Pokies with High and Low Volatility

Pokies with High and Low Volatility
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If you’re new to online pokies, you might be wondering what exactly low-volatility slots and high-volatility slots are.

Is it volatile in the sense that the crypto market is volatile? Or maybe it’s the chance to win big that can come out of nowhere?

If you’re not quite clued up with the lingo, volatility (also referred to as variance or dispersion), is a measure of how much risk is associated with a particular slot.

Volatility is usually measured as a rating of low, medium or high rather than numerical values (as you’d expect in RTP etc.).

Now before we get started, both high-volatility pokies and low-volatility pokies have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on exactly what you’re looking for as a punter. The truth is, the playing styles are quite different from one another.

So let’s start from the top then, shall we?

Before you hop on to your friendly local online casino and play high-volatility slots, here’s what you need to know.

High Volatility Slot Pokies

Highly volatile online slots are the favourite online pokies of those that are all about chasing that maximum win when spinning the reels (and who doesn’t like a big win or three?)

A highly volatile slot is one that comes with high risk and this rating informs players that they should expect the pokie to pay out infrequently but with large payouts when they do hit.

On the other side of the tracks, you’ll find low volatility slots which are a lower risk with frequent payouts of smaller denominations.

The high-risk, high-reward mentality of these slots is what makes them so popular with players with larger bankrolls such as high rollers who like high-volatility games, where they can slap big (think $10 hits)

You won’t really find that the payoffs come as frequently as the average low volatility slot, but the rewards can be enormous – it’s an all-or-nothing mentality. You’re really going all in.

Megaways pokies are some of the most volatile in the business and have attracted a giant fanbase with a number of themes utilising the random reel mechanic produced by Big Time Gaming.

The most impressive Megaways pokies come with an enormous 117,649 different ways to win with single wins stretching into the 10,000x multipliers of real money pokie payouts.

It’s not difficult to see where the excitement and the attraction come from and why they’ve made such a splash in their online casino version of high-volatility slot machines.

Choosing the first pokie labelled as highly volatile isn’t the best option for players looking for a higher-risk slot – there’s much more that goes into selecting a great slot.

To being, the RTP of a highly volatile slot is just as, if not more important than volatility and ensures that players get the best deal when wagering.

The industry average RTP of highly volatile slots is around 96% with the majority of the best pokies opting for the value. Additionally, it’s not just the numbers associated with the slots that make for a great pokie, but the feelings generated by the games.

High-quality software design, graphics and sound design are all important and considered in our list of highly volatile slots. If the game doesn’t feel like a successful finished product, players won’t be there to play it.

Bonus features and fancy rounds are always nice to have in high-variance pokies with excitement in the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean the very best games have the most features.

The best slots have features that are well executed and can range from a simple free spins bonus or two to innovative design and industry-changing technology.

But it’s the enjoyment generated from these games that are the standalone most important factor that players should look for in a game. Our list of top slots keeps the entertainment and the value to the players as a priority.

Pros and Cons Of Online High-Volatility Slot Machines

It’s always good to be well informed about what high-variance pokies can bring to the table. So before you start playing, take a peek at these pros and cons commonly found when playing a high variance pokie.

Pros of High volatility pokies

  • Potential for Big Wins: High volatility slots are known for their potential to deliver significant payouts.
  • Adrenaline and Thrill: High volatility slots provide a more intense and exhilarating gambling experience.
  • Faster Bankroll Growth: While high volatility slots may have longer periods of no wins, they can also provide massive payouts when the winning combinations align.
  • Variety of Features: High volatility slots often come with a wide range of features, including free spins, bonus games, cascading reels, expanding wilds, and more.

Cons Of High Volatility Pokies

  • Higher Risk: High volatility slots come with a higher level of risk.
  • Limited Frequency of Wins: High volatility slots tend to have a lower frequency of wins compared to low volatility slots.
  • Potential Bankroll Depletion: Due to the higher risk and long losing streaks, high volatility slots can deplete your bankroll more quickly if you’re not careful.
  • Less Predictable Gameplay: The unpredictable nature of high volatility slots can be a drawback for some players.

