Belatra Pokies and Casinos In Australia
Established in 1993

Games in total: 70+

New games per month: 1+

Main focus: Slots, Table Games

Employees: 200+

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Belatra Pokies and Casinos In Australia

Belatra Games was established in 1993 with the sole intention of producing electronic entertainment equipment. The company worked from its base in Belarus and in other offices across the world.

The physical machine side of the business was made to cater to Russian and other European customers.

But with the inclusion of Belatra games online, its digital footprint has traversed many boundaries and subsequently found its way here, to Australia.

You will find that there are many Australian online casinos that are offering Belatra games. The same appeal that these games hold in brick and mortar establishments seems to be doing the trick online.

Belatra games are authentic pokies. Looking at the history of the company, it is easy to understand why this is so. Belatra has over 70 titles, most of which are online pokies.

The company seems to know what its customers want. If you are a frequent patron of land-based casinos, you are going to be impressed. Some of the same games you will find there have been adapted to the small screen.

What’s so awesome about playing online is that you can do it for free. So, all the titles you see displayed in the lobby can be played with nothing down. So getting familiar with the best games from this supplier will not cost you anything. You do not even need an account.

If you are not familiar with any of the games from Belatra, getting started can be tricky. So we have compiled a list of the best games in their catalogue.

J. Monsters

The monster theme is a great one when designing a pokie. It stirs up the imagination and heightens anticipation.

But in J. Monsters there are different types of creepy crawlies. Forget about the ones you are used to, which keep you up at night.

These are friendly. Don’t focus on what these look like, they come bearing gifts. So get ready to receive wilds, win multipliers, and the jackpot wheel of fortune.

You can also win more rewards in the risk games after every winning spin.

7 Fruits

The classics will always have a leg up on new stuff, or at least, that’s how we feel.

We know many more will feel the same way after playing 7 Fruits.

This is what pokies are meant to be. Not trying to hide behind fancy animations and noisy soundtracks. It’s just you, the reels, and lady luck.

Like many other pokies, there are scatters here.

But for 7 Fruits you will get more action with the Star symbol.

It changes all other symbols on the reel to give you the best combination.

Lucky Bank Robbers

Bonnie and Clyde. Many will remember this crime/love story. Before the turn of the century, many books and movies were created after it.

It does not surprise us at all to find that there is a pokie on it. Is the gameplay as thrilling as the real story, though🥇

There are lots of rewards when you play with Bonnie and Clyde. So look out for the Giant symbol and you might be lucky enough to be rewarded with free games.

The bonus with jackpot draw also promises a healthy payout.

The Moneymania

Doesn’t it make sense to have a pokie about money, when you are playing for real money.

This is one of those things which seem obvious after someone thinks about it. The Moneymania is a pokie about American currency.

If you are big on playing games with decent animation, then The Moneymania might just be for you.

This pokie offers a bonus. It is activated when you get three pieces of US$2 on the reels. We promise this is rarer in real life than in this pokie.

Piggy Bank

There are many crime-themed pokies in Belatra. It seems fans of the classics can’t get enough.

This 5 reel pokie has 9 paylines and is highly volatile. If you are looking for a classic game with a basic interface and straightforward gameplay, this is the one.

Piggy Bank offers players a few rewards.

Like many Belatra games, you will find a risk game after every winning spin.

You will also get free games and a two-part bonus robbery.

Book of Doom

This is an Egypt-themed pokie that is sure to impress many players.

Brush-up on your African history in the land of the Pharaohs. Use every tool at your disposal to reveal the secret of the ancient treasures.

Rarely do you find such great gameplay in a simple pokie like this one.

You can increase your chance of earning by playing in the bonus game.

If you can’t get these in-game, there is no problem. You can now just buy them in the game.

PinUp 100 Fruits

This is another outstanding pokie that follows a great theme.

If you know a thing or two about American pop culture, you will know what pin-up girls are. If you do not, play this pokie, you will come out a pro.

There are two types of scatter symbols in PinUp 100 Fruits, these are the Cherry and Star.

These two symbols will rock your world when they show up. This pokie also has the Jackpot Wheel of Fortune and a risk game.

Mighty Winners Assault

This is another original pokie adapted for the small screen.

This game is ideal for fans of contact sports. Judging by the numbers and TV ratings of boxing matches, there are many.

Belatra places you right in the action with the pros. Free games are where you will find the real deal.

You can choose your own fighter in a real boxing match.

You will play 12 free spin games where every punch is accounted for.

If you win you will also receive a multiplier, boxing style.

The Best Casinos with Belatra Games

How Do Belatra Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

Belatra games are the real deal. The supplier carries many titles which have been taken from real pokies in walk-in casinos.

Some of the elements may be adapted for online pokie play but these are the closest thing you will ever get to playing real money pokies online  in the comfort of your home.

A trait you will find in all Belatra games is that there is always a Jackpot Wheel of Fortune.

This gives you more chances of getting the big one.

The risk game is also usually present in Belatra games after every win. You will not see that in as many pokies from other manufacturers.

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