Established in 2016

Games in total: 110+

New games per month: 3+

Main focus: Slots

Employees: 50+

Location: Zebbug, Malta

Kalamba Casinos and Pokies in Australia

Kalamba games is pokies developer based in Krakow, Poland.

They launched in December 2016, and they have a licence from Europe’s Maltese Gaming Authority. That means you Aussie pokies players can be sure Kalamba games are entirely above board and legit!

Another factor in their reputability is their Megaways game engine licence from Big Time Gaming.

This lets Kalamba use the popular pokies format with many ways win, in any of their games. That keeps them up to date with the biggest and best studios!

As an Australian pokies fan, you can try Kalamba’s pokies for real money out right now at our recommended online casinos. Or, read our reviews first and pick the best option for you – easy!

Kalamba currently have about 40 pokies titles in their collection.

They’re known for making games that look great and offer very strong max prizes of 20,000x or more.

However, they’re usually quite complicated! Kalamba pokies often have a lot going on at once, with multiple features and stacking meters on what can feel like every spin.

Aussie pokies fans looking for simple three-reel fruity-style games won’t find them from Kalamba.

But, if you like flashy, mile-a-minute pokies experiences with multiple bonus mechanics and massive prize potential – Kalamba is one of the best developers of this style out there!

Be warned though, most of their games are self-described as high volatility. This means a fair amount of players will only get small or no wins, but a few lucky players bagging massive wins to equal it out.

Jump into their games at our Australian-friendly casinos above or read our mini-reviews to find out more.

Big Bounty Bill

  • 5×4 reel pokie with additional reels to open up
  • Lovely sci-fi wild west theme
  • 1024 ways to win with a maximum prize of 5000x

As usual with Kalamba, this is a graphically pleasing pokie with a cool theme. The sci-fi wild west stylings offer something a little bit different from your traditional cowboy theme!

The real attraction here though is the expansion reels. At the start of your session, you’ll find three extra rows of symbols above the main 5×4 set – however they all start locked off behind sci-fi style doors.

Pull an expansion symbol, and a cyborg cowboy will shoot his guns onto the locked symbols. The bottom takes two shots and the two above three and four respectively. Hit that number of shots shots to unlock the symbol for the rest of your session.

Hit three or more expansion symbols on one spin to unlock 3-plus Hyperspins. These remove all the locked symbols that had any holes in them for the duration of 3 free spins.

This can see some big wins stack up, to the maximum prize of 5000x on any one spin. Yeeha!

Goblins & Gemstones

  • Five-reel, 1024 ways to win pokie
  • Cool theme inspired by Gringotts goblin bank in Harry Potter
  • Gem collection side game to unlock one of 3 free spins rounds

If you’re an Australian Harry Potter fan, you’ll recognise the Goblin treasure vault concept in this Kalamba pokie.

But does it live up to its magical premise?

Well, with great graphics, a gem collecting minigame and a 35,000x potential max prize – we’d say so!

The core feature here is the three different free spins rounds.

There are three different coloured gem symbols that hit the base reels – blue, red and green. Each time you hit one, it is added to a stacking meter on the side of the reels.

Hit 20 of them to unlock five free spins of a particular type.

Green gems give extra scatters on your spins. Red gem spins make two of the reels lockstep with each other on every spin.

Blue gems select a random symbol to add multiple of to every spin.

Pull three scatters in the base game and you can choose which one you want to play!

We recommend the Red or Green, although big wins can potentially stack up in any of them.

Ducks Till Dawn

  • Creepy carnival theme – no Vampires!
  • Six reels and 4096 ways to win
  • Very cool crosshairs duck hunt bonus mechanic

If you were expecting a parody of the cult 90s Tarantino vampire flick From Dusk til Dawn, like we were, you might be disappointed.

The general vibe of Ducks til Dawn is anything but! Taking inspiration from classic videogame Duck Hunt, this pokie sees roving crosshairs move over the circus-themed reels after each spin.

Line them up with a Duck symbol, to bag a cash prize – multiplied by how many ducks got pinged.

Pull five to get 50x your win and pull six to get 200x your win!

On top of that there’s blue and red scatter symbols. Pull three to get the respective free spins round.

The reels stay the same, but a 5x or 10x multiplier is added to the crosshairs mechanic

Pull six duck shots on a red free spin, to get 2000x whatever you won originally. Smashing!

Blazing Bull

  • Six reel, 4096 ways to win pokie
  • Flaming bovine theme
  • A bit simpler than some of Kalamba’s games

This is one of Kalamba’s least complicated titles, but it still has two different bonus rounds and a stacking metre feature.

That shows you how busy their games can get usually!

Blazing Bull has strong graphics and animations, but the theme is really nothing special. A basic wilderness backdrop and some flaming bulls on the reels is about it.

The big attraction though is the two free spins rounds – Gold and Silver.

