Established in 2010

Games in total: 120+

New games per month: 2+

Main focus: Live Casino

Employees: 300+

Location: Miami. USA

Vivo Gaming Casinos in Australia: All about Vivo Gaming Live Casinos

ViVo Gaming is an Israeli live casino developer, that started in 2010. They provide live casino games to 100+ casinos in various markets, including a some Aussie online casinos.

They have offices around the world, including in London, Manila, Buenos Aires and Miami.

They are licenced in Curacao, which isn’t the biggest licence in the world. However, it does offer some respectability and you can find ViVo Gaming titles at some well-known international casinos.

Aus players will enjoy ViVo Gaming because of their free play feature (which is rare to see nowadays) and their live craps game – of which they are one of the only providers!

What Games Vivo Has On Offer

ViVo covers a few varieties in each of the casino classics, plus a live craps game.

This felt-board dice game is hugely popular in North America, but not many other markets. For Australian players, ViVo is one of the only developers to offer this classic casino game in a live format!

Aside from that, their collection is the good side of average. You won’t see hundreds of tables in a given ViVo collection, but they cover all the main and popular bases fairly well.

All ViVo games come with a 2D or 3D mode too, where the live feed can be minimised to one screen and a 2D betting interface appears on the other. This is great for those with a dodgy Outback connection, for example!

Live Blackjack

  • Oversized cards and markings, make gameplay super-easy
  • Sadly no, no sidebets or bet behind on offer
  • Range of bet levels to suit all budgets

To be frank, ViVo needs to either put in bet-behind functionality or add an Infinite style table. Having to wait to sit at a blackjack table at an online casino in the 2020s is just not good enough really.

Whilst the tables they do offer are fun and use a simple but effective interface – the fact that one player that can take up three seats, means a whole seven seat table can be filled with just 3 people.

They could have the best live blackjack game in the business (they don’t) and even then, regularly having to wait to play would still be a negative.

A decent selection but needs some work!

Live Roulette

  • Thrilling European Wheel action
  • One moving (full-HD) camera, rather than two or three static shots
  • Big casino floor atmosphere

A standard ViVo collection will have two or three live roulette tables running at any one time. They’ll have different bet each limit at each one, but otherwise they’re just standard European wheels.

The choice to have a moving camera that zooms in on the wheel when it’s spinning, rather than two static shots, is a cool one that we quite like.

If you’re struggling to pick your bet on the betting interface, which is not impossible in roulette, switching to the split-screen 2D mode could help you out.

However this does lose some immersion!

That leads us nicely onto the best point of ViVo’s live roulette. The fact that games are all filmed mostly in the same room adds a lovely real-life casino floor atmosphere to the gameplay, as the general chatter and noise of the other tables floats over your particular choice. Lovely stuff!

Live Baccarat

  • The best and most varied of ViVo’s live games
  • Speed, Squeeze and Fantasy versions available
  • Loads of side bets, including some unique ones

With some studios in Asia, ViVo gaming is perfectly placed to market their version of this classic game that’s popular on the Asian continent and in Europe.

Aussie players who like a few hands of this classy player vs banker game will find a lot to enjoy with ViVo’s baccarat offering.

Currently, you’ll likely find 10+ tables of live baccarat at a ViVo live casino. A Speed Baccarat game helps up the pace of this slow-burner format for veteran players or newbies who are put off by the pace of play.

There’s also a Squeeze table too. This variant ups the tension at the end of each round by dramatically zooming in on the banker’s reveal – and offers even more side bets!

Definitely the best part of ViVo’s live casino collection, and worth checking out for Aussie fans of baccarat.

Other Games

  • Popular North American dice game Craps
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

ViVo has put out a fair few alternative live casino titles over the years. However, not all of them have been successful so they don’t always stay around for too long.

For many years, ViVo’s Craps table in particular was a bit of a myth among casino reviewers. It was always in the lobby, but never seemed to be actually open when you wanted it!

In recent times though, they’ve been more consistent. If you enjoy this popular American casino dice game, ViVo is one of your only live dealer options.

They’ve also got the bet on Baccarat bonus game Dragon Tiger, popular with Chinese players, and a casino-poker type game.

A very decent selection of games outside the usual casino classics then. Or at least, when they’re all available to play!

Our Thoughts On The Overall Playing Experience

ViVo tables play to a good standard. They have a decent variety of tables, but are lacking in some respects – Blackjack we’re looking at you!

Don’t expect them to be as good as the market leaders in all aspects, and you’ll still have a good time with ViVo’s games. They aren’t the best, but they do a lot of things very well.

Game Variety

ViVo have a decent collection of alternative games, including the dice game craps which Aussie players will rarely see elsewhere.

Their roulette and baccarat are collections are diverse, with plenty of variants. Blackjack lets the side down a bit though, with only a few tables – and they’re all of exactly the same format.

Stream Quality

Decent. ViVo’s cameras are all HD and generally crisp and clear. However, the wide angle they’re placed at (especially in blackjack) means some of the finer details lose a bit of clarity.

Being able to dual screen a virtual betting overlay and the game stream into two is good for those with slow connections.

However, you will definitely find it harder seeing all the action once the round starts. Unless of course you manually switch back and forth, but that’s not ideal.

Mobile User Interface

All of ViVo’s gaming can be played through an HTML browser-based casino on your mobile device.

Us Aussies don’t get casino apps just yet anyway, so we’re not particularly missing out on not having a dedicated mobile port.

They work well for the most part. Being able to switch to the 2D mode to place your bets in a game like roulette, where the betting area changes takes up half the screen, is a blessing.

Especially, because ViVo’s game aren’t always 100% optimized for the smallest screens. That little change makes a world of difference!

The Croupiers

ViVo’s live dealers are professional and polite at all times. They’re not the most chatty and enthusiastic you’ll find, but not everyone wants that anyway!

They get the job done and they look smart doing it. Sure, you’ll often get a decent conversation from them – but generally ViVo’s hosts aren’t as bright and chirpy as say Evolution. But that might appeal to you!

The worldwide nature of ViVo’s operations mean accents do vary a lot too. However we know a lot of Aussies love to travel, you like your casino with some international flavour ViVo has you covered!

The Best Casinos with Vivo Gaming

How Does Vivo Compares To Other Live Casino Suppliers?

ViVO Gaming is a solid mid-tier supplier. They aren’t the best at anything, and in some respects, they are downright poor – such as their blackjack offering.

However, in other areas they’ve shown they’re willing to innovate and try new things, and it works. For example, the extensive work put into their baccarat collection or the decent selection of other casino games outside of the big three.

They’re not at the heights of Evolution or Playtech at the top of the market, sure. However, Aussie casino fans (and baccarat players in particular) will still find a lot to enjoy in a ViVo gaming live casino collection!

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