VIG Casinos in Australia: All about VIG Live Casinos
Established in 2007

Games in total: 80+

New games per month: 1+

Main focus: Live Casino

Employees: 200+

Location: San José, Costa Rica

VIG Casinos in Australia: All about VIG Live Casinos

ViG, or Visionary iGaming, is a long-running live casino developer based in Costa Rica.

They may not have the biggest international licences, but they’ve been operating under a Costa Rican licence since 2008. On top of that they provide live games for many Aussie online casinos, so they’re certainly reputable at least!

Although they’ve been around for a long time, they only offer the classic three casino games of live blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

But ViG do have some unique takes on those formats. They also recently introduced an infinite style blackjack table, and apparently have some more new tables in the works too.

One to watch!

What Games VIG Has On Offer

A ViG collection at an Australian-facing online casino will have a dozen or so tables total from ViG. They cover the three casino classics in a few different formats.

That’s a long way from the market-leader Evolution’s 200+ tables – but it’s by no means a poor effort.

There’s also an infinite blackjack table, so you’ll never have to wait for a seat when playing blackjack with ViG. Easy!

Live Blackjack

  • Classic blackjack gameplay with a unique Rummy side bet
  • Tip the dealer at any time, and the casino will match your tip if you win the hand
  • Infinite blackjack with an early payout surrender option

Aussie online casino players will find three or four ViG blackjack tables running at any one time. They’re split between low, medium and high limit tables.

The standard seven-seater variants all play like most blackjack games online, but the ViG interface is a little bit dated. It still plays well enough though!

There’s also a unique Rummy side bet, which pays out 9:1 if your two cards and the dealer’s first card make a three-card hand (straight or pairs).

Live Roulette

  • One standard European table, with multiple camera angles and HD streaming
  • One American roulette table, which we recommend you avoid as it plays the same but with worse odds
  • Tip the dealer and see it matched if you win!

ViG’s roulette games are OK. If you enjoy the base game a lot, you’ll like this. But there’s simply not enough variety to keep more casual players interested over repeated visits.

There’s also the American Roulette table that they offer. If you don’t know, American roulette adds another zero to the roulette wheel.

All that does increase your chances of getting a zero which voids all bets. Some people must play it, or they wouldn’t host it, but smart Aussie players would be wise to avoid live American roulette and stick to ViG’s European variety instead!

Live Baccarat

  • Classic player vs banker card game with Dragon side bets
  • Multiple HD camera angles, and a zoom in on the end of round reveal
  • Live Super 6 Variant too

There’s a bit more variation in ViG’s baccarat collection than roulette, with two different types and some optional side bets that change the game up.

This classic casino card game isn’t too popular in Aus, or North America, but it’s the favourite live casino game of many in Europe and Asia.

One cool thing that makes ViG’s effort stand out is the addition of a zoom in camera on the big reveal – called a squeeze in baccarat.

As far as we know, the market-leader Evolution only added this as a feature in 2020, so ViG were ahead of the game on that one!

Other Games

  • Nada
  • Zero
  • Zilch

ViG doesn’t currently offer any games out of the core three casino classics. Those are most popular games, so we can see why in a way.

However, if they want to get to the top of the market – we’d hope to see some different titles coming from ViG soon.

Our Thoughts On The Overall Playing Experience

Decent! There’s a nice live casino floor atmosphere to each game, as all the games are hosted from one spacious room in ViG’s Costa Rican studios.

If you go into a ViG game expecting the same huge production quality and 4k cameras as say, Evolution, you’re going to be disappointed.

But that doesn’t mean Aussie online casino players can’t have a lot of fun (and maybe some profits) with their live casino tables.

Game Variety

Not the best, to be frank. But not the worst either! Some players will be happy with two roulette tables and half a dozen blackjack options, sure. But if ViG want to be the leading supplier in the minds of Aussie players, let alone the world – there needs to be a bit more.

ViG are adding to their collection in recent times though, and the addition of an Infinite Blackjack table certainly helps.

Overall, ViG might not have too many games, but the ones they do have all have a couple of unique elements that make them stand out.

Stream Quality

It’s decent. The camera quality is good (not great but good). However, one thing is immediately obvious – the studio suffers visually from the same thing that makes it sound like a real casino floor, namely the big open room.

You’re never going to get the high-production values of a developer like Evolution without dedicated spaces for each table. There’s just too much space for great lighting and detailed set design.

Lastly, we come to user interface at ViG. Which, pulling no punches, is a little dated. It plays fine with no poor design choices or confusing menus. But, it certainly could do with a style update!

Mobile User Interface

There’s no dedicated mobile port for ViG’s at the moment. You can access them all through an HTML5 browser on your tablet or smartphone – but things might not always work as intended on a smaller screen.

On roulette specifically, especially with ViG’s dusty interface, it can be a bit difficult to navigate all the bet options on a small screen.

They must know us Aussies (and everyone else) love putting a few bets down on our phones, so hopefully ViG add a proper mobile version of their games soon!

The Croupiers

Most live casino developers are based in Eastern Europe, with a few now moving into North America.

Not so with Visionary Live Gaming. They’re based in Costa Rica, so if you like your live hosts with a little Latin flavour – ViG are the one for you.

For example, if you speak Spanish, most of the live dealers at ViG will be glad to talk to you in your language.

Other than that, ViG’s live dealers are friendly and professional. That goes especially if you make use the of the tip function, which is doubled up by the developer on a winning hand!

The Best Casinos with VIG Games

How Does VIG Compare To Other Live Casino Suppliers?

ViG is a solid middle of the road supplier. They don’t get near the heights of the lavish production values and hundred-plus tables of Evolution or Playtech.

But each of their takes on the casino classics of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette have some unique ideas and are highly playable.

The addition of their Early Payout Infinite Blackjack table brings their offering into the new era. Hopefully we’ll see more of these newer game types from ViG in the future!

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