Unusual Casinos Around The World

Unusual Casinos Around The World
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There are many stunning casinos to be found the world over. Inevitably, when we think of beautiful or lavish casinos, our minds go to the likes of Las Vegas, Monaco or even London.

Land-based casinos in these cities are all incredibly elegant, full of flare and provide a truly exciting night out. However, these aren’t always the best option for players.

Some people want the absolute best when it comes to seeking their gaming thrills. With this in mind, let us take a look at some truly extraordinary casinos that are found around the world.

These really show the difference between a brick & mortar casino experience and that offered by online casinos. It’s so much more than just some online pokies and basic bonus deals or promotions.

1. The Jet Set — Casino Jet Lounge

There is no better way to see the world than by plane. For those travelling the globe, there is an additional option, taking the Casino Jet Lounge. This casino is, quite literally, high-flying. This unique casino is housed inside an airplane.

The casino is in part of the plane, not all of it. So you can fly through the sky and place bets on your favourite games at the same time! Not only is there a casino inside the plane, but there’s a bar and space to even have a walk.

2. Caving — Desert Cave Hotel

For those looking for the complete opposite of the Casino Jet Lounge, there is nowhere better than heading underground. And that’s exactly what you can do in Coober Pedy’s Desert Cave Hotel in Australia.

Perfect if you want a bit of an adventure that keeps your feet firmly on the ground (or under it!). This casino is very much off the beaten track. Most of the houses are underground in this unique Australian town, and so is this casino.

Built into the red rock that’s found in this desert, you’re bound to find some big wins and lucrative game gems. Not to mention the fact that this is originally an opal-mining town, so you might find windfalls in other areas of the town too! Let’s not forget that you’re far away from anywhere else — the next casino is a whopping 800 km away in Adelaide!

3. Getting historical — North Cadbury Court

North Cadbury Court is actually found in the surprisingly quiet village of North Cadbury near Yeovil in the UK. The casino is housed inside North Cadbury Court, which was built back in the 14th Century. Within the building are an impressive 21 bedrooms and a dining area that can hold 90 people.

After recent renovations, this stunning old building has been turned into one of the best casinos in the country. In fact, like Coober Pedy, it’s the wine caves found in the basement of this charming house that are now the casino. With its stunning locale, this is now a high-class casino that even has a ballroom upstairs!

One thing to be aware of though, this casino is actually pretty small. It’s got very low ceilings and can take only 25 players at a time making this a pretty exclusive spot to get in some game time!

4. Having a Wild Time — Sun City Resort

Taking a leap across into warmer climes, we head to South Africa and the Sun City Resort.

While this luxurious casino might not appear to have anything extra going for it when you look at some other high-quality casinos out there, it has Africa’s wildlife putting it over the top.

That’s right, it combines the high-life with some wildlife! As you gamble in this stunning casino, you are able to watch some of Africa’s most impressive animals.

The casino is right next to some of the world’s most famous wildlife reserves making it a must for any player. Not only that, the collection of games is huge, with over 800 slots and 40 tables to enjoy.

5. Old-School — Casino Palais Savarin

Europe is home to some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and this is evidenced in Prague’s Casino Palais Savarin. This beautiful casino is housed inside an 18th Century Baroque building. It’s also the oldest casino on this list having been in action for over 100 years.

Despite being rather smaller than most of the casinos on this list — there are only a few slot games and 12 table games available — the location of this casino is what helps it to make it onto this list.

Not only can you play a range of games, but there are a ton of architectural delights to be found. Remember to be energetic before you come here though, as there’s an impressive staircase you’ll need to climb in order to reach the casino. Not only that, but there are some stunning frescos to admire on your way up.

Speaking Of Unusual…

Land based casinos and drinks go hand in hand so instead of going with the boring stuff like good old whiskey sour, we made an infographic with the most unusual drinks found around the world.

Now, to our knowledge, none of these are served at casinos, but they sure did appeal to our mindset of finding out some weird, unusual stuff around the world.


There are a vast number of other stunningly extraordinary casinos that did not make this list. As we mentioned, many of the best casinos can be found in Las Vegas. There are several luxurious casinos including the MGM Grand, Bellagio and Encore.

However, one stands out above the rest in this city. If you’re unable to make your way to Italy, then what better way to enjoy the feeling of Venice than in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. There you will find a Grand Canal and gondolas to take you around!

Alternatively, there are the casinos that offer the absolute best in terms of extravagance and luxury. Casinos such as City of Dreams in Macau couples thousands of casino games with stunning restaurants and the world’s most impressive water show.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is also worth listing as it’s the second-most expensive casino built. It houses the largest atrium casino and has thousands of games. Bored with playing? Then just head up to the 500 ft (ca. 152 m) infinity pool on the 57th floor to swim above the city and experience a thrill like nothing else.

At the end of the day, no matter what your gaming preferences are, there are a number of truly extraordinary casinos out there. Take a look at this list and see where you’d like to start gaming when beginning your next gambling adventure.

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