Established in 1968

Games in total: 70+

New games per month: 2+

Main focus: Slots

Employees: 250+

Location: England, United Kingdom

Barcrest Pokies and Casinos in Australia

Founded in 1968, Barcrest started life as a dedicated land-based slot machine company, building some of the most popular reel-based games out of their headquarters in Manchester, UK.

The Barcrest name lived solely in the physical space, proving a popular name in the brick-and-mortar casino world until the firm was acquired in 1998 by the well-known brand, International Game Technology (IGT).

Barcrest continued as a standalone brand, creating physical pokies as well as shifting their focus to the world of online video slots.

In 2011, the Barcrest brand changed hands once more, this time to Scientific Games, forming one of the many brands owned by the company including Bally, SG and Shuffle Master.

With experience dating back to the late 1960s, Barcrest has amassed a large library of games, resulting in few players having the same favourites as one another.

An undeniably popular slot comes in the form of the original Rainbow Riches, but the pokie manufacturer is more than just the one-trick-pony. With other great titles ranging from Cash Stax and Wild Times to Vampire Desire and Black Magic Fruits, there’s a game for everyone to get to grips with.

Below we’ve whittled down the very best of Barcrest to the most popular games that players are able to enjoy from the comfort of their own home when playing at the best Aussie casino sites.

Cash Stax

Released in 2015, Cash Stax is one of the most popular games released in recent times by the Barcrest brand.

The theme is incredibly simple in the video slot with the focus on old school Vegas graphics and animations to create an authentic pokie experience. Symbols include the traditional BAR, X and 7 alongside gold rings and a handful of others.

There’s nothing particularly fancy going on with the reels themselves with the pokie offering a 5×3 play area with free spins and a big bet option to keep things exciting. Players will find a below-average RTP value of 94.12 when playing with 10 paylines, raising to the average-sized value of 96.02% when playing 20 paylines and finally the larger and impressive value of 98.14% when playing wit the big bet option.

It’s a Barcrest favourite for a reason and although the graphics are unlikely to impress most, with such a high RTP, it’s hard to fault.

Wild Times

Released in 2016, Wild Times is another fan-favourite of the Barcrest brand, giving players that old school feel that the company is known for.

Symbols include the traditional fruits with lemons, watermelon and cherries all making their way onto the reels. As with Cash Stax, the game does feel dated but with the late release date, the games are designed with that vintage feel in mind.

Wild Times is perhaps the simplest pokie imaginable with just a 3×3 play area with players not receiving any free spins and not being to access any bonus games. Instead, there are just 5 paylines available with multiplying wild symbols that may land on reel 2 and 3.

As with other Barcrest games, players are given the chance to play with a big bet option, increasing the RTP from 94% up to 98%. Naturally, with such a high RTP available in the game, it’s not difficult to see why many players favour the Barcrest pokie.

Vampire Desire

Released in 2019 just in time for Halloween, Vampire Desire is one of the newest Barcrest pokies available to play online today.

The theme of choice for the pokie is vampires and horror in general with modern graphics and animations combined with the symbols offering a traditional slot feel. The game plays and feels great, it’s top marks for Barcrest in this one.

There’s a total of 100 paylines and a maximum win of 500x the original wager that players can look forward to, not groundbreaking stuff, but not something that we see much from the Barcrest team. There’s also a handful of interesting features including expanding wilds that may grow up to 2×2 and a Vamp it up bonus offering larger payouts.

An industry average RTP of 96% isn’t anything that we can complain about and medium volatility attracts vampire-fans with all sized bankrolls. It’s a great game to play come Halloween!

Pearl of the Caribbean

Released in 2019, Pearl of the Caribbean (loosely inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean) is another fresh-faced pokie from Barcrest.

The pokie is pirate-themed, not that you needed any confirmation, with pearls, canons, parrots and skulls and crossbones all making their way onto the reels. As far as graphics and animations are concerned, it’s one of Barcrest’s best.

The play area offered is 5×3 with a total of 250 different winning paylines and a maximum win of 1,000x the original stake. There’s even a handful of features including a wild symbol and free spin options, rare for this slot provider.

