Jade Rabbit Studios
Jade Rabbit Studios
Established in 2018

Games in total: 16+

New games per month: 1+

Main focus: Slots

Employees: 6+

Location: Attard, Malta

Jade Rabbit Casinos and Pokies in Australia

One of the lesser known pokie providers available in the online casino world is Jade Rabbit, a small team of creators, developers and designers with the shared aim of creating the internets top slots.

The company was founded in 2018 and has managed to churn out a total of 5 video slots as of current, but a clear goal of 12 additional pokies in 2021 is the target to aim for.

The provider is known in the industry for releasing games such as Red Hot Reels and Luck Spinner, which are also available at Aussie online casinos.

The video slots released typically offer great bonus rounds and show plenty of promise thanks to some clever theme design.

Although the history is short, we’re definitely excited to see what the future brings at Jade Rabbit!

Where we would typically showcase the top games from Jade Rabbit in the section below, the software provider is one of the newest in the industry today, translating to rather a small game library.

Jade Rabbit has only released details of a total of 6 different online pokies with just 5 proudly displayed on their own website.

Regardless, the games that the provider has on offer are typically engaging and exciting in their own ways.

Below you’ll find a list of the complete pokie library available from Jade Rabbit Studios and what you should expect from the provider when choosing one of their top games.

Red Hot Reels

Released in the summer of 2020, Jade Rabbit’s “Red Hot Reels” is one of the top pokies released by the brand.

Upon opening, players must first choose one of four locations in India, Japan, Mexico and Thailand, each sporting its own benefits and bonus features.

The location affects the setting of the reels with the symbols remaining constant in fruit, vegetables and chili sauce used to make winning combinations.

There are 5 reels to play with and a total of 25 paylines available to players, but it’s the bonus features that is, without doubt, the highlight of the game.

Players are able to choose their bonuses depending on the country originally selected ranging from India’s increased high symbol frequency to Mexico’s random single wilds.

The RTP (return to player) is a little under the industry average sporting a value of 95.36%, although this doesn’t seem to put players off the pokie.

Variance is medium, allowing for a variety of different bankroll sizes to try out the game without too much associated risk.

Luck Spinner

Released in late 2020, Luck Spinner is new ground for Jade Rabbit, using a smaller play area to switch things up and offer a fresh gaming experience.

The theme is very much luck based and although the use of pastel colours and cute melodies appear on the reels, the overall theme is hard to describe.

The only commonalities are the mismatching symbols brought together with one common denominator – they’re lucky. It might be a difficult theme to pinpoint, but it’s a game that looks and plays great.

The game is played across a small 3×3 area, offering just 9 symbols locations to build their winning combinations with a total of 27 paylines.

As with Red Hot Reels, the unique bonus features (3, to be exact) are what the players come for with “on tilt”, “rapid retrigger” and “multiplier free spins” all offering an exciting element to the play.

The RTP is around the industry average that we’ve come to expect from a slot of this type and sits comfortably at 96.02%.

Variance, although not explicitly mentioned by the provider, is experienced to be of medium volatility – great for all players to try out the game.

Reel Holidays

Released in November 2020 (just in time for Christmas), Reel Holidays is the festive pokie from Jade Rabbit that’s perfect for the winter months.

The pokie is one that encompasses the most popular holiday seasons (Easter, Halloween and Christmas) inside of a single game with a twist inspired by Tim Burton.

Players will find a wide range of symbols from gifts and eggs to a selection of the holiday characters themselves.

There’s a typical 5×3 play area offering just 20 paylines for players to create combinations to be in with a chance of claiming big payouts.

As with most Jade Rabbit top slots, it’s the bonus round that is the focus of the game with Reel Holidays incorporating either Easter, Halloween or Christmas with that dark and gloomy twist.

The RTP rate is around the average that should be expected from any online pokie at 96.01% and although the information isn’t published, medium volatility was experienced when testing out the game.

Black and White

Black and White, released in 2020 by Jade Rabbit, is another game from the provider that manages to incorporate exciting unique features that players will love.

The theme is one of a fairy-tale kingdom in which players are invited to take a trip through, although it’s not the theme with the kingdom characters that turns heads.

It’s the colour, or more specifically the lack of it, that grips players when opening Black and White with different shades available when wins are unlocked.

The pokie offers a typical 5×3 play area with 25 different paylines available to make top combinations.

There’s a whole army of bonus features too ranging from scatter symbols to casino free spins, each of which adds a little more colour to the reels when winning.

The RTP value of the game is around about where we would expect for a pokie of this type at 96.08%.

Volatility is low, something we don’t see a tonne of in online slots and is great news for those with smaller bankrolls looking for less risk in their games.


To be released in the coming months, Empire is set to be the most impressive of the Jade Rabbit pokies available to play.

Players should expect to find a total of 5 reels, each with a total of 3 rows, and 20 paylines waiting for them when the game is eventually launched.

Although details are yet to be confirmed, we’re expecting a heavy focus on simple bonus rounds in this game with free spins and bonus wilds littering the reels when playing the game.

The RTP value and volatility rating are yet to be confirmed, although a prediction of medium volatility is fairly likely when looking at others from the provider.

Wings Of Hermes

Released in early 2021, Wings of Hermes is one of the most recent releases from the fresh-faced pokie provider.

There’s an Ancient Greek theme in this pokie as players follow the Greek God Hermes through the reels with symbols including his famous helmet and traditional playing card symbols with a themed twist.

Hermes, God of wealth (among a handful of other things) is a great choice for the theme and the game looks top-notch when spinning the reels.

The game offers a play area consisting of 15 symbols in a 5×3 configuration with only 10 different paylines available.

As with the majority of Jade Rabbit games, it’s the bonus rounds that players flock to the casinos to play and with 3 main bonuses in the “walking wilds”, “free spins” and “level meter” features all available, it proves to be an exciting game.

The RTP is a little on the lower side of the average mark that we would expect from this type of pokie with a value of 95.36%.

Although the data is not available to quote, players can expect medium volatility when playing the pokie.

The Best Casinos with Jade Rabbit Games

How Does Jade Rabbit Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

Jade Rabbit is one of the more peculiar pokie providers in the industry and although it’s still early days for the company, the direction that the games are heading is clear.

From the small selection available, Jade Rabbit appears to follow the traditional pokie layout, covering 5×3 games with a single example of Luck Spinner as the exception to the rule with a 3×3 play area.

Additionally, paylines tend to sit around the average 10-30 marks throughout their library with a heavy focus on the bonus features available as the main pull for the games.

As of current, these bonus features are not particularly innovative and although haptic feedback is offered on Android devices, simple bonus wilds and free spins are not quite enough to cut it in the modern pokie market. Additionally, with medium volatility and average or lower RTP values, the slot specs aren’t particularly impressive to players browsing the top games.

The games themselves tend to look and play fantastically with clever themes, pleasing design and great animation that the team should be proud of. A personal highlight lies in the Tim Burton-inspired Reel Holidays that adds a unique spin on the holiday pokie that we never expected to see.

Jade Rabbit is a slots provider that we’re sure has a bright future and the games are certainly interesting and show a lot of promise. However, when compared to some of its peers in the market, the team are yet to make a lasting impression in the industry.

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