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Ezugi Casinos in Australia: All About Ezugi Live Casinos

Ezugi is a solid mid-tier live casino provider. They have some unique mechanics across their 20 or so varieties of live casino games.

Due to their Costa Rican licence and widely respected game output, you’ll find Ezugi games at loads of online casinos in Australia.

They’re not the very best games that you can find at a live casino. However, Ezugi certainly has some cool ideas to add to their perfectly playable base experience!

For example, you can tip your dealer at any time – which a miss by almost every other developer in our opinion.

Australian players can experience an authentic slice of US casino culture through Ezugi, as they were also the first company to offer live streamed games from inside a licenced US casino. Namely, Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget!

What Games Ezugi Has On Offer

Ezugi has studios in Eastern Europe and Latin America, and Australian players can join tables from either one – depending on your casino of choice.

They have around 30 games, spread across the four categories below.

One thing they offer Aussie players that not many other developers do, is live Keno. If you find yourself at an online casino with Ezugi’s live games, this super-popular title is well-worth checking out just by itself!

Live Blackjack

  • A few dozen standard tables, with live dealers speaking various languages
  • A couple of unlimited variants, so no waiting for a seat
  • Ezugi’s unique hybrid blackjack, combining RNG and Live games

A standard Ezugi live casino offering at an Aussie online casino will have about a dozen blackjack tables.

They start at around AU$1 and go up to AU$2000 or so per hand – depending on your casino.

There’s no special atmosphere to the low-budget or high rolling tables with Ezugi though. Everyone gets the same, admittedly good quality, vibe.

You’ll also find one or two unlimited tables. These let an infinite number of players play at once using the same hand! Easy.

Lastly, Ezugi’s Hybrid Blackjack is a novel mix of RNG and live blackjack. The first seven players get to play with real cards and the live dealer, and everyone else who wants a seat can play with their own computer-generated hands.

An interesting idea if nothing else!

Live Roulette

  • Half a dozen tables at once with multiple HD cameras
  • Live streamed roulette from casino floors in Malta and Italy
  • Live auto roulette for speedier, quieter games

Any Ezugi collection will usually have four or five roulette wheels live at any one time.

There’re a few standard wheels, with multiple HD camera angles, professional live croupiers and all the wide-ranging standard bets you could want on roulette.

On top of that, you’ll see a few automated roulette wheels. These don’t have a live croupier, but they are real live mechanical wheels – so they’re still a step up from RNG roulette wheels.

Lastly for roulette at Ezugi, they’re a big fan of casino-floor streamed games. If you’re stuck inside over 2021 for any reason, or just don’t have a physical casino near you in Aus, these can offer a great approximation of a real casino floor vibe.

Live Baccarat

  • Classic Asian-style baccarat experience
  • Plenty of side bets, including some unique ones
  • Super popular Dragon Tiger and Knockout variants available too

Aussie fans of live Baccarat. Rare, but they do exist. If this is you – Ezugi are probably the biggest rival to Evolution for the most varieties of this classic player vs banker game.

Just a couple of the dozen or so tables you might find in an Ezugi offering include Knockout Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat, Speed Baccarat and the Chinese-inspired 2-card variant Dragon Tiger.

As a very popular game in the Asian markets, the theme and décor of Ezugi’s live baccarat tables is oriented in that way. Aussie players who’ve never experienced the glitz of the “Asian Vegas” of Macau can get a little taste of it with Ezugi’s live dealer baccarat. Sweet!

Other Games

  • Ezugi also has a few other casino classics on offer
  • A couple of lottery-based games too
  • No massive production game-show style titles as of yet

Live Casino Hold ‘Em. Live Bet on Numbers (a lottery style game). Live Keno. Live Sic-Bo.

Ezugi has quite a few other more-niche casino games, as well as ones that appeal to the Asian market.

Keno in particular is a popular game that you don’t see from too many other developers. This lottery ball-draw game is a lot of fun and makes it worth checking out Ezugi’s live casino lobby by itself!

Sure, none of Ezugi’s other live casino games rival the crazy high-production of Evolution or Playtech’s biggest live casino smashes – but Ezugi definitely have some lesser-known titles that many players will enjoy!

Our Thoughts On The Overall Playing Experience

All Ezugi’s studios have clean and modern settings, with HD cameras from multiple angles and a well-designed, simple user interface – no matter what the game is.

Some of their live-streamed casino floor games can be a little lacklustre at certain hours, and occasionally their live hosts will lack some enthusiasm. However, overall Ezugi has much improved over the past few years, and they have a solid base live casino experience to continue building on!

Game Variety

Ezugi doesn’t offer the most games of any developer, but they have a reasonably sized collection.

All the casino classics (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino poker) get a look in, with a selection of tables in each. Then there’s also some unique titles like live Keno, hybrid RNG/live blackjack and Knockout Baccarat.

Ezugi likes languages too – you can get live blackjack and roulette in loads of different tongues, including Turkish, Spanish and Italian to name just a few.

Stream Quality

Ezugi’s stream quality is just above average. There’s no 4K options, but 1080p HD is standard and will look good enough for 90% of Aussie players. You can also lower the quality yourself if you’re playing on a slower connection.

Multiple camera angles on their roulette games do look excellent, and generally the standard is high.

However, the quality can sometimes dip when playing their live-streamed games from casino floors – so do be warned!

Mobile User Interface

Ezugi’s user interface on mobile has clearly had some good work put into it.

In 99% of their games, everything works fine on a smaller screen. Menus, options and bets are all nicely optimised to save space and the stream quality doesn’t suffer either.

However, as with all live casino games really, those with lots of bets to choose from – like Roulette or Sic Bo – can get a bit fiddly on the smallest of screens.

That’s not just a problem for Ezugi though, so to pull them up on it too much would be unfair. Overall, a very solid mobile effort!

The Croupiers

Ezugi’s live dealers are probably the low point of their offering. Which isn’t to say they’re bad and unprofessional. In our experience with their games, we didn’t see any mishaps or mistakes from the dealers or croupiers.

However, in general we found a few dealers that were not quite as enthusiastic or friendly as those from say Playtech or Evolution. Which a shame as Ezugi is one of the only providers that lets you tip your dealer!

One more thing, for Aussie players that find a casino with streams from Ezugi’s South American studios. You might see that the live dealers are, more often than not, women dressed in slightly more revealing clothes.

Which isn’t to say that you don’t occasionally get live dealers in that kind of outfit at other live casino providers. Just that we noticed it a bit more playing Ezugi’s games. Take from that what you will!

The Best Casinos with Ezugi

How Does Ezugi Compare To Other Live Casino Suppliers?

Overall, we’d put Ezugi in the upper mid-tier of live casino developers.

They have a solid base of good stream quality, game variety and professional hosts.

However, Ezugi doesn’t quite match the number of tables, or high-budget productions, on offer from the top-tier developers like Evolution or Playtech.

Still, they don’t try and directly compete in many ways.

Ezugi does their own thing, with a big focus on games popular in Asian markets, live-streamed casino floor titles and a few unique live casino games Aussie players won’t get anywhere else.

Ezugi might not be the number one live casino developer, but they’re worth a look for sure!

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