Top Casino Restaurants In The World

Top Casino Restaurants In The World
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It might seem strange to some that casinos are home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Most likely, it’s because it’s easy to think of casinos as home to small-time gamblers and tourist on the lookout for a thrill.

The fact of the matter is that casinos also cater to the most exclusive of tastes. This is reflected in high stakes games and exclusive hotel suites on casino grounds, but also in Michelin star restaurants run by world-renowned chefs.

Some may find themselves picking up a chip for a round of Live Blackjack after an exceptional eight-course meal. Others find their way into the restaurant after a wonderful hand at the poker table.

Whether you find yourself in Las Vegas or in Singapore, chances are a casino might just provide you with the dining experience of a lifetime.

Having this kind of a luxury is one of the main reasons why high-rollers or the so called whales prefer a land based experience to that offered at online casinos. Even though rationally speaking, the online games variety is much better and offer higher return to player on average. Great example of this is a comparison between land based pokies where RTPs are 70-85% and online pokies where RTPs are always above 90% and sometimes as high as 99%.

But all that boring rational thinking aside, below you’ll find some amazing restaurants where to have a meal after or between your playing sessions at brick & mortar gambling establishments.

Lotus Place, The Parisian Macao, Macau, China

Lotus Palace is located within the Parisian Macao and has been likened to a Chinese restaurant oasis in the middle of Paris. It serves a vast selection of different Chinese cuisines and specializes in hotpots and dim sum.

Considered one of the best restaurants in Macau, Lotus Palace really feels like an oasis for a casino player after hours at the tables. The restaurant offers both affordable meals and utmost luxury, such as that found on their exclusive white truffle menu.

Capriccio Resorts Casino & Hotel, Atlantic City, USA

Resorts Casino introduced the fine dining restaurant Capriccio to Atlantic City in 1978. Since its inception, it has been one of the city’s top spots for high-class diners. The atmosphere at Capriccio is one of comfort and luxury, with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The cuisine is quintessentially Italian, and it delivers some of the best Italian dishes you will ever eat. Known for its fresh seafood and traditional dishes such as saltimbocca and osso bucco, Capriccio knows how to make foodies happy and coming back for more.

Waku Ghin, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore is a Mecca for food lovers and offers both a bustling street-food scene and an array of world-class restaurants. At the Marina Bay Sands, you get the best of all worlds, at the casino adjacent restaurant Waku Ghin.

Whaku Ghin sports no less than two Michelin stars and offers an exciting fusion of European and Japanese cuisine.

If the haute cuisine of the main restaurant isn’t entirely to your taste, Waku Ghin also offers a bar menu for a more casual dining experience.

Top of the World, The Strat, Las Vegas, USA

Situated in the SkyPod of The Strat in Las Vegas is a world-renowned restaurant Top of the World. This spectacular location is home to some of the best food, atmosphere and views in all the Las Vegas.

The restaurant offers wholesome and natural ingredients combined to create an exceptionally inspiring menu and is considered one of the absolute musts when exploring Las Vegas’ food scene.

The Ritz Restaurant, London, UK

Just the name itself sounds exclusive; The Ritz! The Ritz hotel in London’s Mayfair is home to the Ritz Club Casino as well as the Michelin starred Ritz Restaurant. This luxurious restaurant offers a dining experience you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

Sparkling chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows make the Ritz Restaurant feel like a step back in time. That is, until one of Executive Chef John Williams’ beautifully crafted dishes lands on your plate. Using luxury ingredients and the most flamboyant techniques and presentations, a meal at The Ritz is sure to knock your socks right off into the nearby casino.

Buddha-Bar, Place du Casino, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The name Buddha-Bar brings to mind relaxed beach bars in Thailand, but for this Monte-Carlo venue, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While the restaurant is undoubtedly influenced by Thai as well as Japanese culture and food, it draws patrons in with its luxury take on lounge-style dining.

Known for mixing Asian flavours in a new and exciting manner, Buddha-Bar promises to tickle your taste buds in all the right ways. The sushi and sashimi at Buddha-Bar earn especially rave reviews and are worth checking out.

Bardot Brasserie, Aria, Las Vegas, USA

Bardot Brasserie at Aria in Las Vegas is a classic French brasserie with a modern twist. Classic French dishes are given a contemporary facelift, and world-class wines are served in generous glasses.

Especially well-known for its Monday brunch, Bardot Brasserie delivers simple luxury in a classic atmosphere. Look for the Hunter’s Waffle with duck confit and poached eggs, or go for the sumptuous French toast accompanied by vanilla mascarpone and almond brittle.

Gordon Ramsey Steak, Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

It’s hard to make a list of casino restaurants without mentioning Gordon Ramsey. Known for his many restaurants and his strong TV personality, Ramsey knows how to deliver exactly what people want.

Gordon Ramsey Steak opened in 2012 and has been a raging hit ever since. Diners are first introduced to the different cuts and preparations of steak through the steak cart.

They subsequently choose their favourite and have it cooked to perfection. Also, worth trying is the iced seafood platter, as well as the signature sticky toffee pudding.

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