Barcrest’s typical Big Bet feature alters the RTP depending on the amount wagered when playing the pokie. For wagers under credits, the RTP sits at the below-average of 94%, over 3 credits and the RTP hits the industry average of 96% and with the Big bet feature enabled, the RTP increases to a huge 97.75%, not bad at all.

Burn ‘Em Up

Released in 2019, Burn ‘Em Up (also known as 777 Burn ‘Em Up) is one of the most popular games offered by the Barcrest brand.

The theme of this pokie appears to be fire and fruit with players finding traditional fruit symbols as well as burning 7’s appearing on the reels. The game feels much older than it is, a trademark of a Barcrest slot, although this does limit the number of interested players.

Regardless, the 5×3 slot offers just 10 paylines but a maximum win of 10,000x the original wager thanks to its high volatility. The RTP sits at the industry average of 96%, but overall, the game doesn’t offer a huge amount of enjoyment when playing.

Burn ‘Em Up is definitely a pokie for a niche player and although it’s not a game for us, those looking for a classic slot with a modern feel will be over the moon with the game.

Crown Gems

Released in 2013, Crown Gems offers another great pokie for players to enjoy when browsing though the Barcrest library.

The theme of the slot is gems, something that becomes apparent immediately when giving the reels a spin. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires litter the reels alongside the crown itself and a handful of playing card symbols.

The playing area is a typical 5×3 with players able to select between 10 and 50 paylines when wagering in the pokie. As with other Barcrest games, the big bet feature is once again available but players won’t find any other free spins or bonus features in the game.

The RTP of Crown Gems ranges from 95.05% to 96.08%, the latter that comes with the big bet feature and is around the average that we would expect for a slot of this calibre. The game caters to all thanks to its low-medium volatility, giving plenty of players the chance to enjoy the Barcrest classic.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches, released in 2009, is perhaps the most popular and definitely the most well-known pokie in the Barcrest library.

The theme follows a stereotypical Irish theme, complete with a Leprechaun, a pot of gold and a wishing well that players should expect to see when spinning the reels. The remaining symbols are that of playing cards, displayed fittingly in the Irish theme.

Rainbow Riches follows a 5×3 playing area and offers a handful of exciting features for players to cash-in on, something that was well appreciated at the time of release. There’s a maximum payout of 500x the original wager and a total of 20 paylines to make winning combinations across.

There’s a slightly lower than average RTP of 95% and medium volatility allowing for a pokie that all players can enjoy. Despite being over a decade old, manages to appeal to all players, in no small part thanks to the sequels to the legendary original.

Black Magic Fruits

Released in 2015, Black Magic Fruits closes our list of the most popular Barcrest pokies with a bang.

The theme, unsurprisingly, is fruits with a handful of 7’s thrown in for good measure. The game is incredibly simple with a 3×3 play area and just 5 paylines in which players are able to make combinations – it may put some players off, but the game still stands as one of the most popular today.

There are no bonus features, free spins or fancy features, although the big bet option, as mentioned in numerous other Barcrest slots, is available and can transform the RTP of the game.

The RTP value sits at 95.02% but can be increased to 96.11% when using the big bet feature offered in the game. Black Magic Fruits comes with medium volatility, offering players with all bankroll sizes a fair amount of risk in the game.

The Best Casinos with Barcrest Games

How Does Barcrest Games Compare To Others In The Industry?

There are several staples that players can identify when playing a Barcrest pokie and comparing them to other online pokies in Australia.

First of all, the appearance of the Barcrest slot tends to look and feel retro with heavy usage of the traditional fruit symbols and basic graphics designed. The play area is often small with 3×3 and 5×3 the staple of the games and traditional reel-spinning is typically the only option for players.

This minimal approach continues into the mechanics of the games with limited bonus features, few paylines and low maximum wins. The games are very pure with the emphasis on the reels themselves, catering to a simple or traditional player. The big bet feature is available across many of the Barcrest slots, although this isn’t something that acts as a standalone reason to play.

The pokies do typically offer a fair RTP although this is often on a sliding scale from around 94% to 98% depending on the amount wagered per spin and whether the big bet feature is enabled.

Overall, Barcrest slots are tailored to those players that aren’t looked for cutting edge design and innovative slot technology. They’re designed to be easy to understand and play with a traditional design that physical slot players, as well as online players, will love to get to grips with.

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