The game must be really exciting at this point because Mr Monopoly even leaps out of his chair. The dice will be rolled 2 or 4 times as Mr Monopoly walks along the 3D board collecting multipliers of different sizes.

What Is the House Edge?

Yes, Monopoly Live is one of the best games to hit Australian casino sites. It comes with unlimited excitement, fulfilling interactivity, excellent design and amazing gameplay. Furthermore, the winning potential is impressive, especially since it has 96.23% RTP.

Does Monopoly Live Work on Mobile?

Yes. Evolution Gaming knows that most aficionados play via mobile and tablets. Therefore, they have gone the extra mile to deliver a seamless game that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Every aspect of the game fits perfectly on screen; from the wheel to the control bar.

How Can I Win More on Monopoly Live?

Landing a multiplier bonus means a multiplier will be added to your winnings on the next spin and you will not have to place a new stake. You win even more when the multiplier lands on another multiplier and all your wins are multiplied!

All good comes when the multiplier is followed by 2 rolls or 4 rolls because all the properties on the board will be multiplied.

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