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The gambling scene in Canberra is focused mainly on pokies in land-based settings as opposed to virtual online pokies at online casinos, and nearly 90% of the entire gambling income for the state as a whole comes exclusively from pokies.

13% of all Canberrans gamble monthly, and of those 20% are regular users of pokies. Less than 3% of players who like to hit the pokies do it on a weekly basis, and the average session for a person playing pokie machines lasts about 50 minutes.

With over 5.2k registered pokies in the whole state known as Australian Capital Territory (or ACT), it is the state with the most pokies per capita with 1 pokie per 88 residents, not including online pokies gaming machines.

This is quite a high density compared to some states such as NSW where the figure is 1 per 1000. This high statistic is likely due to a number of factors, the main one being that there is only one small casino in the city, which has no pokies licences. Most high rollers who like to partake in casino games often just drive or fly for the weekend to Sydney where there is a huge casino atmosphere unlike Canberra.

Thanks to this, all of the pokies in the city and state are located in smaller bars, clubs and hotels where the locals take advantage of the abundance. Social clubs in particular in Canberra house a high number of machines, and the good point associated with this is that the money is put back into their own social and athletic endeavours.

Another reason for the explosion of pokies in Canberra is the lax stance on gambling in the state, which also applies to online pokies. Some groups such as the Reform Alliance (CGRA) are advocating for a stronger policy towards gambling in general, such as those applied in other parts of the country and in neighbouring countries like New Zealand. It is estimated that 0.4% of the ACT population has some form of gambling addiction.

Large Casinos In The Area

Casino Canberra is the only casino registered in the city, and is somewhat run on a small scale in comparison to complete casino complexes as can be found in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney.

Very surprisingly, no pokies can be found in the Canberra casino which is odd, but was a decision made by the owners to only allow more serious table based games. You can always play online pokies though from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet whilst sat in the casino bar to keep the thrill alive.

In this casino you will find all the favourites such as Texas Hold’em, Baccarat (with the Dragon Bonus available), Canberra Poker (where you play against the dealer instead of others at the table) and Stadium Gaming on private electronic terminals.

You’ll also find the exciting Money Wheel which always draws a crowd, and the Chinese game of Pai Gow which will be confusing to newcomers but highly popular with experienced players. Poker, Pontoon and Roulette are some of the staples available at this casino.

There is one restaurant available inside the casino, natural nine, which brings local flavours to your plate with a twist of Asian fusion and a Chinese touch that will surprise you. If you want a more relaxed meal, then the Onyx Lounge is an ideal place to meet up with friends and have some beers, a glass of wine along with some light bites whilst watching sports on big screen TVs.

If you want to spend a few nights in the casino, then the Crown Plaza is located a stone’s throw away from the main casino. From $132 per night you can enjoy a comfortable sleep in well-decorated rooms with a range of onsite amenities including a gym and swimming pool.

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Pokies Parlours In The Area

Thanks to the lack of pokies in the city’s main casino, there are plenty of places to enjoy some hot pokie action that gives you the thrills which can be found in full colour as opposed to online pokies where the excitement is restricted to a screen. Take a look at our top choices of establishments offering pokies in Canberra.

Belconnen Labour Club

The Labour Club in Canberra is a popular place for members and visitors to make the most of the surroundings and events on offer throughout the year.

In addition to a daily lunch and dinner menu, there are a few bars where you can order a beer, wine or simply relax with a coffee.

There are a few gaming and sports facilities here, including a selection of pokies sure to please any online pokies fan.

More info at:

Southern Cross Club

This is an ideal place for those who love to play pokies for a short amount of time whilst eating out or having fun with the family.

There’s a restaurant which is affordably priced as well as an indoor playground for children, plus a ballroom and multiple community rooms.

You can have a game of snooker here or manage to sneak away for half an hour whilst the children are occupied to have a spin on the numerous pokies machines which are scattered throughout the building.

More info at:

Raiders Gungahlin

A great place for a quiet afternoon or evening of gaming, there are 300 pokies to choose from in this facility, a decent selection to keep you entertained.

Onsite there is a restaurant, bar and café, plus activities for the children if you plan on spending a few hours on a weekend here, or stopping by after work to unwind in pleasant surroundings.

Find out more on their website:

Best Pokies in Canberra – The Tradies

An institution in the city for nearly half a decade, this Dickinson club named The Tradies has a great history and an even better future thanks to the recent surge in popularity.

There is a hotel on site which is consistently rated as excellent, as is the bar and restaurant.

The main draw of this location has to be the enormous number of pokies on offer here, some 309, which in 2019 took in a staggering total of $17m.

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