Low Volatility Online Pokies

Low-volatility online pokies (also known as low-variance pokies) stand out as some of the most popular games played at Australian online casinos.

A low volatility pokie lets players know that they should expect the slot to pay out regularly, with small payouts.

Conversely, a high volatility slot is prone to paying out less regularly, but with larger payouts. It’s this lower associated risk that brings players with smaller bankrolls to the games in an effort to protect longevity in the casino.

With very high volatility slots favouring players with money to burn, the low volatility games cater to the many rather than the few.

Low volatility slots also come in incredibly helpful when playing against the wagering requirements enforced when claiming a casino bonus.

Thanks to their high payout rate, and low volatility, the high-RTP pokie is the best chance of surpassing the required requirement, allowing players to withdraw their bonus funds.

However, with so many different real money pokies out there, it can be difficult to find the best one for you.

Our Top 8 Favourite Pokies

When looking at low volatility slots, it’s not just the measure of volatility that’s important and for a high-quality pokie, there’s a criterion that should be satisfied to find a great game.

Firstly, a high RTP should also be quoted when looking at the game to ensure that players are receiving a high theoretical return on the cash that they’re putting into the pokie.

RTP and volatility and independent measures and if there’s a low percentage return, the slot should be avoided regardless of volatility.

Additionally, great video slots come with graphics that players love as well as top game mechanics (animation, audio etc.). If a game doesn’t feel the whole package, players aren’t going to want to stick around for too long.

Pokies don’t have to offer the most bonus features or the highest possible payouts to be great, but they do need to feel thoroughly thought out and well-designed.

Finally, games are designed to provide entertainment and fun.

Pokies that don’t offer value to players won’t be included in any of our top picks – life is much too short for poor reel-play, especially with so many different choices out there.

It’s clear that not all low-volatility online pokies are created equally and below you’ll find, in our humble opinion, the top picks of the bunch available today.

Final Words on Low Volatility

Low volatility slots do not guarantee that players will win more regularly, but they are much more likely to do so.

Pokie players looking to preserve their bankroll for long periods of time and those looking to outsmart bonus wagering requirements find the best use of the low volatility slots and there are plenty of great games out there.

If you’re a player that’s looking for a high-risk, high-reward video slot, it’s the high volatility pokies that you should be searching for.

However, for the rest of us that like a little less risk and longer play with a smaller bankroll, it’s the low volatility slots that prove to be the best solution.

Pros and Cons Of Online Low Volatility Slot Machines

Before you jump into the vast world of low volatility pokies, here are some of the benefits and downsides to keep in mind so you can stay on top of your next slap at online casinos.

Pros of Low Volatility Pokies

  • Frequent Wins: Low volatility slots tend to offer more frequent wins compared to high volatility slots.
  • Lower Risk: Low volatility slots typically involve lower risk since they offer more frequent wins and smaller payouts.
  • Extended Playtime: Due to the smaller payouts and more frequent wins, low volatility slots often allow players to enjoy extended playtime without quickly depleting their bankroll.
  • Steady Progression: Low volatility slots generally exhibit a more predictable progression, where players can steadily accumulate smaller wins.

Cons of Low-Volatility Pokies

  • Lower Jackpots: Low volatility pokies offer smaller jackpot amounts compared to high volatility slots.
  • Limited Big Wins: While low volatility slots give out wins more often, they often lack substantial payouts.
  • Less Thrilling Gameplay: The predictable nature of low volatility slots can result in less exciting gameplay for some punters.
  • Slow Bankroll Growth: Although low volatility slots offer more frequent wins, the payouts are usually smaller.

Special Mention – Medium Volatility Slots

Now, we’ve been chatting this whole time in this guide about the high and low variance ends of the spectrum, but what about in the middle?

Not every punter wants the thrills of high-variance games or the stability of low-volatility pokies, sometimes a compromise is required.

That’s where medium volatility pokies come in.

Medium volatility slots provide that sweet spot where you can sometimes get those big wins but you also have some of the stability of the low variance pokie.

If you’re someone who likes a bit of balance in their life when slapping those bonus features at the casino, consider giving the medium volatility pokies a go.

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