Top Superhero Online Pokies

Top Superhero Online Pokies
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Everyone loves a superhero and the same is true when it comes to online pokies. Over the years, superheroes have grown in popularity thanks to the boom in stellar movies from both Marvel and DC. What’s even better for comic book lovers is the fact that these films have translated across to pokies.

Now, amid the wide array of different pokie themes, you can also find a range of quality superhero pokies. In fact, some of the biggest budget superhero movies have made the transition to pokies in a really big way. Here are just some of the top superhero pokies that you should play.

Dark Knight Rises

One of the most successful DC movies to date, Dark Knight Rises, is full of exciting action, strong villains and a deeper look at what it means to be Batman. While not all of these elements can translate to a pokie, the important elements do remain.

The game, from Microgaming, is dark, just like the film, and even features stills and images from the movie. On top of that, for those looking to continue the adventure, the soundtrack is the same as the film too, helping to recreate that dark brooding atmosphere.

The game itself has 5 reels and 243 paylines, which means there are plenty of winning chances on just one spin. There’s a wide bet range too, so you can choose the option that meets your budget. Finally, there is a range of in-game bonus features waiting to be triggered. These include a tile scramble, expanding wilds and free spins.


Next on the list is a pokie that makes it purely because of its name. This game isn’t related to a specific hero, but to many.

Out since 2016, this fun pokie features seven different heroes battling it out on the reels. Despite the absence of any recognisable superheroes, this game more than ably gives players a lot of fun.

Superheroes, from Yggdrasil, has five reels and 20 paylines all with a ton of extra features. These include guaranteed wins — they’re superheroes after all — extra wilds and so much more.

You can start the game with seven free spins, power up your superheroes via two separate features, score 50x your stake, and even move up levels to get your hands on even greater wins.

Batman and Joker Jewels

While most of us consider Batman as a dark and brooding character, this pokie brings something a little more fun to the proceedings.

Batman and Joker Jewels from Playtech is all about the fun side of this duo. Harking back to the Batman of the 60s, this is a neon pink extravaganza.

This five-reel slot also lets you choose which side you’re on — Batman’s or the Joker. And with the fun 60s design, you can comic-book ‘kapow’ your way through the game. On top of that, this slot has a ton of bonus features including some massive multipliers on your wins that only increase as you continue.

Added to this is the fact that it’s actually part of Playtech’s progressive jackpot slot series, so there are some phenomenal wins up for grabs too.

DC Justice League

Another pokie from the DC universe is DC Justice League. This is the perfect slot if you’re looking for a combination of some of the world’s most famous heroes.

That’s right, in one slot you get Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Not only that, but they’re here with superhero powers too.

This five-reel, 25 payline pokie gives you a whole ton of exciting features including stacked superheroes for bigger wins, free spins and sticky wins as well.

Spinning the reels on this game more often than not results in a win, ensuring the good guys continue coming out on top!

Marvel Pokies

With so many DC options out there, you may be wondering where Marvel features in all of this. Well, unfortunately, Playtech used to have a good collection of Marvel pokies.

This included Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, The Hulk and more. However, in 2017, all the Marvel pokies were pulled from circulation.

This coincided with the Marvel takeover by Disney. Being a family-orientated company, Disney has long held a stance rather more against gambling.

As such, the third-party licences that were offered to betting companies under Marvel no longer stood. With the end of these licences, so came the end of the Marvel-themed pokies we had all come to enjoy.


Despite the disappearance of many players’ favourite Marvel pokies, there are still numerous excellent superhero slots available. It’s also likely that there will be more, each offering their own super-heroic in-game bonus features to help you have fun! With that being said, head out on your own quest to see if you can take on these exciting superhero pokies for yourselves.

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