Established in 2019

Games in total: 49+

New games per month: 2+

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Mancala Gaming Casinos and Pokies in Australia

Founded in 2019, Mancala is one of the newest online pokie game providers making its mark on the gaming industry today.

Despite just a couple of years of experience in the tank, the game provider has managed to amass a huge number of games in an incredibly short space of time.

At the time of writing, the provider has developed and released over 60 different online video pokies and more than 20 different dice slot games with (assumingly) countless more ready and waiting for release.

The mindset behind the company is clear from the message shared from the site itself “Let’s forget about boundaries and limitations and let’s create something truly unique”.

With countless individual slots and fascinating pace, Mancala is definitely living up to their message as one of the main brands producing the best real money online pokies.

Let’s dig in and take a look at some of the most popular Mancala pokies before we compare the brand to other pokie providers in the industry as we find out what makes those Mancala slots so special.

At the time of writing, Mancala has well over 60 different online pokies to choose from, a huge number considering the short timeframe that the team has managed.

However, churning out games at such a rapid rate does have some consequences and although we’re huge fans of the majority of the pokies that Mancala has released, some of the options in their library do feel a little rushed.

Instead of letting you, the player, fend for yourself and filter the good from the bad, we’ve spent countless hours testing the games and filtering them for you!

From Monster Thieves and Copper Dragon to Blood Romance Dice and Spin and Magic Dice, below you’ll find the very best and most popular pokies that Mancala has to offer.

Monster Thieves

Released by Mancala Gaming in late 2020, Monster Thieves stands as one of the most popular online pokies that slots fans flock to.

The game is, of course, monster-themed with the monsters acting as characters in the game, notorious for stealing socks, headphones and toilet paper.

Players will find traditional playing card symbols on the reels alongside the common things to go missing in the night!

Monster Thieves is a good-sized game, offering players the chance to play with 20 symbol locations in a 5×4 structure with a huge 1,024 different ways to win.

There’s a low maximum win of just 270x the original wager, although players will find the pokie packed full of bonus features.

From the “choose a box” bonus game to the free spins and cash prizes, there’s never a dull moment in Monster Thieves.

The return to player (RTP) value is perhaps a little on the lower side when compared to the industry average for a pokie of thing type sitting exactly at 95%.

However, the pokie is a lowly volatile example in the Mancala catalogue, great for those looking for a slot with a minimal risk rating.

Copper Dragon

Released by Mancala Gaming in 2020, Copper Dragon is another popular pokie to make our list as one of the best in the business.

Unsurprisingly, the focus of the game is on the dragon who is, you guessed it, copper in colour.

The dragon can be found lounging behind the reels with symbols including shields, chalices and flags in the medieval pokie.

The play area and the number of paylines are modest with just a 5×3 area offering a total of 10 paylines for players to get to grips with.

However, the game does feature great bonus rounds and a fun reel mechanic offering plenty of different great outcomes for the player, including a maximum win of up to 5,000x the original wager.

The RTP of the game is, once again, a little lower than we would have liked to see at 95%, although the volatility rating does attempt to counteract this.

A very low volatility rating can be found when playing the game, great for those looking for a low-risk pokie.

African Theme Park

African Theme Park, much like Copper Dragon, was released by Mancala Gaming in 2020 and follows much in the same footsteps of the medieval sister slot.

The theme of the game is exactly as you may expect with a safari-themed game packed full of African animals that we’d love to spot in the wild.

Players can expect to find giraffes, zebras and hippos plastered across the reels, all working to generate big wins for the player.

Just as we’ve seen in Copper Dragon, the equally popular African Theme Park covers a 5×3 play area with a total of just 10 paylines.

A maximum payout of 5,000x the original wager can once again be found and although the base spec may be a little underwhelming, the bonus features really showcase the provider’s capabilities.

The standard RTP value of 95% that we’ve seen across plenty of Mancala Gaming pokies is once again on offer, although we would prefer a value closer to the industry average (96%).

Very low volatility does try to make up for this, offering a low-risk pokie great for all bankroll sizes.

Club Garage

Released in 2020, Mancala Gaming has looked towards the lesser-utilised automotive space for inspiration in their popular Club Garage slot.

Screws, tyres and whisky are the words chosen to showcase Club Garage and with a pokie set inside a man cave of a garage, wiser words couldn’t have been chosen.

Players will find pistons, spanners and car keys alongside the typical playing card symbols in this petrol haven of a pokie.

A 5×3 structure is offered at the game with players looking to make combinations across just 9 different paylines in the game.

A handful of great featured is available, including the card game feature and a maximum win of 1,010x the original bet is up for grabs for the luckiest gearheads.