Each time you pull a gold or silver bonus symbol on the base reels, one stack is added to the respective meter.

When you do get three at once to start your free spins, you get an extra spin for each one in the meter. The gold bonus game can start with 30 free spins if you max it out!

Wilds are multiplied in the bonus round too. However, the maximum win is slightly smaller than most Kalamba pokies at 2500x per spin. No slouch, but not the best on this list!

Maui Millions

  • Five reel, 243 ways to win pokie
  • Tropical Hawaiian theme
  • Complicated cash bonus game

If Blazing Bull was an strikingly simple slot from Kalamba, then Maui Millions gives Aussie pokies fans as many features as you could want!

The game looks cool, with an interesting tropical island theme – but the real meat of the game is the bonus rounds.

As well as a typical free spins round, there’s also the Cash Spins bonus. This unique round is literally a bit too complicated to fully explain here!

Suffice to say that it gives an entire new set of reels, with sticky Wilds and an entirely new cash orb symbol that gives multipliers each time its hit.

There’s then another extra payout based on the cash orbs, that fill a meter as they spin!

We weren’t entirely sure what was going on here during our initial playtest, but apparently you can win up to 40,000x your stake in this crazy bonus round!

Crystal Cavern

  • 6-reel, 490 way to win pokies game
  • Geological crystal cavern theme
  • Interesting 10 spin per time mechanic

Firstly, Crystal Caverns makes you commit to ten spins at once. That’s not great for low budget Aussie pokies fans, but its not the end of the world.

Bit of a weird choice to start out, but we guess it sets Crystal Caverns apart a bit at least.

The free spins bonus is centered around collecting purple-pink orbs, which stack up in a meter as they hit the reels. However, they reset at the end of each ten-spin cycle!

At the end of each cycle, how many orbs you’ve stacked pays out with potential multipliers on each one too.

Crystal Caverns is a confusing as heck game, but with max prizes of 20,000x or more for the right combos – you might not be complaining!

Pyro Pixie

  • 6 reel, 40 payline pokie
  • Unclear fantasy forest theme
  • Same 10 spin hyperbet feature as Crystal Cavern

Pyro Pixie might not have the most interesting theme, but as with most Kalamba slots it still looks and plays like a dream. Which is appropriate given the fantasy theme!

However, it suffers from the same confusing Hyperbet 10 spin structure as Crystal Cavern.

On top of that, there’s about five different Wild mechanics here too including Locked Wilds, Expanding Wilds and Multiplier Wilds.

A lot of these interact at the end of each 10-spin cycle too, for even more craziness!

If you’re the kind of Aussie pokies fan who likes to be wowed by flashing symbols, crazy combos and potentially massive wins at any time, Pyro Pixie could be for you.

If you prefer to see exactly what’s going on every spin without any trouble, Kalamba certainly have simpler games than this one!

Operation Diamond Hunt

  • Unusual 3,4,5,5,4,3 in this jewel heist themed pokie
  • Possibly the most complicated of all Kalamba’s slots – which is saying something!
  • AU$0.40 minimum bet

One of Kalamba’s older games still on the market, this one doesn’t look quite as good as some of their newer titles towards the top our of our list here.

It’s also quite confusing – even for a Kalamba pokie.

Aussie pokies fans coming from 3-reel land-based fruity pokies might find Operation Diamond Hunt just too much at first.

There are three different bonus rounds, three different bet levels, different payline structure for different symbols – all sorts.

Even the Wilds can come in three different styles from expanding to multipliers.

That’s all without mentioning the non-standard reel format!

It can potentially pay out 100,000x your bet of course, which is a ridiculous prize! But we’ll be damned if we could work out exactly how you can get to that, with so many different features available.

If you’re dedicated enough to decode this game and get the most out of it (or just sit back and watch the pretty colours until you get a potential big win) you really will feel like a true high-class thief.

For the rest of us Aussie pokie fans though, there’re are simpler and less volatile titles from Kalamba for sure!

The Best Casinos with Kalamba Games

How Does Kalamba Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

Some of Kalamba’s newest games are now certifiably top tier! They combine excellent graphics with unique gameplay, big wins, interesting themes and cool features.

Basically, everything an Aussie fan could want from an online pokie!

However, going back to 2016 with some of the titles towards the bottom of our above list, some of their early games are just too complicated to be accessible.

Four different bonus rounds, each with their own unique features and mechanics that change based upon your initial bet level, is just too much sometimes.

Some might enjoy passively watching the explosions across the reels, but we reckon most Aussie fans like to know what’s going on as they play online pokies!

However, Kalamba’s newer titles keep the unique approach to features and big payouts – without making it too complex. They nail the balance of features and smooth gameplay almost perfectly every time today and we look forward to every new release.

Try them out right now at our top-rated Aussie-facing online casinos above. Good luck!

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