Mancala’s typical 95% RTP is once again present and although we would always like to see this bumped up an extra percentage point, the game does attempt to make up for it.

Rock GIG Dice

Released in 2020, Rock Gig Dice is the first of the dice-based pokies on our list of the most popular Manacla slots.

The theme of the game is very much in the spirit of a rock concert with band members and a stage featured in the background.

Players will also find concert-themed scattered across the reels with items such as speakers, instruments and headphones with a microphone on offer.

The game itself is played by spinning the reels (rolling the dice) in a 5×4 structure with each symbol position also carrying a dice value.

Overall, this translates to a total of 25 paylines and a maximum win of 2,555x the original wager.

As with almost all Mancala games, the RTP value sits at exactly 95% for this game, a little under the industry average.

Tomb Of Egypt Dice

Next up in the dice-based pokies comes Tomb of Egypt Dice, a game released in mid-2020 by Mancala Gaming.

The game follows the apprentice Amelia as she tries to track down the missing professor in this Ancient Egypt-themed pokie.

Players will find artefacts, oil lanterns and archaeology tools when spinning the reels in the dice-based pokie.

The game covers a simple 5×3 play area with players finding a total of 15 different paylines in the game.

However, the main selling point has to the dice/symbol hybrids and the bonus features that litter the game.

Wild symbols, the wheel of fortune and the puzzle all work together to create a fantastic gaming experience.

The seemingly constant RTP value of 95% is yet again featured in this pokie with players experiencing a marginally lower than average return when playing for long periods of time.

A maximum win of 3,060x the original wager is up for grabs for those incredibly lucky players.

Blood Romance Dice

Released in 2020, Blood Romance Dice is a fantastic addition to the Mancala Gaming library, yet again adopting the dice-based symbols.

The theme is one of horror and, more specifically, vampires with fanged characters on either side of the reels.

Symbols include skulls, full moons and chalices alongside those typical playing card symbols that we all know and love.

Blood Romance Dice offers a good-sized play area of 20 symbol locations in a 5×4 structure with a total of 25 different paylines available in the game.

A maximum win of 2,555x the original wager is up for grabs and with a handful of bonus features to keep things exciting.

The RTP isn’t likely to surprise at this point with the Mancala standard of 95% which, as always, isn’t the best in the business.

However, with typically low variance throughout the game library, the provider does look to make up for this.

Spins and Magic Dice

The final pokie our list of the most popular releases from Mancala Gaming is Spins and Magic Dice, the magical 2020 hit.

The theme of the game is magic and players are greeted by the magician and his assistant on either side of the dice-based reels.

Symbols include doves, top hats, gloves and countless other magical objects.

The play area is good at 5×4 offering a total of 20 symbol locations and a total of 25 different paylines in which players are able to build their combinations.

A maximum win of 2,555x the original wager is up for grabs by lucky players and a plethora of great bonuses can be found when playing!

The RTP is as you’d expect from Mancala Gaming, sitting at exactly 95%, a little under the industry average that we would hope for in the pokie.

Mancala does, however, have a good track record for low volatility in their games, offering lower risk despite lower return values.

The Best Casinos with Mancala Games

How Does Mancala Gaming Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

We’ve looked at some of the most popular Mancala Games that have been released in the last couple of years, but how do these games stack up to the competition?

If we take the themes, graphics and animations as our first point of reference, Mancala offers some of the most visually impressive selections available today. The animations are smooth, the graphics are stunning and, for the most part, the themes offer unique elements that really separate the games from the others in the industry.

One of the main innovation point from Mancala Gaming is the development of the dice games, pokies which feature not only different symbols across the play area but secondary values to these symbols, too. The dice pokies are a fantastic addition to the games and it’s a feature that we’ve not seen before in an online pokie.

There’s nothing dramatic to state when it comes to the play area and the paylines available and although these do differ from game-to-game, a relatively standard approach is chosen. Play areas often consist of 15 to 20 symbol locations and paylines don’t get much larger than 10-25, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s great for a solid video slot.

The return to player (RTP) value stays constant throughout almost every single one of the Mancala Gaming pokies at the value of 95%. Although this value isn’t the worst that we’ve seen in an online pokie, it is beneath the industry average of 96%. However, as mentioned in a handful of the game descriptions, low volatility is common, ensuring a low-risk pokie that helps to recover the lower return,

Overall, Mancala games are an impressive addition to any online casino and the future is bright for this young pokie provider. However, with such a large game library released in such a short space of time, we can’t help but feel the brand would be better off slowing progress to polish their games that little bit more!

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